Brandon Weeden to see a hand specialist today


We may know later whether “really screwed up” is a medical diagnosis for Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, or just a statement of being for the once-proud franchise.

According to Tony Grossi of, Weeden is seeing a hand specialist today to determine the extent of the injury to his right thumb.

Weeden has already been told the starting job isn’t promised to him when he returns, which gives him all the incentive in the world to make sure he’s physically well for the next team that might be interested in employing him.

Having already shipped out running back Trent Richardson, there’s no point thinking the current Browns administration has any long-term interest in the previous administration’s other 2012 first-rounder.

So with that as the backdrop, Weeden should make sure he’s 100 percent healthy, and able to prove himself to the best of his abilities before he sets foot on a field again. Doing so any sooner  would be a disservice to his own future, whether that’s in Cleveland or elsewhere.