Justin Houston, Chiefs defense earning recognition

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Because one team’s in a major East Coast media market, with a name-brand quarterback and a shiny new coach, the attention from last night’s game has skewed toward the Eagles losing it.

But thanks to a defense that should start getting more notice, soon, the Chiefs actually won it, improving to 3-0.

The Chiefs forced four turnovers, scored on one of them and sacked Eagles quarterback Michael Vick five times in a 26-16 win. So while it might not be as visually interesting as Chip Kelly’s offensive stylings, for a night, it was more effective.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks,” linebacker Justin Houston said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN.com. “We’re just going to keep rolling. We’re on a mission. We have a bigger goal in mind.”

Houston in particular appears inspired, with 3.5 more sacks last night to give him a league-high 6.5.

“There is no limit for him,” nose tackle Dontari Poe said. “You can tell he wants it.”

And while many would want more recognition, the Chiefs are adopting that lack of acknowledgement as part of their motivation.

“We don’t need anyone else outside of our group telling us how good we are,” cornerback Sean Smith said. “We know how hard we practice, how hard we work and how well our talents complement each other.”

If you’re going to have a play-it-safe, clutch-and-grab offense, you have to complement it with an aggressive defense. So far, the Chiefs have.

47 responses to “Justin Houston, Chiefs defense earning recognition

  1. It’s nice to see the Chiefs making some noise. You have to love watching a team, who has struggled for so long, start to play well. Let’s hope it lasts for a while.

  2. Chiefs vastly improved.

    Eagles traded away a very good coach for a gimmick coach who will wash out and head back to college.

    I was actually surprised Chiefs weren’t better last year.

    They should run the ball more. The biggest offensive weakness may be Reid’s play calling.

    Having said all that, they’ve played:

    Jags – enough said

    Cowboys – well they are the Cowboys

    Eagles – dog killer Vick never was a QB

    Let’s see how they handle Houston, Denver, etc.

  3. “The Chiefs forced four turnovers, scored on one of them”

    That pop gun offense won’t cut it when the competition gets real.

  4. KC has a pretty nice team there. Not saying they’re SB contenders, but it’s amazing when you upgrade at QB how much better the rest of the team looks.

  5. Hello?

    Can you hear me now????

    I keep telling all the simpletons that Andy is assembling a dynasty team that will be battling Seattle in multiple Super Bowls over the next decade.

    The Chiefs defense dominated the Eagles.
    Andy laughed at the city, the FILTHadelphia fans, and the team he just outclassed.

    GIMMICKY CHIP will be getting bricks thrown thru his windows by week 12

  6. Not a fan of Soctt Pioli, but can people finally admit that he drafted pretty good players. projects like Poe, who will pay dividends in later seasons are better than rookies who are a flash in the pan in their rookie year. too bad so many fans live on a week to week basis with a team and can’t see that.

  7. Andy Reid once again is walking in to a great situation with established defensive players to help him look good. This Chiefs defense is the real deal, Houston was great last night, and I have to say Poe has made me eat crow. I never thought he’d amount to much in only his second year.

  8. These Chiefs remind me of the 2011 49ers… Great defense, great running game and a control the clock offense with Alex Smith who makes the plays when he needs to. Happy for Alex and the rest of the Chiefs!

  9. Dontari Poe isn’t having a bad season in his own right. I’m just amazing at what this Chiefs coaching staff has been able to do with these high round draft picks that looked like busts last season, and now, with proper coaching are improving and may yet live up to their draft status.

  10. Their defense looked great. The offense needs to find it’s groove. It will happen. They won’t win the AFC west, unfortunately the DOnkeys are way to good to lose the division, but this former 2-14 team can definitely make the playoffs, and that’s a pretty big deal for us Chiefs fans.

  11. Watching the Chiefs defense last night made me feel a little better about the Cowboys losing to them last week.

    34 points in 3 games – that’s good going regardless of the quality of the opposition.

  12. This Chiefs D really is outstanding. Play like this is just the type of thing Arrowhead needs to reclaim the deafening home field advantage of the 90’s.

    While the offence is sure struggling they have a better coach and qb than they have in years and simply aren’t making the bone head plays that always killed them.

    This team will be lead by one of the better D’s in the NFL and there are enough playmakers on the offence that true improvement is more than possible, it’s likely. Should be a fun year!

  13. Chiefs defense is for real. They look good. Could work on their run defense though.

    If I were a Chiefs fan, the only thing I’d really be worried about is last nights game showed Andy Reid’s team struggling with the same things he struggled with in Philly; mainly scoring in the red zone and 3rd & short conversions. Maybe the o-line too. The Eagles were getting pressure on Alex Smith consistently even when we rushed only 3 defenders. That should never happen.

