Marvin Lewis is happy to see Richardson leave the AFC North


With all the talk about how the trade of Trent Richardson affects the teams directly involved, other teams will be affected, too.

And some other teams like the move.  Including the Bengals.

Coach Marvin Lewis exhibited restrained jubilation on Thursday when discussing the move with Ross Tucker and Derrick Brooks of SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“We go to Cleveland next week, Ross,” Lewis said.  “I feel pretty good about that, a little better about that.”

While not directly chiding the Browns for dumping the third overall pick in the 2012 draft, Lewis heaped praise on the man he’ll now have to defend on December 8 instead of both September 29 and November 17.

“Any time a great young player like Trent Richardson leaves your division — now, we still get to face him this year, but once instead of twice,” Lewis said.  “He’s a fine player, and I think has a big career ahead of him.”

It actually hurts the Bengals because it strengthens a team with which Cincinnati could be jockeying for a wild-card spot, if Baltimore rises up and wins the AFC North.

The trade also could hurt the Bengals over the long haul if it allows the Browns, with two first-round picks in 2014, to secure a franchise quarterback that will transform Cleveland into a perennial contender.

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  1. Why? so now you dont have to game plan for anyone on the Browns instead of just sticking 11 in the box like you did when he was there?

    Weak Sauce Marv.. Weak Sauce.

  2. Multiple GMs are already saying the Colts lost the trade BIG TIME.

    Average RB with injury issues for a 1st round pick? Those can be found anywhere.

  3. Glad this kid is going somewhere he is respected. Jim Brown started in on him before he played a down. I wish Jim Brown played in today’s NFL. the linebackers and safeties are bigger than the linemen he ran through. Lost a lot of respect(even tho he could careless lol) for him when he started dogging this kid before he ever played. The average Dlinesman in his day was 220 today its 300 plus.

  4. 3.6 yds a carry…he should want him back!

    For all the hype this guy sure hasn’t done anything yet.


  5. We will see Trent in Cincy in December. in our hosue!..Our defense is built for the strong running game so bring it! With that said Cleveland is tanking the season like Indy did to get Andrew Luck. They will then use the philosophy that Cincy did by trading CP and having 2 1st rd picks… They will attempt to get Bridgewater and the best WR on the board in rd 1 grab a RB in rd 2 and go 2 OL in rd 3. They will be a team to watch out for in 2015 maybe 2014 if they get train moving like DC, Cincy and Seattle did with rookies QB’s….

  6. I like the trade.

    It will make the Browns more relevant in the years to come!

    Maybe I’ll change my allegiance from The Jets to The Browns!!

    Ok–now that I wrote that, does anyone know the number for the Suicide Hotline???

  7. They will try to get a QB and WR with the 2 1st rd picks in 2014. They also have 2 3rds and 2 5ths I believe….Bridgewater is who they are shooting for like Indy with Andrew Luck…..We see him in Dec in our house…. Defense will be ready!

  8. The more likely scenario, is the Bengals just go ahead and win the AFC North, because the Ravens have taken a step (or three) back this year.

    And inevitably, in true Cleveland fashion, they will finish with the third or fourth worst record and will trade a 1 and another pick or two to move up 1 or 2 spots to get Bridgewater or Boyd. So basically they will have traded 2 1s, a 4, a 5, and a 7 and God knows what else for a QB. (They traded their 1/4/5/7 for a 1 to grab Richardson, traded that 1 for another 1, and will likely need to package anoter 1 and other picks to get the QB)

    Pittsburgh & Baltimore will be in the Super Bowl again before Cleveland is in the playoffs

  9. I thought they had two first round draft picks and drafted their franchise qb to be perennial contenders last year? weird…

  10. “if Baltimore rises up and wins the AFC North.”

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention. Baltimore is a shell of itself. Losing Boldin and their best defensive players have proven too much to overcome, they barely beat Cleveland.

    Add an injury to Ray Rice and the Ravens are through. Flacco isn’t the type of player who can carry scrubs to the playoffs…

  11. “Oh no! If we lose to Cleveland now we’ll really be the laughingstocks.”

    — Steelers’ fans.

  12. How does this strengthen, or have anything to do with Baltimore?

    Would have made more sense to say it strengthens the Colts (you know, Indianapolis) in a possible wild card battle.

  13. As a Steelers fan and a Bama fan, the Richardson trade was the best thing that’s happened to me on the pro side this season. Thrilled Trent’s going to a team that actually wants him and appreciates what he brings to the table. More important, they have an honest-to-goodness quarterback in Indy, so Richardson won’t be expected to carry the whole team. And like Marv, I’m glad he’s no longer a threat within our division.

    As for the Browns getting that one-in-a-million quarterback … they’re called “one in a million” for a reason.

  14. I dont get all this talk about how this makes cleveland better in the long run. Sure its great to have 2 1st round draft picks, thst you can probably package together and get a top 5 pick with (if you dont already have a top 5 pick from this season). But how many first round draft picks have been busts?? You had a proven beast in Richardson, and you let him go for a future player who you think will be good. As a bengals fan, I know how easy It is for a team to select a 1st round bust.. I dont see the logic in trading a really good young player, for someone you have to clue about. Not to mention the colts are good! So your probablyonly getting a pick in between 21 and 30.

  15. Their draft picks, like past ones, will end in disappointment. And no, Trent isn’t average, he just played for a horrible team. Watch him flourish with the colts

  16. Shocking move but perhaps this is finally an indictment against Weeden. They are saying a QB next year will take at least until his second or third year to develop and compete at a high level. Rookie QB starters competing at a high level are rare. By then T-Rich will be in his 4th or 5th year.

    Maybe they want to take a page from the Bengals and get their QB and and offense weapon pretty much the same year and build around them.

    That pretty much would say Browns are thinking 3-4 seasons away.

  17. “to secure a franchise quarterback that will transform Cleveland into a perennial contender.”


    like Tim Couch, or Derek Anderson, or Brady Quinn, or Colt McCoy, or Brandon Weeden.

    wouldn’t hold my breath…

  18. @MyTeamsAllStink …

    They never should have been moved in the first place. The team and front office he moved won the Super Bowl four years later. What’s there now is basically a franchise team created in 1999–and that’s why they stink.

    Jacksonville can’t support the Jaguars. That team should have been given to Baltimore and Cleveland should have worked out its issues with Modell. The NFL screwed up and Cleveland is paying for it.

  19. The Browns would of had a first round pick based on what I have seen so far and don’t forget there are other teams looking for a franchise an Oakland the jaguars Vikings heck the rams might too if sam Bradford doesn’t pick up his play with the Browns luck they will pick third and get jadevion clowny an put him in there 3-4 defense but since he has been known to have conditioning problems last 4 years and leave they had a franchise QB in Tim couch but they didn’t have a line to protect him they have terrible wide receivers that whole offense needs re tooled there defense is awesome though Joe Haden best covet corner nobody talks about anyway bad trade by the browns an Marvin is the only thing holding the Bengals back from reaching the talented potential the Bengals have

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