DeMeco Ryans fined $21,000 for hit that injured Malcom Floyd


Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd had to be immobilized on a backboard, carted off the field and taken to the hospital after going down on a hit from Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans in San Diego’s Week Two victory.

Floyd will miss at least this week’s game while he recovers from a neck injury and Ryans will miss some money from his bank account after being fined. The NFL has confirmed that Ryans was fined $21,000 for striking a defenseless receiver in the head and neck with his shoulder.

The hit was less clear cut than many that result in fines. Floyd was being tackled from behind as he tried to reel in the throw from Philip Rivers and either lowered his head or had it forced down by the other defender before making contact with Ryans’ shoulder. There didn’t appear to be much that Ryans could do to avoid the hit and there didn’t appear to be any intent to land a blow to Floyd’s head on the play.

As Mike Florio reported earlier this week, though, the league felt Floyd was in a defenseless posture and that a flag would have been warranted on the play. None was thrown, but Ryans wasn’t able to avoid a fine.

18 responses to “DeMeco Ryans fined $21,000 for hit that injured Malcom Floyd

  1. It was a catch, a step and asimultaneous lowering of the head (that’s TWO “FOOTBALL MOVES”), the hit, and then a fumble.

    The refs on the field screwed it up and now the only conclusion anyone looking at the replay can draw is that they’re fining Ryans to validate the mistake on the field.

    They’re basically fining Ryans because Floyd lowered his head into Ryans’s helmet.

    It’s gettin’ to be ri-god-damned-dic-ulous in here.

  2. I don’t understand how this hit warranted a fine. I guarantee that if Floyd would have just popped back up, this hit would have never even been discussed. He is getting a fine for the result, not the action.

  3. From a charger fan…this was not a dirty hit…it was incidental head contact and nothing could have been done to avoid it. The main factor in malcom getting injured was the fact that he ducked his head. Starting in pee wee they coach you to keep your head up.

  4. If the NFL is trying to punish him…It should be higher….$21,000 is only .004% of his yearly salary
    or about $200 to the average working American

  5. May I add, as a long-time Charger fan, this was (in my opinion) not a dirty or malicious hit, this was simply a football play, and for Ryans to be fined for it is wrong. If Floyd hadn’t ducked his head, the impact would’ve been to his chest.
    Football is a rough sport (news flash!). Floyd is still hurt, and won’t be playing or practicing for a while, but Ryans did nothing wrong.

  6. Incidental contact that should have resulted in a lost fumble, recovered by the Eagles.

    Why has no one talked about the fact that he fumbled as a result of that play, a flag wasn’t thrown, the ball was picked up by the Eagles, and just because he got injured during the refs, announcers, and everyone else looking on somehow just looked past that?

  7. This is hands down the dumbest fine of the last 3 years!… I bet you even Floyd doesn’t think this was an illegal hit, seriously let’s just put flags on them and out law tackling…. How is it it Ryans fault that Floyd lowered his head in to the tackle!

  8. The league really needs to stop trying to gain favor with fining players to make them selves look like they are trying to keep players safe..try making blocks to the knee’s illegal if they really want to keep injuries down..NFL stands for (N)ot (R)eally (L)iking fans of football..

  9. I really have to wonder at the intelligence of the average football fan when I see so many responses like this to such an obvious infraction. I can’t believe a flag wasn’t thrown on that play. What does it take to be a defenseless player, anyway. Floyd was wrapped up by the defensive player the very instant he caught the ball. Floyd traveled no farther than the average player who is still considered defenseless, and on top of that he had virtually no way in the world to protect himself, except to lower his head to keep from getting his face smashed. His move was purely an instinctive defensive move. I don’t even think that most of you even saw the play, only some photo that doesn’t even show what really happened. I’ve seen several replays of it, and the defensive player clearly and purposely used his forearm to whack Floyd as hard as possible, and you could see just how hard he had used his forearm, as it was still very flexed well after the hit. Go gimme a break and stop all the crying. The guy deserved a big fine at the very least.

  10. Honestly, I felt that Ryans lowered his shoulder to absolutely clobber Floyd, not thinking that Floyd would lower his head at that time to try and “protect” himself, which resulted in an awful hit that could have done much worse damage than what seems happened.
    Obviously in such a situation, no player is thinking his way through on how to hit another player, or making sure he isn’t “defensless”, etc, etc. Let’s all just agree that we are happy nothing happened to Floyd.

    Side note: GO CHARGERS!!

  11. This is absurd.

    Ryans just stood there as Maclom Floyd lowered his head in self defense.

    This league is ridiculous.
    we have offensive players dipping their heads before contact and the defense getting fined for it.

    Every single ball carrier dips there head to spear tacklers. Goodell doesn’t step in at all
    complete double standard.
    completely against what the NFL is “trying to establish”

    how in the world can we say we are looking out for the best intentions of the players, when they do nothing to protect the defensive players.

    stiff arms to the face
    RB’s spearing before impact.
    OL blind side cutblocking… the NFL is a joke.


  12. It’s a sad state of affairs when an offensive player can lower his head into a defensive player and the defender gets fined.

    There is absolutely nothing Ryans could have done differently to prevent the outcome of that play.

    The NFL needs to get it’s collective head out of it’s hind quarters.

  13. All that a fine like this is going to do if further discourage future players to be interested in defense. Defensive players get less attention, praise, pay, they are constantly disadvantaged by new rules and get fined too easily for collisions the nature of which are dictated by the position the offensive player(s) choose to put themselves in. Eventually the actual NFL will surpass video games in all offense all the time.

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