Michael Vick says he’s fine after late injury against Chiefs

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick looked to suffer an injury on the final offensive play of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night.

Vick was sacked by Chiefs’ linebacker Justin Houston and fumbled to give possession back to the Chiefs so they could run out the clock. Vick was also shaken up late in last week’s loss to the San Diego Chargers but returned to finish that game as well.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Vick said after the game he was OK and didn’t appear to be limping in the locker room. Vick said he rolled both of his ankles, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

Vick struggled against the Chiefs as the Eagles’ offense strains to find consistency. Vick did run for 95 yards in the game but he completed just 13 of 30 passes and threw two interceptions. He was also sacked five times, 4.5 sacks coming at the hands of Houston.

16 responses to “Michael Vick says he’s fine after late injury against Chiefs

  1. Vick isn’t the answer…I go with Matt b play for future…defense was solid not great…chiefs got really good d…I think Vicks days are numbered

  2. 5’10” 185 soaking wet…..it’s a miracle he’s still alive. O/U on his season? Maybe week 6?

    Pleeeease last til Nov 3rd in Oaktown so we can beat u like a junkyard dog….

  3. Vick may think he’s fine but doing his usual 1 TD to 2 INT and a fumble isn’t fine. Already hurting week 3. He’s still trying to make it through one complete season in the NFL. Looks like another year going to the dogs so to speak.

  4. I really thought convick said it all in the opening segment of Thursday Night Football when he welcomed viewers to my town “Philadelphia”. They deserve as much!

  5. Why the censorship about faking injuries to slow down an offense? 3 stories and not one post made it. It has been egregious across the league. Not reason for loss, 6 turnovers took care of that. But anytime there was momentum a Chief player pulled up lame.

  6. Vick pulls up lame after many negative plays–its his habit. He barely seemed to walk off the field ok—yet, 5 minutes later the game was over there was no noticeable limp when he was walking to see Andy Reid….weird…well, there is another name for things like that but–he exemplifies what it really means to be an Eagle if you ask me.

  7. Vick is always good and upbeat when things are new and fresh. When he was in Atlanta, he played good when he felt he had to prove something (when people would call him out for not being a pocket passer, he would show up big the next week). As soon as Vick feels content, we see what we saw last night. He was all up beat in Chip Kelly’s offense the first week, got beat week 2, and he reverted to his predictable self. He plays hard as long as you keep him hungry. Best thing Kelly can do is threaten his job everyweek and keep him playing for himself and his job (anyone who thinks he’s a greta team mate should just look at how he conducts himself on the sidelines, not what he says) . I am a life long Falcons fan, and this man screwed us pretty badly with his criminal activies, so I will always route for him to fail. Good thing no one beats you for poor performance.

  8. All of the Vick haters annoy me. He is an inspiration of how America allows people to have 2nd chances. He speaks at charity events and repayed all of his debts. He spent time in Jail. Rapist Roethlisberger was slapped on the wrist. He is as dynamic as ever this season. The defense let him down in week 2. Last night he was off but his recievers created little to no seperation. The Chiefs pass rush was fantastic. He had the longest run of his career and some nice passes. He would love to have the 2 picks back but they happen. Cannot wait to watch him play vs. Denver. He is still the most exciting dynamic player in the NFL…….

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