Joe Banner disagrees with man ripping Joe Banner


In a stunning bit of news, the man making decisions for the Cleveland Browns disagrees heartily with the man ripping the guy making decisions for the Cleveland Browns.

After former Browns honcho Mike Holmgren said he’d quit if he were the Browns coach when management traded away last year’s No. 3 overall pick to build for the future, Browns CEO Joe Banner largely took the high road in response.

Banner, appearing on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike show, said current Browns coach Rob Chudzinski supported the trade which sent running back Trent Richardson to the Colts for their first-round pick next season.

Mike’s entitled to his opinion,” Banner said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He ran the team for three years and was able to do what he believed in. It’s our turn trying to do what we think is right. Obviously wouldn’t have done this if we agreed with his comments. . . .

“I think the most important thing for me to say is we don’t do anything with Chud not right in the middle of every discussion, every evaluation. Every single time I got off the phone with [Colts General Manager] Ryan Grigson I went down, reported to him where we’re at. He’s a very strong believer in where we’re at and where we’re headed and how this is going to help us.”

Of course, if anyone had noticed how Chudzinski handled a gajillion dollars’ worth of backs in Carolina the previous two years, they’d know he’s not particularly interested in the position at large, so the fact he was willing to let Richardson slide shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

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  1. Mike Holmgren made a ton of bad picks with the Seahawks and the Browns. He is not a GM, he is a head coach. When Seattle took away his GM title they went to the Super Bowl a few years later.

  2. I wasn’t happy about this move…but if Holmgren doesn’t like it, then it must be spectacular. What a complete and total waste of time that guy was.

  3. Reminder that this schmuck is still being paid by the Browns. Signed a 5 year $40 mill contract in 2010 by the former idiot owner until he was fired last year.

  4. I truly feel for Cleveland fans as they deserve much better than this, but long-term, this is a real good move.

    Trent Richardson is a good RB, but you don;t start with him as the first piece of the puzzle, he’s really the last piece once you have an o-line and QB.

    Cleveland is going to be in a great position next year to get one of the top, if not the top QB in the draft – Bridgewater, Murray, Boyd, or even someone else. They will also be in a position to add some o-lineman and another weapon in the passing game.

    Richardson will do good things with the Colts, but this Browns Regime wants to bring in their guy at QB, and it looks like they will have a shot to do that next year, and then build the team around him.

  5. Joe Banner agrees with Joe Banner’s move and says that if he was Joe Banner’s boss he would give Joe Banner a raise.

    Joe Banner.

  6. Holmgren’s statement is ridiculous. There are only 32 NFL Coaching jobs which is one of the most sought after jobs in professional sports. Under the most impossible situations, no coach would just up and quit because he didn’t like something. Look at Rex Ryan, now that’s a trooper.

  7. Joe is a standup guy. We ask his advice for all our personnel decisions and we hire and fire complete staffs every few months! He has done a great job! Signed, Malcolm Glazer’s children. (all of them)

  8. Of course Mike Holmgren’s Cleveland legacy looks something like 4-12, 5-11, and 5-11, with one of the worst head coaching hires in recent NFL history, so his opinion is…well…let’s just say the more he dislikes the move the more I’m beginning to like it.

  9. The Browns are not paying Holmgren. Randy Lerner is. Holmgren is a horrific GM, he brought ZERO good qb’s to Seattle and Cleveland. He moved up in a draft to draft a RB in a QB league!
    Hello? You can find 100 Rb’s but without a QB in this league, you have nothing!

  10. Holmgren should just keep his mouth shut on the Browns, he had 3 yrs and didn’t accomplish a whole hell of a lot. I wish i could get 8mil a yr to be below average!

  11. I kind of hope the Browns bother getting at least one quality wide receiver before they cut another QB loose. Gordon is all they have right now and he hasn’t played yet. Little has been benched at least as a starter.

  12. A rb has 5-7 great years in him. It takes 3 years for QB to really make it and build a team around him.

    TR is in year 2 with no QB. His Year 3& 4 will be a learning experience for the new Browns and then he up for a big new contract and have maybe 3 years left.

    Good move by the Browns get a QB still have picks and build your team for a run in 3 years. Pick up a RB in round 2-3 and you not miss him. The game has moved away from the RB being the keystone of your offence.

    So they could keep TR have ok next 2 years and start where you today again in 3 years.

    This team as it stands is not a playoff with or without TR this year or next. I like this move for both clubs.

  13. “Joe Banner agrees with Joe Banner’s move and says that if he was Joe Banner’s boss he would give Joe Banner a raise.”

    “Holmgres a turd…”

    Banner is a joke, the architect of the ‘Dream Team’>

    Holmgren is a turd.

    Together their combined legacy (and track record) leads me to believe it will be ‘a crappy joke!’

  14. Can we understand now why LeBron quit on the state of Sadness?

    I’d rather dance on TMZ than endure this crap as well.

  15. Don’t think for one second that Norval Turner doesn’t have a HUGE influence into what that organization is doing. Next 3 years for the Browns…win 1-2 games this year. Draft Johnny Football…win 4-5 games in 2014. Norv takes over as Head Coach…Browns languish in mediocrity for 3-4 years with Norval at the helm, never winning more than 7 games. It continues to amaze me how teams continue to give this guy opportunities. Chargers Owner Dean Spanos told Norv he had to change to survive. He couldn’t and he didn’t. This move with Richardson is 100% about Turner not seeing growth with the Weeden…and told Banner and the head coach..”if you want to win a Super Bowl he(Weeden) isn’t the guy to take you there.” While that might be true…the problem is neither is Norv.

  16. Andy Reid goes 3-0 with last year’s cellar dwellar.

    Harbaugh turned the 49ers around in one year.

