Peterson “soul-searching” after slow (for him) start

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For many backs, being on pace for more than 1,500 yards is reason to celebrate.

But for Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, it’s cause for introspection.

According to Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Peterson said he needed to do some “soul-searching” after rushing for 100 yards last week against the Bears.

“I was worried about the things that I left out there on the field and how much better I could’ve performed,” Peterson said, triggering feelings of inadequacy in running backs everywhere.

While the numbers were there (his 38th 100-yard game), it wasn’t a vintage performance, or a start up to his own high standards. He fumbled against the Bears, and since his 78-yard run on the first touch of the season, he’s averaging 2.7 yards per attempt.

He described himself as “hesitant,” and said the prescription was to play a more physical style. That will be tougher than you might think this week, as the Browns on defense are as stingy as they are disorganized and inept on offense.

“We pride ourselves on being able to establish the run game,” Peterson said. “So it will be a good challenge for us. I’m excited for it. . . .

“Really trying to strike those guys instead of running away from color as much as I did. I will be changing that this week.”

That’s a frightening thought.

39 responses to “Peterson “soul-searching” after slow (for him) start

  1. I bet deep down inside, Peterson is jealous of Trent Richardson. Not Richardson’s skill set but the fact that Richardson got traded from a team without a single Superbowl history and going absolutely nowhere to a team that has a real Qb and a legit chance to make the playoffs.

    Peterson could rush for 2500 yards this year and the Vikings would still finish 8-8. Neither is likely to happen.

  2. This kid deserves a better offense around him. It is like all those years of watching Barry Sanders be amazing and the rest of the offense standing around to see what he was going to do next. Cutting bait on Ponder and bringing in a QB with a big arm to push the ball down field should be a priority for this team in the off season. Could you imagine Peterson seeing six or seven man boxes? He’d run for 3,000 yards.

  3. One problem is that the O-line hasn’t been as strong against the run this year — Felton’s suspension really seems to have hurt.

  4. That 2500 yard season is starting to look like it’s going to have to wait for another year. Too bad. Peterson’s a class act, and I’d like to see him reach that goal.

  5. “Really trying to strike those guys instead of running away from color as much as I did. I will be changing that this week.”


    What would happen if a white RB would have said this? lol

  6. AP will never say it, but he’s gotta be frustrated having such a terrible qb as Ponder. Teams are going all in to stop the run because there is no passing threat.

  7. It’s a fantasy football nightmare and I was cursed with first pick in the draft. I’m tempted to trade him for Knowshon Moreno.

  8. 3 touchdowns the first game, 100 yards the second game. I think AP should be flattered some of you idots are saying father time is catching up with him.

    Let’s give the season AT LEAST a few more games to grow be for we all start jumping to any conclusions.

  9. steelerben says:Sep 20, 2013 10:08 AM

    Cutting bait on Ponder and bringing in a QB with a big arm to push the ball down field should be a priority for this team in the off season. Could you imagine Peterson seeing six or seven man boxes? He’d run for 3,000 yards.

    He had a big-armed quarterback to push the ball downfield in 2009. His name was Brett Favre, who passed for 4,202 yards and 33 touchdowns. Peterson rushed for 1,383 yards and had a career-low 4.4 yards per carry. The defense is always going to scheme against Adrian regardless of who the quarterback is. His best chance of gaining a lot of yards is getting past the initial line of defense and breaking a long one without anyone left to get to him.

  10. Cleveland actually has a very good run defense.


    Thank You. I’m not saying they’ll shut him down, but they are for real & will be all over him.

    Of course our offense will have our D winded by midway through the third quarter. Again. Then Peterson will most likely be a happy camper . . .

  11. Of course I’m biased but, I think the Vikings are going to be looked at in a much different light in two weeks when they’re going to the bye with a 2-2 record. That is to say IF they go into the bye with a 2-2 record… Browns week has got me feeling optimistic! Skol! By the way, I feel terrible for Browns fans. They deserve a winning team for a change one of these years.

  12. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:Sep 20, 2013 9:53 AM

    After his first carry, Peterson has been terrible this year. I think the problem is more with the offensive line than with Adrian. Still, he’s 49 yards ahead of last year’s pace.


    Testament to what a stud this guy is! He’ll be back on top once Felton comes back next week!

  13. Peterson likes to say how in his mind he’s getting younger, but in the real world he is getting older. He peaked last year, all down ill from here. Doesn’t matter what he thinks his “high standards” are, ~100 yards per game is about what he can expect from here on out. Until that drops as well. Congratulations, Vikes, in about 1 year it will become official that you’ve wasted his career.

  14. Awwwwwww little codiablo sending me hate mail. My cervix is fine, thanks. As far as a piano and safe falling on me at the same time, I just want to say thanks for giving me more motivation. From now on I’ll post more frequently.

    You’re welcome.


  15. ad296 says: Sep 20, 2013 12:49 PM

    Green Bay Packer trolls are pathetic. Every time you post it validates everyones thoughts about you pathetic, cowardly lifes.


    Seriously? Have you ever scrolled through a Packer Article on this site, and seen the vile things your brethren spew on a daily basis.

    No, you Viking fans definitely have the firm footing of the high road. (Eye Roll)

  16. All you lavender Larrys toads should be embarrassed how you fawn all over Peterson like a bunch of 5th grade girls at a Justin Timberlake concert.

  17. The Vikings need to do the right thing and trade him, let him have a chance at a championship before the tread falls off the tires. It’s a sad thing for fans of great football and great talent everywhere to have to watch this kind of talent being wasted with this moribund franchise. Get yourselves and extra first rounder that you can use to either reach for a quarterback with below average ability or package up to get the next T. Williamson/C. Patterson track star “receiver” with no actual receiving skills.

  18. Man, mucho idiots posting here. AD loves the Vikings. Wasting a career? Do you geniuses know that only ONE team a season gets the prize? Plenty of great players never get a title. He had a chance with Favre, but AD himself fumbled it away…real talk

  19. Viking haters hate. All they know. Hate all of you sob’s back! That out of the way, it’s time for Adrian Peterson to dial down all of the personal over the top goal setting and get in tune with the rest of the team. Tired of reading, listening to all of it! There’s 11 on offense the last I looked. Sync up, shut up and play! Every one ya!!!!


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