Pagano says Richardson will “be ready to roll” on Sunday


The Colts think Trent Richardson will be ready to be their primary ball carrier on Sunday in San Francisco, just five days after he was acquired in a trade with the Browns.

Colts coach Chuck Pagano said Richardson will be given “as much as he can handle” against the 49ers and that they didn’t trade for Richardson so he could stand on the sidelines.

“We did not bring him in here to be the water boy on Sunday,” he said. “He’ll be ready to roll.”

Pagano said he saw a lot of Richardson’s college career at Alabama and was always very impressed with what Richardson could do.

“We know what he brings to the table as a runner, as a pass catcher as a protector so we feel, obviously, very excited,” Pagano said.

Pagano said when Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson told him there was a chance they could acquire Richardson, he was so excited that he wasn’t sure if it was for real. So he asked Grigson, “Are you being serious? Are you messing with me?”

Grigson was serious. And Pagano is serious about getting Richardson the ball on Sunday.

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  1. This move will help the Colts out, Andrew Luck just isn’t the Tom Brady, Peyton Manning type of quarterback yet and needs a good running game for him not to make stupid mistakes (remember he threw 19 picks last year), still a good QB, but if the Colts want to actually win a playoff game they needed a good running back. Great move by the Colts.

  2. The Colts are the class of the NFL. I cannot see us losing another game the rest of the year. Talk about an unfair advantage over the rest of the League. Thanks Cleveland for letting your greatest player ever go to a real team.

  3. great move by the colts .. richardson is not a great RB but he is good enough. And the colts don’t need a great RB to get them the win, they need a good-enough RB to take pressure off of Luck so that Luck can get them the win.

  4. Earlier I figured that Richardson would move the Colts from 7-9 to 9-7. But after looking at their schedule I see them losing 9 or 10 games.

    They’ve already lost one. They will lose this wknd to San Fran, thats 2 losses.

    Their schedule has road games at Chargers, Texans, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals, Chiefs. All losses. Thats 8.

    Throw in home losses to the Broncos and Seahawks and this is a 6-10 team. Brown fans will be ecstatic at the end of the season.

  5. The Colts are the class of the NFL? Wow…that is one of the most rediculous statements I have read on this site. I mean, they arent bad, but the Class of the NFL? Absolutely not.

  6. So Irsay gets bent up and provokes Grigson to trade away their best asset in 2014. Sounds like a solid move because a stud back needs 18 games to show he can go for at least 4 yards a carry.

    They should have capped the compensation at a 3rd and waited for the right deal. In the mean time they should have tried to fill the void with McGahee or someone elses project on a practice squad.

  7. Very confusing move by the Browns. Richardson with a new young QB makes more sense than replacing both your starting QB & RB. You have no idea if even high draft picks will pan out.

    From the Colts perspective, the trade is a no-brainer. Richardson is an definite upgrade from Bradshaw. Luck & Richardson should be a potent combo to deal with on Sundays.

  8. The only problem I have with this trade is that the Browns didn’t get more. Let’s be serious, a late first rounder is closer to a second rounder than a top first rounder. Because Indy is a potential playoff contender I would have asked for an additional 3rd or 4th rounder. If it were Jacksonville or Oakland, I would know that I was getting a top 10 pick, but a pick that could end up being anywhere between 21-32, I’d ask for more.

    Other than that, I am for the trade. But our last year’s draft was a waste. 5 of the 11 draft picks from last year are on the team still, with Weeden potentially on his way out, too. SMH As a Browns fan I am just smh

  9. ColtsWinColtsWin!! says:

    Sep 19, 2013 12:39 PM

    The Colts are the class of the NFL. I cannot see us losing another game the rest of the year. Talk about an unfair advantage over the rest of the League. Thanks Cleveland for letting your greatest player ever go to a real team.


    Sarcasm is hard to see when posted online.

  10. As a Colts fan, I still can’t understand why the Browns would want to trade their best player for a late first round pick.

    And knowing Cleveland, they’ll probably trade the pick for more picks in later rounds.

  11. Considering Richardson was shocked when he heard about his trade on the radio, his motivation might be a little less than expected.

    And the fact that he’s on a new team, in a new system, against the Niners in San Fran…

    There’s a Willis, Bowman, Brooks and two Smith brothers that are itching to annihilate the next runner they come up against after what Lynch did last week.

    Good luck with that….

  12. Serious question: is it within Goodell’s authority to undo this trade? As I recall, the NBA commish has had to step in a few times over the years to undo or block trades that would have had underperfoming franchises basically become farm teams. You at least have to pretend to have some sort of parity for this league to work.

