Jerry Jones on loss to Chiefs: Keep in mind, we were the underdogs

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Even before the Chiefs improved to 3-0 on Thursday night, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones was saying that no one should downgrade Dallas for its loss last Sunday in Kansas City.

Jones pointed out that the Chiefs were favored going into the game against the Cowboys, so his team had a tall order going into Kansas City.

“We went in there as the underdog,” Jones said on KRLD 105.3 FM, via the Star-Telegram. “The Cowboys were the underdog going in the game. The line actually expected us not to win that game. And so, let’s keep that in mind.”

The NFL frowns on discussions of point spreads, but Jones pointed out that the Vegas oddsmakers usually know what they’re talking about. And they did when they made the Chiefs favorites over the Cowboys.

“It never ceases to amaze me,” he said. “Actually, they were right. I think, what were they a three-point favorite? End up losing by one. It never ceases to amaze me how close these things pan out.”

Good news for Jones: The Cowboys are four-point favorites over the Rams on Sunday.

60 responses to “Jerry Jones on loss to Chiefs: Keep in mind, we were the underdogs

  1. So, basically you are saying if Vegas has the Cowboys as underdogs, the team should expect to win or be upset if they lose?

    This is how a 40-year old brain operates?

  2. Wow…. just… WOW!…

    How can JJ go from ‘we’re a superbowl team’… ‘I have every confidence in Jason Garrett and Tony Romo’… ‘I like our chances’… to the defense of ‘we were the underdog’???

    Spin Spin Spin… Lost Lost Lost

    Holy Blue Star Batman… that’s downright cowpatty stinky disfunctional.

  3. I’ve never seen a billionaire with more excuses than Jones.

    And Baddegg, Jones’ brain is a lot older than forty years. It’s also pickled to some extent, though not as pickled as Irsay’s when he gets on Twitter.

    OMG, I hope Jerry doesn’t start posing on Twitter now.

  4. Good ole’ American Excuses.

    “Remember, we were SUPPOSED to lose that one. As a favor to my buddy the owner of the Bellagio, we went out there and beat the spread. Still America’s team?”

    No Jerry, No.

  5. 40 year old brain? LOL, didn’t JJ pass that milestone a couple decades ago or is being the faux GM of the cowboys that dang stressful that it ages a 40 year old to look like a 60 or 70 year old, hehe?

  6. Looks like all the beat downs have effected his 40-yr. old brain. Jerry’s finally accepted mediocrity. He’s even talking like a loser and it’s only Week 3.

    Stay classy Dallas!

  7. Every team that plays KC should be the underdog. They prived again that they are the team ti beat in the league. Andy and his bad boys from the midwest strolled into FILTHadelphia, beat up Gimmicky Chips team, spit on their field, and flipped off their obnoxious fans on the way out.
    I have been saying since OTA’s that KC and Seattle will own the league for the next decade.

    Filthydelphia fans are already ready to fire Chip and beg Andy to return.

    KC is laughing at Filthadelphia, their team, and their fans.
    Andy is lauhing loudest

  8. bennyb82 says:
    Sep 20, 2013 10:16 AM
    If I was a Dallas fan, Jerry’s comments would disturb me.

    Exactly….but I’d be more like furious.

    That reads like he’s saying it’s ok they lost!

    My Raiders are rarely ever the favorite these days. If Mark Davis rationalized losses by us not being picked by Vegas my head would most likely literally explode.

  9. I used to say to myself, surely, Al Davis cannot continue to make idiotic statements at the rate he does; the odds are just plain against it. Eventually, after years of seeing evidence to the contrary, I finally said, “screw the odds, there’s no one running the levers upstairs”!
    Now that JJ has begun to exhibit a similar propensity for similarly stupid comments, I won’t be as slow to embrace his obvious descent in to Goofyville.

  10. Only Vegas can quantify which teams are underdogs with a point spread. Teams are supposed to produce the best they can and not pay attention to some mob guys in Vegas.

    You’re a moron, Jurrah. Keep in mind.

