Rex Ryan downplays talk that Matt Simms could replace Geno Smith


In the week since Jets quarterback Geno Smith threw three interceptions in a loss to New England, there’s been talk of another potential quarterback controversy, this time with backup Matt Simms potentially replacing Smith. But Jets coach Rex Ryan downplayed that talk today.

Asked about a report that Simms has a lot of supporters in the organization, Ryan said that’s true. But Ryan quickly added that those supporters don’t see Simms unseating Smith as the starter.

“I think there’s a lot of guys that like Simms. I don’t think there’s any doubt,” Ryan said. “But to say as our starting quarterback? I don’t see that. But again, I’m obviously not saying that that couldn’t happen, or whatever, but we see Geno as our starting quarterback now and that’s how we see it.”

Asked how much Smith would have to struggle to put Simms in, Ryan answered, “I’m not going to get into that stuff. Shoot, ‘Well if he throws this or this?’ No, I don’t go into the game thinking about that.”

So anyone hoping to see a quarterback circus will have to look elsewhere. The Jets are sticking with Smith.

51 responses to “Rex Ryan downplays talk that Matt Simms could replace Geno Smith

  1. Smith shouldn’t get too comfy in any event, this is a head coach that actually has Mark Sanchez’s jersey tattooed onto his own body. Good luck with the QB “competititon.”

  2. he should replace him, Geno sucks. They would of smoked the pats with a half decent QB playing. Geno cost them that win.

  3. I cant remember in recent memory a Head Coach mishandling his team, year after year, as bad as Rex Ryan.

    You can’t make the stuff up that he does.

  4. Take a look, Jets. Even Tom Brady has trouble when the weapons on the team are pedestrian or worse. Geno Smith or Simms (anyone but Sanchez)… Does it really matter when the offense is like a neglected house at the end of the block?

  5. They finally got this loser Sanchez out of the way, Rex isn’t going to have another QB controversy unless Geno is a total flop. The Jets are going to be as patient as they can with Geno, but they also know Simms is a strong armed guy who seems poised in there, so he will be an option if need be.

  6. Smith showed excellent composure against the Pats and most rookies do poorly against a Belichick defense the first time they see one.

    He also made some good plays and throws it was far from all bad.

    They need to let this guy get some experience and full speed game reps if he’s ever going to grow into the QB he could be at this level.

    Removing him in favor of Simms already would be a massive mistake. All that would do is shake Smith’s confidence.

    Of course the terms “Jets” and “massive mistake” have been a common pair to see together the last couple years.

  7. Wow, will everyone just calm their tits about the Jets QB’s? Geno’s a freaking rookie. Not all rookies shine right off the bat. Both Manning’s sucked their rookie year. Give him at least one season to develop. Truthfully, Matt Simms would probably be even worse.

  8. Man, it must be miserable to play for the Jests. They need to give Geno a chance to learn and grow into the job. He’s got a great deal of talent, but no one should expect him to be Peyton Manning or Tom Brady after just two games! SHEESH!!!

  9. I am no fan of the jets, but the media needs to pump the brakes and find something else to talk about. I but they would find a way to create a QB controversy if they had Tom Brady on their team. Quit hitting the reset button and let the guy develop.

  10. The Jets fans and media have been in put in the backup mode for the last 3 years cuz of Sanchez stop take a deep breath remind yourselves this is not Sanchez and give the Rookie some time

  11. Only the Jets. Because of a freak injury they avoided a full season of quarterback controversy between Sanchez and Smith. They had an opportunity to let their top draft pick learn the game on the fly without the media/fans breathing down their necks and asking questions about Sanchez. So what do they do? Enter their third string QB into the equation and entertain the idea that he could get a start over Smith. Way to go. Rex should have shot this idea down the moment he heard it.

  12. Do people even watch these games? Geno played decently versus a very good defense in week 1 (a defense that ate up Brees the next week). Yeah, he had a bad fourth quarter versus the Patriots. On the road, after a short week, in a MONSOON.

    Give the kid a shot.

  13. Geno Smith hasn’t looked as bad as most have pawned him off to be. He is shaky in the clutch right now, but most rookie’s are, so I wouldn’t be too quick to judge him. Time is Smith’s best friend right now, because only time will tell if he has what it takes to compete in this league. All he has to do right now is focus on his flaws, nobody is expecting him to take the team to the Super bowl in his first year… well most aren’t.
    I do HATE the Jets and I DO NOT want to see them succeed, but I wouldn’t wish failure on any single player, well… except maybe Brady.

    Go Bills!!!!

  14. If we are being honest, at best Geno can help manage a win. He has a long way to go on reading defenses, not licking in on one receiver, etc. Too early to tell if he is a bust but he would have been better off on the bench for a year. He might be good someday.

  15. Rex has to wait at least 3 weeks for the ink to dry on his new #7 tattoo before he has to cover it up again with # 5

    Seriously the best hope Wrecks has to keep his job is to play the new GM’s QB

  16. I love that RG3 and Kernapick (SP) can throw multiple ints in a game and no one bats an eye. Geno does it and people literally tell him to quit the sport. It was his second start, rookie Qbs never beat that pats at home’ why cant Geno catch a break on message boards?

  17. Bet half of these trolls teams are maybe 1-1, if not 0-2, yet they’ll criticize the Jets?

    C’mon break is over. Back to the assembly line.

  18. Jets fans why would anyone play for your criticism of everything on your team…what is your problem….No quarterback would be very good with the receivers this team has…with the exception of Wilkinson(he has heart and wants to win) the rest of them know they won’t be attacked for their failure to go up after the ball or hold onto it….The pats game wouldn’t even been down to the fourth quarter if your RECEIVERS would catch the ball or not fumble it after they catch it….Yes it is easy to blame the quarterback…Geno has done a farely decent job considering the circumstances and the media put downs….not to mention the booing when he was selected to the Jets….FANS you are whoever your quarterback maybe the worst nightmare for them…terrible how you are so quick to attack the QB.

  19. The Jets really need to make an effort to improve the offense. Any quarterback will struggle without sufficient talent at the skill positions. You don’t need superstars all over the place, just guys who can perform the roles they need to in your system. Provided you have a good system – and I think Morhinwheg does – you can put up enough points to win with a good defense. The Jets have the potential to be a top-5 defense over the course of the season, and going forward.

    That said, Smith obviously needs to cut down on the turnovers. He’s a rookie, so he gets a pass for now. But if he doesn’t make improvements over the course of the year, and we wind up with a high pick, we should draft a quarterback unless it’s a reach. Thankfully we’re not in contract jail with him since he’s only a second round pick.

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