McCoy makes history with 41-yard touchdown run

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With a 41-yard burst to the end zone early in the fourth quarter, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy made it a game.  He also made history.

And while a 15-play, clock-milking field goal drive from the Chiefs made McCoy’s touchdown run irrelevant, McCoy’s spot in the record book remains.  (Until someone breaks it, of course.)

McCoy, according to Reuben Frank of, now has five career touchdown runs of 40-plus yards in the fourth quarter of games.  No other player ever has done that.

McCoy also has 516 yards from scrimmage in three games.  While it doesn’t mean he’ll continue that pace (it projects to 2,752 yards), it puts him in line for a big season.

If he can stay healthy.  McCoy has 68 touches, which projects to 362 for the year.

One of those touches on Thursday night at first appeared to result in a leg injury.  McCoy was fine, and he returned to do everything he could to deliver a win.

24 responses to “McCoy makes history with 41-yard touchdown run

  1. Yeah, well I have the most consecutive completions during the 2nd quarter of games that take place during the waxing moon while my team holds a 3-point lead. Which is just as irrelevant of a stat.

  2. McCoy is a great player and I’m not taking anything away from him. But there are so many crazy records now they’re getting kind of meaningless. I think almost anything is some sort of ‘record’ if you do enough creative math.

  3. Hey,

    LeSean didnt turn the ball over 4 times..

    we should ha e just pounded the run on those fellas. There was no reason to out the ball in the air that much.

    3 weeks in, ive seen 3 rookie bkunders from chip…
    learning process is long.

  4. It is a shame McCoy is going to waste the best years of his career on this team. The lack of talent on the Eagles makes them at least two years away from being average, at which point his skills will probably be on the decline. I had thought the Jets were the worst team in the league. That is not the case, it is Jacksonville and the Eagles. The Birds are a disgrace, and I am a season ticket holder.

  5. What lonely person keeps track of these rediculous records? First QB to throw six completions in a row after droping a deuce at halftime. First cat lover to kick a 56 yard fieldgoal with a 10 MPH crosswind. First player to run a crossing route on a play hiked as the playclock and game clocked matched a 22 seconds and the team was down by two in the third quarter of the first game the day after a full moon.

    What the heck?

  6. Yeah but…can you also tell me who leads the league in touchdowns scored in front of an away crowd on Thursday nights in the second quarter while playing against the wind with a full moon with exactly 4 clouds overhead?

  7. “McCoy makes history with 41-yard touchdown run”

    The only stat that matters is getting the win.

    The Eagles failed to do so.

  8. Some of the jukes that McCoy does on defenders reminds me a little of Barry Sanders. Obviously, nobody can ever be Barry but I think McCoy is the closest ankle breaker there is in the NFL right now. Some of his jukes makes defenders looks stupid.

  9. That’s a pretty crazy stat. I can’t believe guys are poopoo’ing it. When the chips are down in the 4th, this guy rises above and produces big plays. If he stays healthy he’s going to generate such gaudy numbers that he’ll be discussed w/ Manning for the MVP.

  10. Amazing that a team could have such a special and explosive player, paired with guys like DeSean Jackson and a couple of mobile QBs, and yet still don’t have an impressive offense. That’s really bizarre to me. I wonder if the Head Coach is concerned at all? I sure am.

  11. McCoy scores in the 4th quarter, making him a clutch player which is now a statistical fact. This is important for fans, who want wins and to Shady who can make this an important negotiating point in his next contract negotiations. These are the reasons why it is an important stat to note in the record book.

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