Charles Tillman fined $15,750 for horse collar tackle


Bears cornerback Charles Tillman is questionable for Sunday night’s matchup with the Steelers, but the issue of whether or not he’d be fined for a horse collar tackle in last week’s win over the Vikings is no longer in doubt.

PFT has confirmed with the league that Tillman has been fined $15,750 for his tackle of Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings in the fourth quarter of the game. Tillman pushed Jennings out of bounds and then rode him down to the ground using the back of the jersey.

Tillman was hit with a penalty during the game for the hit and said earlier this week that he knew a fine was a possibility because of the way he brought Jennings down.

Tillman has been limited in practice all week by a knee injury. Coach Marc Trestman said Friday that he was optimistic about Tillman’s chances of playing.

“He worked today,” Trestman said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “He worked about half the reps. We’ll leave it up to Charles and our trainers to see where he is. We’re optimistic. But we don’t know right now. That’s why he is listed the way he is.”

Tillman has not missed a game since 2009 and has missed 14 games over the course of his career.

20 responses to “Charles Tillman fined $15,750 for horse collar tackle

  1. So, does all this fine revenue go into the concussion pool or what? This is seriously ridiculous. Most of these are accidents. I don’t get fined for accidents at my job.

  2. And it still wasn’t a horse collar. He wasn’t inside the jersey. The NFL just fines everyone for everything now so they’ll look better the next time they get sued.

  3. I disagree with this fine. However,Tillman is a class act. He made a mistake, owned up to it, will pay the fine and move on. I wish we could say that about more players.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Peanut!

  4. Wasn’t a bad tackle. But at least he owned up to it.

    When was the last time Jared Allen had a cheap shot tackle anyways? Just trying to see why Tokyo likes to call him a dirty player.

  5. Dear god, I’m getting tired of fines. I’m ready to do something different with my Sundays because this is getting annoying. Week 3 has only started, can’t imagine how many fines are going to be handed out at the end of it. A full season worth of this and the result which will be less thank you.

  6. tokyosandblaster says: Sep 20, 2013 5:13 PM
    Dirty player, repeat offender.
    No, wait… That’s Suh and Jared Allen.
    Nothing to see here.


    Stupid Poster and not funny
    Repeat Offender.

    Nothing to see hear.

  7. filthymcnastysmom says:
    Sep 20, 2013 6:06 PM
    Wasn’t a bad tackle. But at least he owned up to it.

    When was the last time Jared Allen had a cheap shot tackle anyways? Just trying to see why Tokyo likes to call him a dirty player.
    Week 12 last year fined for ending the season of lance louis on a cheap shot.

    The guy is as dirty as they come and yet lives in the donky kong suh world of denial. Neither are even man enough to admit it.

  8. Ill say the same thing I did during the game: was a horse collar by rule but a weak penalty. Definitely shouldnt be a fine but the rule is there for the more serious versions of the tackle. Dont grab on and pull backwards. Easy.

  9. This is why they have penalty flags and teams are penalized yards. This fining stuff for every foul is starting to be ridiculous. Next thing you know we will get $5,000 fines for holding, $2500 for grounding and $1000 for delay of game. Isn’t the NFL already rolling in money. It’s great how they can use the players money to offset the taxes they should be paying. Donating that money to a “non-profit” is a 100% tax deductible meaning every penny the players pay is a penny the NFL, controllers of the charity, doesn’t have to pay to Uncle Sam. It is called a “tax-shelter” and the players and American citizens are footing the bill for their shelter and getting shafted.

  10. mydogsnameisvick says: Sep 20, 2013 6:09 PM

    Tillman is the best corner in football.

    Tillman wouldn’t even make nickle back in Seattle.

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