Willis McGahee will play on Sunday

Getty Images

Running back Willis McGahee’s 2012 season ended because of a knee injury and he saw very little action with the Broncos in the spring before getting released.

As a result, McGahee didn’t go to training camp and remained out of work until Thursday, when he signed with the Browns to give them some options in the backfield with Trent Richardson now in Indianapolis. Any worries about rust that might have accumulated during McGahee’s long stay on the shelf are running secondary to the need for those options.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that McGahee will be in the lineup when the Browns face the Vikings on Sunday in a meeting of 0-2 teams. McGahee obviously won’t have much time to get familiar with the Browns playbook between now and then, but Schefter reports the system’s similar enough to the one McGahee played in with the Ravens that the team is going to put him out there.

Chris Ogbonnaya and Bobby Rainey are the other backs currently on the roster, something that likely influenced Cleveland’s decision to run McGahee out there almost before the ink is dry on his contract with the team.