  13. most of you people have your heads up your butts…..last year Luck was a rookie with no running game and a downfield passing game…hell yes he threw interceptions…the high completion percentages these days come from the west coast offense dink and dunk….get Real!!!! Last year Richardson was a rookie with no passing game…this move will aid BOTH!!!

  14. Before everyone gets overly excited about how Richardson is going to be the next Edgerin James/Marshal Faulk/Eric Dickerson for Indy, take a look at that offensive line. It isn’t the worst in the league (that belongs to my team), but it isn’t as good as Cleveland’s. The Colts having a bit more in the passing game should help him see fewer men in the box, but don’t expect miracles. His biggest impact will likely come in the screen game where his pass catching ability can get him into space.

  15. How can the Browns build a winner if they hire & then fire their head coach every two years? How can the Browns build a winner if they give up on the two 1st round picks they just drafted last year? I would get the move on the QB, but he has no threat offensively besides the TE & Richardson. So does Weeden suck or does he have nobody to throw to? With no outside threats all a defense has to do is put 8 men in the “box” and dare Weeden or any other QB to throw. I am glad I’m not a Browns fan.

  16. 3 days to learn the plays.
    Against the 49rs at home.

    “Ready to Roll” ?

    Maybe on the ground…look for fumbles.

  17. Not sure who is determining that the Colts O-line is worse than the Browns. There blocking has improved so far this season. I just read that the Browns had the worst Quality Blocking Ratio in the league for the first two games of the current season.

  18. yeah but we didnt have to give up a ton of picks to get Trich like the Browns did, we gave up a middle to late 1st rounder for him, and we wouldve had to draft a RB next year anyways , bradshaw is 1 year deal and brown is on his last year and ballard coming off a acl tear for next year, so win win for colts

  19. Every move in a business involves risk and none of us know what the actual outcome will be until it’s finally upon us. Mr. Irsay that was one “smart trade” by the Colts regardless of the outcome based on the facts. Thank you and well done! It’s about positioning and progress and the Colts continue to structure itself for both present and future success. Trent, relax! Only the media and haters want to make you believe that it’s all on your shoulders. It’s not. Successful organizations time and time again prove they are bigger than any single player. They all have down years but rebuild and perform quickly and sustain success long term in the end.

  20. Browns keep doing everything they can to help the Vikings out lol. First, free draft picks in the 2012 draft FOR Trent Richardson, and then get RID of him right before playing the Vikes. lol. A bit of funny irony.

  21. Where does Vick Ballard fit into the team’s plans going forward? It’s not like Trent Richardson is a rental when you give up a #1…

  22. @kepdogg: The Browns currently have injury issues at right guard. With their whole line healthy, like it was last year, they have a better line. Pro Football Focus had the Colts line ranked at 31 last season vs the Browns at 5. This season they have the Browns as 5th in pass blocking and 14th in run blocking and the Colts as 31st in pass blocking 24th in run blocking.

  23. Colts fans are smoking the hippy lettuce if they think T Rich is an elite back. They are slightly better than they were with Bradshaw/Brown heading into San Francisco although every Colt will be battered at game’s end.

  24. @-ColtsWinColtsWin!! says:Sep 19, 2013 12:39 PM

    The Colts are the class of the NFL. I cannot see us losing another game the rest of the year. Talk about an unfair advantage over the rest of the League. Thanks Cleveland for letting your greatest player ever go to a real team.
    There is an illogicalvoicesays for every team out here right?

  25. Colts fans may not be so excited after watching TRich perform in the next few games. He hasn’t looked like the same kid that came out of Bama. He lost a lot of his explosiveness in just one season. This year he looked timid, and average at best in two games. Browns may just come out of this trade smelling like roses, when they get their franchise QB. in 2014 draft, and possibly Clowney, thanks to this deal. Only time will tell, and us browns fans have nothing but time.

  26. For all of you saying how good the Browns blocking is, go watch the games and tell me where Richardson was supposed to run. Blocking metrics don’t tell the story when there are 8 guys in the box. When the other team is not scared of your passing game, no back can run against that.

    All the bad-mouthing of Richardson is a joke. Oh, Cleveland traded him so he must suck? Which organization is better – Indianapolis or Cleveland? So why would Indy trading FOR someone and Cleveland getting rid of him mean he is bad? Shouldn’t you assume he is therefore good and Cleveland is dumb?

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