McCoy makes history with 41-yard touchdown run

Getty Images

With a 41-yard burst to the end zone early in the fourth quarter, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy made it a game.  He also made history.

And while a 15-play, clock-milking field goal drive from the Chiefs made McCoy’s touchdown run irrelevant, McCoy’s spot in the record book remains.  (Until someone breaks it, of course.)

McCoy, according to Reuben Frank of, now has five career touchdown runs of 40-plus yards in the fourth quarter of games.  No other player ever has done that.

McCoy also has 516 yards from scrimmage in three games.  While it doesn’t mean he’ll continue that pace (it projects to 2,752 yards), it puts him in line for a big season.

If he can stay healthy.  McCoy has 68 touches, which projects to 362 for the year.

One of those touches on Thursday night at first appeared to result in a leg injury.  McCoy was fine, and he returned to do everything he could to deliver a win.