  11. I’m so glad I root for team whose owner does not seek the limelight. Some owners (cowboys,colts) think they are part of the show. Through their words during interviews and on Twitter they just make themselves look desperate for attention. When you are the owner of a major company you should be dignified and respectable, not acting like a clown like Trump.

  12. What’s sad is DAL should’ve won. 3rd and goal from the 8/9, Dez singled covered and you get cute and throw a quick screen into a trips formation. Stupid.

    Every pass in the second half from Romo was 3 yrds, except the bomb to Dez that he inexplicably lets squirt right thru his hands. Stupid.

    I really though shifting the OC duties away from Garrett would be a positive, and in some respects it has been, but Callahan calls the most vanilla game I’ve ever seen. Let’s not get started on the zone blocking scheme with the stupid 12 personnel. The reason it worked so well in NE is bc of AH’s flexibility, we could’ve had that same flex by drafting Eifert RD 1. I promise the bearded center would’ve been there at 47. And sure you lose that 2nd 3rd rd pick which incidentally becaome TWilliams, but with Dwayne Harris in the fold, he’s a luxury pick at this time. So tired of being a fan of the boys.

  13. JJ: “The Cowboys were the underdog going in the game. The line actually expected us not to win that game. And so, let’s keep that in mind.”

    Translation: “If I were a betting man, my money would have been on the Chiefs.”

  14. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Jerry starts showing up at the dog track in his bathrobe and slippers. He is following in the foot steps of Al Davis, lost his mind but still making the decisions on draft day as his franchise slowly circles round and round like a turd going down in a toilet.

  15. Such a shame that the W-L record isn’t based on the points spread then, eh Jerry.

    Doesn’t matter that we’re 1-1 then, when really we’re unbeaten at 2-0 and leading the division. We’ll be in the imaginary playoffs by the end of October at this rate…

  16. That’s the “secret sauce” Jurrah discovered. If Dallas is underdogs they lose. If they are the favorites, they lose some of the time.

  17. This will be the new rallying cry of NFL owners, coaches, players, heck EVERYONE can now just say “We were the underdogs, so we weren’t expected to win, so it’s okay.”

  18. Your buddy Al Davis is turning in his grave! He would never have said that, nor any other owner. What a terrible thought process. You are supposed to be a Super Bowl contender. You should feel disrespected that Vegas had you as the underdog. You should have went in there and proved them wrong. Give it up Jerry. Before its too late.


  19. These are the comments of a “40 year old brain”???? For sure Jerrah’s 100 year old ears mis-heard the doctor when he told him he had the brain of a 4 year old. This has to be the most preposterous statement that Jerrah has ever made and as we all know, he has made a lot of them.

  20. The whole point to the ‘point spread’ is to get 1/2 the people betting on each side.

    What ceases to amaze me, is how this guy got to be so wealthy…

  21. Does anybody think it’s a bit weird that Jerruh’s comments are essentially conveying that “it’s ok we lost because we beat the vegas line”… especially given what transpired in the last 5 minutes of the game?

    If you recall, the Cowboys were down by 4 with under 4 minutes to play. Instead of going for it (and the win) on 4th down, Dallas elected to kick a 53-yard FG to put them within 1. The Chiefs subsequently ran out the clock and won the game. As Jerruh clearly said, it was ok because the vegas line was KC by 3. Anyone else think JJ had a bunch of money on the Cowboys beating the spread???

  22. Really jerry it is ok for mediocrity. You are turning into Al Davis his last 7 year’s of living. We r the damn Cowboys and expect a winning team no matter what the odds are or what anyone thinks of the Cowboys. I know u r old and not thinking straigh anymore, so do us a favor and hire a GM and u step down. That is what is best for the Cowboys right now.

  23. Ok let’s get down to fact. All of the Cowboy nation has been supporting this them years after the last Super Bowl the Boys won. I think it is time for us to demand good results now. We are the best loyal and supporting fans in the world. We keep seeing a lot if teams getting better and the Cowboys staying the same or worse but never improving. The leadership on this team just sucks and can’t get it right( Jerry, Stephen,Garrett and Callahan). I am going to hold off on Romo right now but to long because I feel he deserves some of the blame to but not as much. If he is making $108 million he needs to starting producing years as starting quarterback(8 years).

