Colts’ coordinator: It’s “shocking” we could get Trent Richardson


Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton finds it shocking that the Browns were willing to trade Trent Richardson, and Hamilton believes his offense is going to benefit from that shocking decision.

“It was shocking that we would have a chance to acquire such a commodity,” Hamilton said. “I think it’s just awesome. It’s an awesome deal for the Colts and the Colts fans to have an opportunity to have such a special young player on the roster now.”

Hamilton said he sees Richardson as a three-down back who can do everything a running back is asked to do in the Colts’ offense.

“I almost stayed up overnight watching his season from last year, just watched his snaps of Trent in a Browns uniform,” Hamilton said. “But I went back and watched some of his college film as well just to get a feel for what he’s comfortable doing. There’s no can’t-dos with this guy. He’s a great combination of power and speed. He has good field vision. He can play without the ball. He can catch the ball as well. I’m excited for our entire football team and the organization to be a part of a unit that has a chance to be special.”

Hamilton sounds like he’s ready to call for a whole lot of handoffs to Richardson, starting on Sunday in San Francisco.

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  1. Haha this is cracking me up, he’s not even all that good. Browns have McGahee and a first round pick, they are the true winners in this. I just hope they dont blow it on a QB, but they probably will

  2. You would think the Colts traded for Peterson or Walter Payton with for the pick based on the amount and tone of the articles.

    I think people are hung up on the #3 former pick part of the deal. The question should be is whether Richardson is actually an elite talent. If he isn’t than the trade is fine. If you think he has the ability to be a top 3-5 RB then likely not a good trade. I think its too early to tell either way.

    My other thought is i have read often, but he is the best Cleveland offensive player. That is meaningless, the question is again how good is he? Would he even be top 3 offensively on GB, SF, Seattle, Denver, or a number of other teams?

    This is the crux of the trade. Is Richardson actually worth more than a mid #1 in the 2014 draft. Not where he was drafted, not if he was the best offensive player on Cleveland, whether he is better than what we’ll likely see in the second half of the 2014 round 1. That i am not so sure.

  3. Browns fans: Philly fan here. I’ll tell you what’s going on.

    The Eagles of the 2000s were built on the structuring idea of asset allocation as a way to build a winner. Banner looks like he’s following the same book here.

    There are certain positions you sink greater asset into. Some positions, you can sink lesser asset into yet you get the same top performance. The Browns per this theory have it backwards. What Banner is trying to do is put the team in a position to acquire a top 5 talent QB. However at the RB position, you don’t need top 5 talent; you can sink lesser asset and still get top performance.

    The Eagles had top 5 talent in Mcnabb at QB they invested the 2nd overall pick with. They invested lesser asset, a 3rd rounder in Westbrook and later a 2nd in McCoy. Both of of those RB were acquired through lesser asset but were/are still top talent. In other words, to be a top team, you don’t need a top 5 RB, but you maximize your chances though by getting a top 5 QB (yes there are exceptions) but that’s the theory.

    So he’s letting go of the RB, and coupling that value he got back with the next given 1st rd pick, will try to acquire a top 5 QB. Then, with lesser asset, he will acquire a comparable or even better RB.

    What he’s doing in simple terms is rearranging the furniture to maximize your talent acqisitions to put you guys in a position to build now to get good, the best we he knows how, and sustain that. Or think of it this way; will you have a better team with Weeden (or whoever) with Richardson, or, will you ultimately be better off with one of the next top 5 QBs, and a 2nd or 3rd round talent who will produce the same if not more than Richardson.

    It actually has nothing to do with Trent Richardson himself the ballplayer. It’s asset allocation to distribute the most talent the best way throughout the team wholistically beginning with QB nd RB.

  4. I can’t believe the Colts trade their #1 for an injury prone back w/a 3.5 ypc average who is not a break away threat. All of the sudden he’s gonna be lights out? The Colts O-line is almost as bad as the Browns and they’ve got a playoff team schedule. Browns will have 2 picks in the top 15 come draft day.

  5. With Lombardturd wheeling and dealing and Joe Bummer -the dream team architect- running the circus, he could probably get Thomas for a fifth rounder!

  6. Browns fans want to downplay Trent like he wasn’t all that in Cleveland. Yet his jersey sales were through the roof. As a ravens fan believe me when I say I am shocked they got rid of an elite talent. You don’t trade your best player so that you can gain a draft pick to use as trade bait for 1 other player. Richardson I’m a good offensive system will be a force and he’s already one of the toughest to bring down. Remember marshawn lynch in buffalo when everyone thought he was a wash up….now look at the guy.

  7. I’m not writing Richardson off, but RBs who average only 3.5 yards a carry aren’t all that difficult to come by, especially if a team is offering a first round pick

  8. the big difference is he wont have the pressure of being the best player on the team now that hes a colt, alot of pressure is off of him, and brown fans didnt u guys trade almost yr whole draft to get him? and all we gave up is a middle to late 1st, so the browns still lose, but i welcome Trich to indy and wish him well here

  9. What the people who are bashing Trent need to consider is now he has other talent around him, unlike with the browns where he had scrubs, the colts offense will be potent.