  14. Houston actually had 4.5 sacks…for some reason when he forced and recovered the fumble on Vicks last play, the sack wasn’t registered on the score sheet.

    Some good D in KC…the Broncos have some competition in the AFC West

  15. I read all summer long from Eagles fans, how inept the Chiefs were at hiring Andy Reid. Eagles fans poking fun at the Chiefs for hiring big Andy. It was a head scratcher for me to think that Eagles fans were that arrogant, especially looking at Andy’s 14 year resume that he put up in Philly. I am thinking how does anyone last 14 years as a head coach with an NFL team without doing something right. If Andy Reid was the Eagles problem in 2012, who you all blaming now? I do what to say it was nice the Eagles crowd gave Andy cheers. The Eagles fans that attend their home home games must be different than the Eagles fans that talk smack on here. Good luck this year with that Oregon football system. It seems to be working well for you.

  16. More like “clutch and grab my leg and fake an injury to slow down the offense.” The KC defense did that three times last night. They should be fined and face disciplinary action for that.

    And I’m not sour grapes about the loss. The Eagles didn’t deserve to win with five turnovers. (Yes five, not four).

    The faking injury thing is poor sportsmanship.

  17. Brandon Flowers and the Chiefs defense earned recognition as a bunch of injury-faking, unsportsmanlike cowards.

  18. Not to take anything away from the Chiefs, they have a lot of talent on that team, but don’t forget the Cardinals started 4-0 last season and their defense was looking dominant.

    I’d say the biggest difference is that Alex Smith is protecting the football. Keeping turnovers to a minimum, eating up clock, and getting your team a lead does a whole lot for your defense.

  19. Chiefs look good. Very nice D, and an efficient offense that doesn’t turnover the ball. The only thing I want to see is if Alex Smith can make the big play, they settled for field goals to often…as good as their D is you play Manning twice. He’s going to have to make some big plays sooner or later.

  20. janson32 says:
    Sep 20, 2013 9:50 AM
    Why is nobody talking about the obvious fake injuries all night long be the chiefs
    Because it had NOTHING to do with the eagles losing, you guys were beat by a better team. Stop making excuses…

  21. OK Ok, I’m starting to have a little faith in KC this year! I still don’t think they are a legit playoff team yet! They are only going to get better and better! Andy Reid has proved time and time again he can take a team and turn them into something special! Players just want to play hard for him because he’s the kind of guy that gets respect very quickly! Good for KC! Can’t wait to see everyone jump on their bandwagon!

  22. My thoughts on the whole faking injuries situation. I don’t think they were fake. If the Chiefs were faking them, wouldn’t you pick a player that is the worst, or at least a player that has a great backup? My choice would not be Flowers to fake an injury. Injury means you take a time out or he has to come of the field. I don’t want him coming out for even one play when Desean Jackson could break a play open.

  23. The referees won’t allow them to get away with faking injuries when they play Peyton or Brady. Regardless of whether it impacted the final score, it is shameful, cowardly, and unsportsmanlike. The third dive in particular by Flowers would make most soccer players blush.

  24. what a ridiculous joke that justin houston’s sack/forced fumble at the end of the game was not ruled a sack. hope the NFL reviews that and gives him credit.

  25. Not a single one of those injuries was faked. Flowers was already banged up coming in and Sean Smith could have potentially been beaten for a TD if he were “faking”, since he went down before the actual catch was made, trying to advance out of his cut. Eagles fans need to realize they are no better than that 4-12 team from last year and have a seat.

  26. Alex Smith Alex Smith Alex Smith!!!

    He just makes your 2-14 better!!!

    He just makes your Defense better!!!


    He sustain drives and chew the clock and the defense gets rest, so they can create turnovers when they are on the field.

    That’s exactly the same formula when Alex Smith was with the 49ers.

    Andy Reid is no idiot head coach, he’s just taking advantages of the strength of his players, and that starts with Alex Smith Alex Smith Alex Smith!!!

    Oh the hand you have KaperN00b in SF, the kid goes for risky throws, runs when he sees no one open which risks injury and force INTs when he get desperate. He marches the team down the field recklessly like the hats he wear,
    the 9er defense don’t get a rest, while they have given up so much points the last 2 games!!!

  27. Before everyone sends the Chiefs to the SuperBowl…I think the Eagles were over hyped (as usual). Sure, rookie RT Lane Johnson was schooled by Houston…but the jury is still out on the Chiefs.

  28. Not a fan of Soctt Pioli, but can people finally admit that he drafted pretty good players. projects like Poe, who will pay dividends in later seasons are better than rookies who are a flash in the pan in their rookie year. too bad so many fans live on a week to week basis with a team and can’t see that.


    You know they’ve already replaced 30 of his players right???? Berry-yes, Poe-yes now that he’s dedicated and has coaching, T Jackson-OK but not 1st round. Past that WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

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