    Mike Holmgren steers the Browns to 4-12 the first year. Yeah, he wasn’t the coach…but he basically picked the team and couldn’t improve it at all over 3 years of spending tons of someone else’s money.

    Reminds me of Mike Ditka’s Saints fiasco. Idiotic drafting record.

  17. Is Holmgren still cashing a Brown’s paycheck?

    What a turd.

    Trent Richardson is the ugly cousin to Luck and RG3 and Holmgren was the fat man out on draft day. He had more ammo than the Redskins but got fleeced.

    You need a Quarterback to win in the NFL. Browns look like they’re making a push to get Bridgewater next year by stockpiling picks and being horrible this year.

    Worked for the Colts.

  18. Banner is just enhancing the Browns fans favorite game experience-the off season. Can’t wait till next May. I hate having to wait through all these stupid games.

  19. Banner went on to say “And hey, if any of the Browns fans take issue with the fact we’ve given up on the season after just 2 games, who cares ? The TV contracts will pay my salary for years to come whether or not the Browns win any games.”

  20. This should confirm that trading Richardson was a good idea, since Holmgren thinks it was a bad move.

  21. @scrp2: “Under the most impossible situations, no coach would just up and quit because he didn’t like something”

    Bobby Petrino, and Falcon’s fans everywhere, strongly disagree with this assertion…

  22. I guess then that it is ironic that he went to the Super Bowl with the players he acquired/drafted…

    And people already are forgetting that Holmgren wasn’t the GM of the Browns, Tom Heckert was…

    gacanefan says:
    Sep 20, 2013 12:47 PM
    Mike Holmgren made a ton of bad picks with the Seahawks and the Browns. He is not a GM, he is a head coach. When Seattle took away his GM title they went to the Super Bowl a few years later.

    84 4

  23. mgm54 says:
    Sep 20, 2013 2:02 PM
    THE CRYSTAL BALL: 2-3 years, LA Browns. Here we go again…LMAO


    There is no way we’d ever see the LA Browns. Not because the team would never move, but because Cleveland has already successfully sued once to keep the name when the team left town (which is why they aren’t the Baltimore Browns, and got to drop all the records and history of the original franchise) and would obviously do so again.

  24. I have no patience for the opinion of someone who is supposedly a quarterback expert, had 3 years to bring in a real quarterback yet gave us Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace, Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden. Any of you want one of those guys starting for your team? Mike Holmgren took a lot of money and left us with an offense where the best offensive player (his words) is a 3.5 yard per carry running back. What were you doing here besides hot tubbing with umbrella drinks Mike? Actions speak louder than words and his words are meaningless.

  25. The only turd in Cleveland is Joe Banner…Joe Banner quit!

    Joe Banner blew up the team just two games into the season and Chudzinski sat there like an idiot and said nothing in support of his players.

    Tell me, you ever see a coach quit after two games? Banner claims Chud supported the move to trade the best offensive weapon on the team.

    Most analyzing this team, prior to management and the head coach quitting, expected this Browns to have somewhere near the .500 mark this season with an outside chance of making the playoffs as a wildcard…in the weakened AFC North.

    Anyone with a realistic viewpoint of this team is not shocked that the offense started out slowly, 0-2. Those who have played football know it harder to teach a new offensive scheme than a new defensive scheme…it takes time for an offense to gel.

    Joe Banner blew the team up before the offense even got a chance to gel.

    Mike Holmgren is right, Chudzinski turned his back on his own players…what a disappointment Chud is turning out to be. Chud just lost an enormous amount of respect in the lockerroom. From a player’s standpoint, why should they bust their butt for Chud when he doesn’t give a damn about them?

    Haslam and Banner lied to the fans about building this team to win this year…the players never got the chance before Banner and Chud quit and gave up…blowing the team up after only two games.

    Quitters and cowards…Haslam, Banner and Chudzinski…

    BTW, where is Jimmy…in hiding?

  26. they can try and spin it any way they want to but unless Luck gets hurt and the colts collapse they are not getting a franchise qb with a pick in the 20-25 ranger. I guess they could pull a Redskins and give up all those early round picks to try and move up to get one but then what do you have to build around him? bottom line is the colts now have the first and third picks of last years draft starting for them for years to come. the browns meanwhile will continue to suck for at least 2 more years ad maybe longer depending on if they get those picks right. I am not a colts fan but they made out like bandits on this deal. they gave up a mid to late first round pick who would not have contributed right away for a starting running back who will be contributing and for years into the future. he does not have to be the second coming of Jim Brown here only a threat to take the load off Luck,good luck trying to stop that offense once they get used to each other and start clicking.

  27. This is exactly the kind of team that I would like to coach for. If my GM told me he was going to make deals in effort to obtain a larger number of up to 53 players that I’m happy with, then that’s what I would want as a Head Coach. I would tell my GM that the more guys you can get that I like that I want to work with and that I know I can win with, the more likely I will be able to go out and win. Show me this plan you have where I lose an RB only to gain more of what I do want and you have me pretty fired up about the future.

    I can’t make the roster decisions as the coach, so I can only hope that the GM makes moves that I agree with, and if they had a conversation about this and Chudzinski agrees this is in line with what he wants, then that’s improving job security by bringing both parties closer to being on the same page with what they know and believe needs to be done in order to win a Super Bowl. Hey Banner, here’s a list I have come up with of other guys I’d like to cash in as well, how many of these can you move for me? The more the merrier. Thanks a lot, I appreciate that.

  28. Look at every NFL team with an elite back but sub-standard QB. Not one of them is a “good” team. Minnesota comes to mind. Though AP is in his own category, history has proven that a good defense and good Quarterback play wins you games. Not a great RB. Cleveland made the right move and I hope it pays off for them in the future.

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