Ray Rice doubtful for Sunday’s matchup with Texans


If Ed Reed does suit up for the Texans on Sunday in Baltimore, there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll be trying to tackle Bernard Pierce instead of Ray Rice.

Rice has been listed as doubtful for the Week Three matchup between the teams because of the hip injury that has kept him out of practice all week. Listing a player as doubtful means that the team believes there is a 25 percent chance that he’ll be able to play in that week’s game, although Ravens coach John Harbaugh gave a different indication when discussing the status of Rice and defensive tackle Chris Canty.

“There’s really nothing new to report,” Harbaugh said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “If I had something different with a guy, I’d share it with you, but they are all working hard to get back. They are all kind of in the same neighborhood as far as getting back, particularly the Cantys and Ray Rice and those guys who were injured last week. It will get a game-time decision for those guys and we’ll keep our fingers crossed although we’re prepared for it to go either way.”

Canty missed practice all week with a groin injury and is listed as doubtful. Linebacker Arthur Brown is in the same boat as a result of a chest injury.

30 responses to “Ray Rice doubtful for Sunday’s matchup with Texans

  1. If Ed Reed does suit up, he’ll be trying to tackle Bernard Pierce instead of Ray Rice.
    surely you jest.

  2. Do us a favor and kick the crap out of the ratbirds. As a Patriot fan, I think the Ravens will be harder to knock off than most people think.

  3. Shaun Draughn is the Ravens third string halfback. They carry two fullbacks on the roster but the rookie fb Juszczyk (sp?) is more of a flex guy.

    Regardless of whether or not Reed suits up Sunday he will not be trying to tackle anyone. He gave that up two or three seasons ago. And that’s not a knock on Reed because he doesnt play for the Ravens anymore. One of if not the greatest free safety to ever play and I hated seeing him go but the man doesn’t tackle anymore.

  4. joemammy says: Sep 20, 2013 4:02 PM

    Ratbirds…still in the race for the AFC North basement.

    Stealers got that locked up, FOR SURE!! They’ll be LUCKY to finish 6-10! Maybe 5-11!!

    Tomlin is HORRIBLE!!

  5. As Deion Sanders described it…. Tackling is a business decision these days for Reed.

    He is still a ball hawk with extremely good instincts, but yeah, he’s not tackling anyone.

    Best case scenario for Reed on the field is he baits qbs into bad throws and breaks a few up and takes a few for himself…. maybe one or two to the house.

  6. I’m pretty sure that Joe Flacco faced Ed Reed every practice for about 5 years. Not sure how much “baiting” will be going on?

    In case you forgot, Ravens are the champs!

  7. Marlon Brown revenge game, Pierce seizes the spotlight. Torrey Smith at least 2TDs in week 3 two years in a row…Ray Lewis Ring of Honor ceremony

    Ravens Roll

  8. wearethechampsandyourenot says:
    Sep 20, 2013 3:41 PM
    and we’ll still win

    see you at the stadium sunday



    This d-bag got what he deserved for bragging about Weeden going out and wanting his team to hurt qbs. Ravens lose by 13 and dont even make the playoffs this year, Karma my friend, Karma!

  9. SAV says:
    Sep 20, 2013 4:42 PM
    Marlon Brown revenge game, Pierce seizes the spotlight. Torrey Smith at least 2TDs in week 3 two years in a row…Ray Lewis Ring of Honor ceremony

    Ravens Roll


  10. For the Steeler trolls…

    Me: Knock, knock.
    Steeler Trolls: Who’s there?
    Me: Owen.
    Steeler Trolls: Owen who?
    Me: Owen Two (0 -2)

    Unfortunately, after the Steelers lose to the Bears, the joke cannot be modified for 0-3.

  11. ravenschick says: Sep 20, 2013 5:12 PM

    For the Steeler trolls…

    No, the funny thing is that should the Steelers win, you won’t come back here to admit how wrong you were. That is 100 percent certain! 😉

  12. Why are there steeler fans on here loling? Look at your lousy team. Even if the ravens do lose this weekend they are still one up on your team. You still talk while your team sucks, now that is worthy of a lol.

  13. crownofthehelmet
    September 20, 2013, 4:54 PM EDT
    We all know the Ravens try to imitate everything Steelers, but this is carrying it too far.
    As a Steelers fan this is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

  14. Wearetheravens …please shut up, I’m a die hard ravens fan but u r really annoying along with those steelers trolls. Should be a good game, Houston is always a tough opponent but this will be Pierce’s coming out party. I just hope Chris canty plays, dude is a stud

  15. It’s great to watch the ratbirds slowly implode……..their offense can’t score, and that over paid average Fluncko, looks awkward out there. No more lob and heave since their offensive weapon left. The offense will sputter and finish in the bottom of the league, while their defense is average at best. I bet one Denver QB would like to play them every week. Doom and Suggly are over-hyped. When Flunckos salary cap numbers kick in and they have to clean house again, I bet you see the GREAT OZ fired…lol

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