Ahmad Black fined $21,000 for drilling Jimmy Graham


The Buccaneers safeties were in a hitting mood last Sunday and the NFL has been in a taking mood as a result.

Dashon Goldson got hit with a $100,000 fine, after successfully appealing a one-game suspension, for his hit on Saints running back Darren Sproles and Ahmad Black will have to fork over $21,000 for his head shot on tight end Jimmy Graham. The two hits both came in the first half of the game and each drew flags for unnecessary roughness, with Black’s hit particularly standing out for its disregard of the league’s rules governing shots to the head of offensive players.

Black said Thursday that he and his Bucs teammates have to “lower the strike zone.”

“We’ve been playing football for a number of years now and to change it all of a sudden, its’ going to be tough for us, but it’s something we’ve got to do,” Black said, via Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times. “It’s going to be tough, but in order to keep that check book heavy, it’s something you’ve got to do.”

With Black’s fine added to the total, the Bucs have now been fined $208,875 over the first two weeks of the season.

13 responses to “Ahmad Black fined $21,000 for drilling Jimmy Graham

  1. That Jimmy Graham was single-handedly eating their lunch at the time had nothing to do with that hit, did it? I suppose it’s OK as long as he gets a $2 million salary. If he gets $150 from his teammates, though, it would be a whole different thing, wouldn’t it? Safety, my …

  2. Good.
    To all the “bountygate” enthusiasts out there, I challenge any of you to find tape on the saints that match the level of dirty play shown in this hit.
    Ahmad Black was trying to injure Jimmy Graham. Period. No if ands or buts. Graham was slicing up their secondary and they wanted to take him out with an illegal hit. His comment of “strike zone is different now” and “recent rules change”… bull. He was trying to give him a concussion.
    End of story. That is called tackling with intent to injure and I will continue to yell hypocrocy to the league for ruining a team on hearsay and letting teams like this off with a slap on the wrist.
    Even teams that admit to targeting players for injury in public get no scrutany because, apparently, the lesson has been learned and we should all just move along.
    Burn in hell goodell.
    And no, I’m still not over it.(obviously)

  3. Black is a clean player with no history of misconduct. He’s being honest when he says he needs “to lower the strike zone”. As a small guy, he did what he had to do, but the rules have changed and now he has to change the way he learned how to play since he was a kid. And I bet he does.

  4. This hit was malicious as you can see the ball dropping and Graham taking three steps before getting hit by black. Afterwards, he was seen gesturing gun shots in the air. The more pathetic thing was Schiano, after watching his player make an extremely dirty hit, arguing that Graham couldn’t be on the field. Glad the ref shut him down right away. Go back to college football you classless scum.

  5. A good strategy would be for Schiano to encourage players with less of a history and lower salaries to deliver head shots. Their fines will be less and they wont get suspended. Then the team can just reimburse the player for the fine. See if that flies?

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