A.J. Jenkins finally makes an NFL catch


The good news for Chiefs receiver A.J. Jenkins is that the 2012 first-round pick had as many catches last night as Dwayne Bowe.

The bad news is that Bowe had one.

The best news is that Jenkins finally has registered a reception in an NFL regular-season game.

Jenkins, who was dealt to the Chiefs for 2011 first-round receiver Jon Baldwin, caught a six-yard pass in the second quarter.

The former 49er otherwise disappeared from view, and it’ll be hard for him to do much on a roster that includes Bowe, Dexter McCluster, and the surprisingly productive Donnie Avery, who made multiple key catches — including a 15-yard catch on third and 10 that ignited the momentum-killing drive that helped the Chiefs seal their third victory of the season.

But at least Jenkins has made a catch.  Baldwin stands at zero after two games in San Francisco.

7 responses to “A.J. Jenkins finally makes an NFL catch

  1. Baldwin has been inactive the first two games. He hasn’t suited up. He may get his chance this Sunday if Vernon Davis is out.

  2. LOL Jon The BUST Baldwin isn’t even active yet and he’s still getting paid over a million by the stupid 9ers rofl!

    Furthermore, with Delanie Walker gone, now Bruce Miller is playing 60% of the snaps (from last season below 50%) and is 4th in receiving yds and KW is 3rd in receiving yds for the stupid 9ers, good luck with those losers trying to make play and help the offense lol rofl lmao!!!

    Kapernoob is going to fail some more through out the season, GL trying to beat out Seattle for the division and home field advantage LOL!!!

  3. Why 9ers won’t get to the SB this season:

    1) Kapernoob failed and choked in the SB just last season, every opposing team is ready to knock of the 9ers who represented in the SB for the NFC.

    2) The running game isn’t as good with Kapernoob as it was with Alex Smith and Gore the work horse of the 9ers RB is past 30.

    3) Kapernoob’s offense march down the field much faster, unlike with Alex Smith, which weakens the 9er defense cause they have to be on the field longer and more often

    4) This is Kaper”noob”‘s 1st full season though every opposing defense have game tape on him and the overused unsurprising QB option.

    5) The 49ers WR CROP still fails even though Harb and Baalke has had 3 Seasons to improve and fix it.

    6) Seattle has improved both on defense and offense roster wise, they are even harder to beat at home with the 12th man now and will have a very good record, which means they have a good chance of winning the division and gaining home field advantage through out play-offs.

    7) Aldon’s DUI doesn’t help anything.

    8) Harb’s constant whining and double talk about players and to the media is Bad Karma and it shows.

    9) Kapernoob’s over hyper over rated off season publicity, commercials, magazines got to his head, he showed his true maturity
    by sporting a dolphins hat and got defiant about it when confronted by fans. He needs to be knocked off of his high horse and realize he isn’t elite yet and he hasn’t earn that status, maturity or respect.

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