Dez Bryant “can roll” despite back issues


The Cowboys managed wide receiver Dez Bryant’s practice time carefully this week because of back stiffness that started in last week’s loss to the Chiefs after he took a hit to the back.

Bryant was held out of practice on Wednesday and limited on Thursday, and all of that precaution appears to have worked out because Bryant was able to practice fully on Friday. He’s listed as probable and describes himself as definite.

“I can roll,” Bryant said, via “We were just watching the situation. Don’t want to go out there and do anything crazy. We’ve got a long season.”

Bryant had 100 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter of the loss to Kansas City, but was held to 41 for the rest of the game as the Chiefs shifted their defensive assignments to pay more attention to Bryant. In Week One, the Cowboys were able to use the attention paid to Bryant to make things happen with Miles Austin and Jason Witten but they were less successful last week.

The other notables on the Cowboys injury report are defensive end Anthony Spencer, who is questionable after returning from knee surgery last week, and quarterback Tony Romo, who is probable with a rib injury that he thinks will require a painkilling injection before facing the Rams.

10 responses to “Dez Bryant “can roll” despite back issues

  1. He won’t make it through 16 games. One of the most injury prone receivers in recent history. Once again, Jerry could have waited a round to get this guy.

  2. Why all the COWBOY hate?
    They must be doin’ something right! Don’t hate the playa hate the game!

    DEZ gon’ BEAST the league up this yr and yrs to come.

  3. #1 How is Dez “injury prone”? He’s one of the most physical WRs in the game. Hes gonna have bumps and bruises. But for all of it, he’s missed like a total of 3 games in his career and that was mostly his rookie year. And no, Jerry Jones could absolutely NOT have waited another round to get him. He would have been gone within 5 picks.

    #2 “Shut up and play”?? You do realize that reporters come to the players, ask them questions and then report their answers right? Dez didn’t call up ESPNDallas to tell them about his injury and all he said was “I can roll. I was just being cautious”. I suppose you’d prefer him say “I refuse to talk about sitting out a practice because some random fans don’t like it.”?? Get real. I understand you don’t like the Cowboys, but don’t get mad at the players because they answered a question and someone reported it. Get mad at ESPNDallas or PFT or whoever.

  4. Well put philgrek. They’re just hating. They can’t stand the fact that the cowboys have a win an the skins… O yeah they have none and the 49ers could not even score a touchdown against the . So u two haters go talk crap on our own crappy teams bcuz both of them will b division LOSERS!!!

  5. @ninerswilldominatelikebefore ^^^
    You want over rated take a look at the weak a$$ 9ers D. They couldn’t stop the run game if it were 70 yr old women running the ball!

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