  24. Jerry need to stop , underdog are not, they shouldna lost that game, u lost the game cuz the dumb head coach you got and cuz of romo non qb self , one day he good you start talkn good bout him and bammm here comes the real romo, tell jerry get rid of jason garret and get a better play caller are Cowboys gonna always lose, why you come out in the second half and do something different than you was in the first half, they couldnt stop dez but you stop throwin him the ball, jerry jones full of u know wut, ROMO NEED TO GET HIS HEAD OUT THE CLOUDS AND PLAYBALL R GET RID OF HIM , GIVE KYLE A CHANCE HE CANT DO NO WORSE THAN ROMO, HOW YOU LOSING THE GAME BY 4 AND U KICK A FIELDGOAL JASON GARRET MUSTA THOUGHT A FIELDGOAL WAS 4 POINTS LOLOLOL SAD COACH YOUR DEFENSE AINT STOP THEM ALL GAME WHERE THEY DO THAT AT ONLY IN BIGG D

  25. I love my Cowboys but jerry u trippin he must be on them hard pieces, poor coaching and play callin, u have one of the best offensive in the nfl use them , and to romo dumb ever team in the nfl knows that witten is your security blanket why even throw him the ball in that situation, dummmbb,

  26. Lets be gracious and re-package Jerry’s message. “The success rate of the Handicappers implies proves that those Vegas guys are good. Dont give up on us just yet. According to the The Experts, we only lost one game to a better team. Maybe I can get ahold of a few of these Vegas guys to school my coaches”.

  27. Well why the heck did you position your team to be an underdog in the first place? What kind of business leadership is that Jerry? Do you run your other businesses striving to have your sales force walk into an appointment saying hey we’d love to have your business if you would settle for our inferior product. Why would somebody do business with you? Beat the competition or lose, and you lost on paper before the game started and then couldn’t defy the odds.

    Next time start with the right amount of paper so you don’t come up short or have to rely on beating the statistical odds.

    HINT: Hire a GM that can do the role better than yourself and your chances to win games will increase.

  28. Typical amateur hour interpretation of how “the Line” works. Vegas doesn’t care who wins. Vegas only cares that it gets equal action on both sides of a wager. As a Cowboys fan I sure wish Jerry would start acting a little more like the owners of the Ravens or the Patriots.

  29. @chrisedmond

    Hell yeah! You said everything I was thinking of! Jerry needs to hire a new GM and let some one that knows how to run a football team !!!

  30. Further proof that the man is delusional.

    These are thoughts that most sane people keep locked in their head. Things to make them sleep better at night. This mo-ron feels justified to say things that an impressionable/feeble minded football player may take to heart.

    “Oh well we lost, but we were the underdogs anyway”

    I can already see Maurice Claiborne using this logic as he gives a 15yd cushion on a 7yard slant.

  31. jack3dsd says: Sep 20, 2013 11:37 AM

    Lets just not play the game then and let Vegas decide

    You may be on to something. Just think, it could change the whole makeup of the game. And it would be 100% effective against injury (football-related.)

    Starting with Pop Warner, all the way to the pros, there would just be teams of guys that just threaten each other, and whichever team has the best threats (and has the biggest and fastest guys, based on their performance at the combine) are the likely favorites.

  32. We love our Cowboys but Jerry is just not listening to anyone. He had Jimmy Johnson in the 90’s that wouldn’t let him have a bad draft and kept Jerry at the top of his game. But it is obvious without a strong minded coach, Jerry has went off the deep end. Until the Cowboys get a strong leader our team is screwed and the fans r to. We haven’t had a dominant team since Jimmy Johnson. Jerry is used to these coaches that just bow down to him.

  33. It is ashame that we have to hear the idiotic comments that keep coming out of jerry’s mouth. Put him in a nursing home so he can stop speaking and bring in Bill Crowher or Jon Gruden.

  34. Chiefs fan here.

    All my fellow chiefs fans need to relax. We haven’t thrown a deep ball yet and should’ve won by 20+ with all those turnovers. Slow your roll…

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