Reggie Bush optimistic about playing, but hasn’t been cleared yet


Lions running back Reggie Bush didn’t practice on Wednesday, but it’s not because he’s feeling a lot of pain in the knee he hurt in last weekend’s loss to the Cardinals.

Bush said Thursday that he’s feeling better at this point in the week than he thought he would and is happy he was able to avoid an injury that would require either surgery or a long stay on the sideline before he could return. The fact that his knee is feeling good leaves him with positive feelings about his chances of playing, although he knows that it won’t be a decision he’s making all on his own.

“I’m always optimistic to be able to play,” Bush said on WXYT, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I hate missing games. It pains me to miss practice. I hate missing practice because I feel like the reps are vital to your performance on Sunday. Like I said, I’m optimistic to play Sunday, but there’s so many different things that need to happen. I’ve got to get approval from the doctors and coaches and trainers, so I still have some work cut out for me.”

The Lions offense was much less effective against Arizona once Bush was forced out of the game and that second half slowdown left the door open for the Cardinals to come back and take the win. Avoiding the same fate against Washington will be much likelier if Bush gets the green light from the medical staff.

10 responses to “Reggie Bush optimistic about playing, but hasn’t been cleared yet

  1. Reggie will not make it through the season like this.
    He missed plenty of time with the Dolphins, and this is early in the season. If the Lions hadn’t worked him over and over in the 1st game, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Stupid to do it, because Reggie is really good, but he’s getting old, and he gets hurt.

  2. All I know is that the Cards didn’t have Darryl Washington in the game to stop Bush last week, and he was effective. After he got hurt, the Cards had no problem with the Lions. Detroit, get used to last place.

  3. Hope he plays and Detroit buries the Redskins. It will be fun to watch the squirming in Washington if they go to 0-3.

  4. The jerk coach of the Lions needs to be the grown up and not use him as a bellcow back.

    Who cares what he wants.

    The only reason he can be this effective at this point in his career at his position is because he was used so sparingly while he was in New Orleans.
    He needs to send Sean Payton a bouquet of flowers for not running him in the ground when he entered the league (like Bush wanted him to).

  5. The Cards had no problem with the Lions? Dude if it weren’t for 2 ticky tack calls the Cards would have been 0-3.

  6. Why are Lions punishing Leshoure by not playing him??

    Bush isn’t going to play. Bell will start over leshoure and Riddick is listed as primary backup?


    If you’re not going to play him then trade him.

    Dumbass Lions front office!!!

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