PFT Live: Browns ready to rebuild

Mike Florio talks with Browns CEO Joe Banner about what made the team trade their 2012 third overall pick for a first round pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Banner also discusses the future direction of the organization and what to expect from the team this season.


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  1. Who didn’t see this coming, Lombardi said he would have never drafted Richardson or Weeden. Before the season started we needed at least 1 guard, a full back and a receiver with the ability to create separation and yes, catch the ball. Aside from Bess, they completely ignored the offense, Vonta Leach was released, no offer, Vickers was released, no offer, there are full backs not on rosters now and we moved a small RB to full back. They purposely sabotaged the offense to insure they would not succeed with these players. When your $30mil. under the cap, you could get a guard instead of converting a marginal tackle, you could get a fullback instead of converting an undrafted RB.
    Jimmy Haslam, you may “OWN” the Browns, but this is “MY”team. My grandfather, My Father, Myself and My sons.. You could have fielded a competitive team, but YOUR front office are to worried about, their guys, thier system instead of WINS. And believe me, we have heard it all before, Savage, Davis, Mangini, H&H, and now these CLOWNS.
    Winning is about today, and all we get is promises for tomorrow. You have an opportunity to be competitive NOW, but like everyone who preceded you, you allow them to blow it all up.

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