Report: No surgery for Brandon Weeden


The right thumb of Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden may or may not be “really screwed up,” but it doesn’t appear to need surgery to get him back to full health.

Weeden went to see a hand specialist to find out the extent of the damage to his thumb and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that he’s been told that he doesn’t need surgery. According to Schefter, Weeden could be ready to get back on the field as early as next week.

That would mean a decision for Browns coach Rob Chudzinski, who has already said that Weeden is guaranteed nothing more than consideration for the starting job in the weeks to come. A quick return could work in his favor if Brian Hoyer struggles in his start against the Vikings this weekend, although the full criteria for the decision remain known only to the Browns.

If Weeden isn’t in Cleveland’s long-term plans, and the fact that he could lose his job after two weeks largely because of injury suggests he isn’t, then they could move in almost any direction at quarterback while setting their sights on 2014 and beyond.

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  1. Anyone need/want an Otto Graham signed luncheon menu from a Lancaster Ohio school where he was a speaker at back 1949? I’ve got a boat load of memorabilia from 35 years of collecting that I no longer want. Changing the stadium name, a new regime every three years, and a clueless runt teamed up with hypocrite Lombardi has taken it’s toll on my loyalty. I’m done! Loyalty has been missing since they left and returned. Jinxed is what they are.

  2. As long as they move in any direction besides:

  3. Yeah, they will keep Weeden on the sidelines as long as possible, as part of Banner, and Lombardi’s master plan to tank this season in order to get “their’ franchise QB in 2014 draft. At least they have a plan I guess, they just need to realize their master plan is alienating an already frustrated impatient fan base. Look for the stadium to be filled with equal amounts of opposing team fans at remaining browns home games. Being a browns fan is rarely fun or enjoyable, so we must all be sadists or loyal beyond all common sense.

  4. I personally don’t think Weeden is that bad. Had they invested in an offensive line the current team would be pretty decent. They haven’t had a decent RB, WR, or offensive line in decades. Yet they draft QB after QB with high hopes on dudes that weren’t all that impressive in college. Maybe they need to invest in a scouting team.

  5. Weeden has played better than Gabbert or Henne since coming into the league.

    It’s Hoyer’s job to lose. Although I think the Brownies get smashed this weekend. Too much change in week three for the locker room to take. QB & #1RB out is just too much change so early in the season. Mailing it in before week 3 is something I don’t remember seeing before.

  6. this is deja vu all over again… remember 2007 after week one frye was traded and guess who almost made the playoffs….oh and who was the O.C. at the time ? 😉

  7. He hurt it by hitting a helmet with it, it had nothing to do with the “champs”. Just like Ray Rice’s injury has nothing to do with the Browns D.


    wearethechampsandyourenot says:
    Sep 19, 2013 3:03 PM
    first of many QBs to be KO’ed by the champs this year


  8. I can’t imagine him being a in big hurry to come back to the combination of (1) right side of O-line that seems intent on having him leave the game in a body bag, (2) replacement of T-Rich with a running back older than he is, and (3) a GM (and likely Banner as well) that seem intent on soothing their own egos by setting him up to fail.

    WCO last year did him more harm than good; receivers with hands of stone don’t help much; and the whiny fans that seem to want a new QB, coaching staff, front office, and owner every few weeks must make coming to practice a real joy too.

    Good luck Brandon, wherever Lombardi ends up trading you for a 5-pound box of dryer lint.

  9. I just keep wondering how any and everybody keeps aiming the arrows of derision at Chud OR Lombidiot at this point. It’s ALLLLLLL BANNER! Chud is a sucker who has absolutely nothing to do with it, and should (it will) this plan fail, Lombardi will take most of the blame. Not saying he’s not in the mix, they are called LomBanner for a reason, but I just don’t get the Chud blame. This is Banner throwing his Bearded Junk around, listening to a self proclaimed genius who has one of the worst drafting track records in the history of the game. Nothing more.

  10. Here is what I would do If I’m Cleveland’s GM:

    Having roughly about 40,000,000 in cap space next year and most likely the first or second pick in the 2014 Draft.

    Draft- I take Clowney with the first pick and Johnny Football/Tajh Boyd with the late first round pick.

    I resign- T.J. Ward and Alex Mack

    Free Agents- I pick up Sam Shield from the Packers to compliment Joe Hayden. Brandon Meriweather From Washington to compliment T.J. Ward. (Solid Defensive Back Foundation) I don’t upgrade the linebacker position because it is already solid and same with the d-line especially with the addition of Clowney. Instead, I give Johnny some protection with signing Michael Oher from Baltimore and giving him two weapons with Kennny Britt (Tennessee) and James Jones (Green Bay).

    This should still leave Cleveland with some cap space to fill roster needs. Now you have a young QB which you let make big plays with a line to protect him and some weapons to help him out. You let him loose on offense because you have a solid defense that can keep teams close and low scoring.

  11. profootballtalk5 says:
    Sep 19, 2013 7:02 PM

    Just no on everything you said. First the Browns are stacked at OLB so they wouldn’t take Clowney. They run a 3-4. Two its Haden not Hayden. Tajh Boyd will be a top 5 pick top 10 at worst so he wont be at the back of the first round. The Browns also will not go out and get 3 or 4 big name free agents because they want to build through the draft so they would get one or two tops. This isn’t Madden.

  12. The Browns aren’t stacked at anything, except egotistical front office idiots. They care nothing about the fans and take them for granted assuming they’ll accept anything. Selling out the season after week 2 is absurd. Anyone who says they haven’t given up is in downright denial. This ex season ticket holder has just closed the door on this joke of an organization. Jimmy, you lied, plain and simple.

  13. On December 1st, the Browns play the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    The winner loses the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.

  14. I sincerely feel bad for Cleveland fans. Any fan base that dedicated deserves better. But odds are that after almost 20 QBs, at least one would show a glimmer of success. Same with coaches. Even owners.

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