Okung likely headed for IR/designated for return


We already knew that Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung wasn’t playing this week because of a case of turf toe.

But his absence might be about seven weeks longer, though that’s the good news.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Okung is likely headed to the injured reserve/designated for return list, after getting what was described as “encouraging news” from foot and ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte.

While it’s better than being out for the season, it’s still a significant blow for an offense that was struggling a bit anyway.

The Seahawks have played defense such that they don’t need a lot of points (and against the Jaguars this week, single digits might be enough), but Okung is not the kind of player easily replaced.

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  1. Before every ill informed troll says Seattle will lose the rest of the season, know several things.
    We’re deep, and our backup tackle is a starter.
    We’ll get Okung back in November
    To get clemons, harvin, hill, irvin, okung, michael back by midseason, should be huge for us.

    Go hawks

  2. Actually no, your backup tackle isn’t a starter. Hence him being the backup until now. There is no positive way to spin Okung being out. At some point the Seattle O will need to play well. Not this week though.

  3. What other “good news” do you have? “The big asteroid headed for Earth may only destroy one continent”?

  4. anyonebutbrady says:

    I thought under the new rule you could only designate one player to return per year


    You’re correct, only one.

    Harvin and Clemons are on PUP. Okung is the first guy they are using the short-term IR on.

  5. chc4 says: Sep 20, 2013 3:34 PM

    Actually no, your backup tackle isn’t a starter. Hence him being the backup until now. There is no positive way to spin Okung being out. At some point the Seattle O will need to play well. Not this week though.


    Actually yes. Our backup LT is Paul McQuistan, who is our starting LG. He’ll slide out to the tackle spot and James Carpenter will step in at LG.

  6. To anyone that would argue that this is a “big deal”…

    Okung has glass legs and feet. Since drafting him Seattle has dealt with his injuries over and over. Seattle is actually used to him being unavailable for games. So, this is not as big a deal as everyone might think.

    Okung is great when healthy (and when he waits for the snap to move!). But Seattle can be just as effective without him as they are with him.

  7. You mean always hurt except last year when he played 17 games and made the pro bowl and was a first team all pro? Hey “kiss the rings” how many of those were achieved while you were alive?

  8. “pacificnw7722 says: Sep 20, 2013 3:34 PM

    7 weeks is the worst case, I bet he returns BEFORE that. Alvin ( Bruising) Bailey next man up!”

    nope. by going on short-term IR, he can only start practicing after 6 weeks (week 9), and can only return to the field after 8 weeks (by week 11).

  9. Hawks adjust EXTREMELY well to everything. I watched the protection very closely after Okung left the game Sunday night and, initially, Smith was able to take quick advantage of McQuistan for a couple of easy sacks.

    Then halftime and our usual stellar adjustments, and Wilson’s protection on his blind side held up quite well giving him plenty of time to find targets. And this against perhaps the 2nd-best defense in the NFL.

    Stop drooling, other teams. This is a minor inconvenience at worst. GO HAWKS!!

  10. If the defense keeps allowing five points per game, how much will this really matter?

    I’d much rather have him miss time now and have a shot to return healthy for the stretch run/playoffs than have him playing at less than one hundred percent while risking making it worse.

    Kind of evens up the matchup with the Texans a week from Sunday, as they just lost their LT for the season.

  11. 80sbroncofan says: Sep 20, 2013 4:11 PM

    It doesn’t matter. Seattle still sucks on the road. They barely beat the Panthers in week 1.

    Yes, by winning the first road game of the season, Seattle has definitely proven that. Nice observation. I bet that victory demoralized the Hawks for the rest of the season.

  12. To those calling Okung fragile. I wrote this 2 years ago after Trent Cole judo flipped him in frustration after being shut down on a dirty play after the whistle sending him to IR. The other two incidents were having offensive linemen (teammates) roll up on him causing high ankle sprains. Sure it sucks for Seattle but McQuistan has played LT for us before and rookie A. Bailey played majority of snaps in pre-season at LT and looked excellent. We have offensive line depth and I have no doubt Tom Cable will get that run game rolling and in turn help our pass protection.

  13. Hawks are a great team! Good luck to you guys and see u at the stick (for the last time). I wish we designed our new stadium like your, that noise is unreal!

  14. ^^^^^^^^ The clink is not just designed to keep noise in. It’s an open air stadium with covers over both sidelines. That’s not even close to a dome atmosphere or KC capacity.

    The structure does help, but if you are not yelling at a seahawks game the fans next to you will say something, don’t get me wrong their is a slight advantage but the shape but the fans are rabid. We truly believe that it’s our duty to one another and the team to make it uncomfortable for the opposing team.

    We’re loud and proud and designs wouldn’t change that. Unless other teams adopt that yelling attitude there stadium won’t be rockin.

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