  10. @dkrause if you care to elaborate who is the Browns best offensive weapon if you care to add….duh everyone knows he is not AP or Walter Peyton but when AP and Walter Payton came I don’t think they were instant Hall of Famers either, they had to play the game…,the kid almost rushed for a 1000 behind a struggling line for a struggling team….if you have no threat of receivers, or QB who wouldn’t stack the box….then people say well AP see that all AP also had Percy Harvin, to scheme in with runs and short routes now W/ Greg Jennings, and Patterson it should be no excuse for him to get off, well except for Ponder dude has to play better….however give the kid time to grow Luck and Richardson are in the early portions of their careers….the expectations of being an instant success is ridiculous you would swear Richardson was a 5th year under achiever….he is only 23 watch that tandum work…..

  11. dkrause71…u hit the nail on the head. He hasn’t proven to be a #3 pick yet…Thus far, he hasn’t proven he is a 1st rd pick at all. But as I always say, you can’t judge a player’s talent by his performance on the Browns. And I am not at all trying to insult the Browns team, its just that they have been dysfunctional the past decade or so. We’ll see….

  12. Someone please answer this. Did cleveland get stuck with Richardson as the third pick in last year’s draft? I’ve heard the theory that they moved up to the third spot feeling comfertable that RG3 would fall to them only to have Washington leapfrog them.

  13. The Eagles drafted good backs like McCoy and Westbrook in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of their respective drafts. Banner doesn’t believe running backs are worth first round picks.

  14. The timing is what can’t be defended by Cleveland or Cleveland fans… This should have been done during either this past, or next years off season. They really did the fans wrong.

    You want a franchise qb? Great…everybody does… But you not only have a clue if a franchise qb is going to be available at your pick, or if one enters the draft at this point…

    Teddy Bridgewater might stay in school… Or Jacksonville might pick ahead of you…

    Richardson would have had the same value after this season at his age as in week two… It was a stupidly timed trade.

  15. So many lame ESPN stat gurus in here “3.5 YPC” yada yada…you fail to look at system, scheme, and the entire big picture. Dude is going to flourish in this offense.

    -Saints fan

  16. Guys obsessing on his rookie year YPC, that doesn’t necessarily define a backs career. Payton averaged 3.7 YPC and Emmitt Smith averaged 3.9 as rookies. Richardson is elite talent or he wouldn’t have been a top 3 pick just a year ago. Browns gave up too soon because they want to build with “their players.” Not the previous regimes.

  17. He has poor field vision. That’s why his yard per carry is only 3.5. Runs into the backs of his blockers.

    Good player but too much hype for an average team moving forward.

  18. Regardless of the image Joe Banner attempts to sell to the media, HE HAS NEVER, EVER been in charge of the football side of ANY football franchise.

    In a recent interview with Banner, he made a comment that went something like this…

    …look at what I did in Philly, attempting to take credit for the Eagles successes… four straight NFC Championship Games from 2001 to 2004, and to Super Bowl XXXIX.

    Problem is, Joe Banner was the Eagles “bean counter”, in charge of the salary cap and contract negotiations…and never, ever, in charge of the football side of the Eagles.

    For the most part, the media refuses to set the record straight or challenge Banner’s credentials or his claims of building the Eagles into a winning franchise…shame on the media for not doing their job.

    Truth is, the Colts have good reason to be happy with the trade as it made their team better at the expense of the Browns. The Colts seasoned management team took full advantage of the Browns rookie management team, which made a crazy, knee jerk move, trading Richardson for “an unknown” first round pick. The Browns pick could be the last pick in the first round.

    Joe Banner proves, you don’t have to have any management experience or football intelligence to make bad deals in the NFL and there will always be a team just waiting to take advantage of inept (Browns) management.

    Just how bad was this trade for the Browns?…the Colts owner Irsay and his management team and HC are all smiles when talking of the T Rich trade…

    …the Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam is in hiding, refusing to talk to the media.

    Irsay and his management team took advantage of the Browns rookie owner and the Browns ROOKIE CEO, in charge of all football operations, Joe Banner.

    As a life long Browns fan (over 50 yrs)…I’m left to wonder, when does “this” nightmare stop?

  19. Maybe we could have gotten 2 1’s from the colts for hardesty, after all he averaged 4 yards a carry with the same line.

  20. if he is so good, why did cleve give him up ? he doesn’t have off the field issues. seems he is injured a lot and isn’t an explosive runner at the nfl level. cleve probably concluded he was a bust and jettisoned him while they could. indy is hoping he realizes his potential. also maybe he couldn’t take the pressure of being the guy in a football crazy city like cleve. in indy, luck is the guy, so less pressure on richardson. overall i kinda think cleve dumped a guy who they concluded was a bust. let’s see if he is any good in indy. more and more, it seems the top guys from the top college programs — usc, bama, etc — are overrated.

  21. @cakes. Richardon same value next year? Really? When he gets hurt again and averaged another 3.5? Don’t think do, his value will only diminish.

  22. The Browns are going to attempt one of two things:

    1. Trade their 1st round Colts pick for Kirk Cousins. He is quite possibly a legit NFL QB but sitting there behind RG3 he is going to be a career backup.

    2. Trade both 1st round picks — or some sort of big package, for the Number 1 pick (if they don’t already have it due to their ineptitude)….and take whomever they think is the best QB in the draft.

  23. He did have ONE off the field issue. He had some hood-rats over to his house for a party…they wouldn’t leave….he started yelling and punching their car….charges were pressed….cash settlement out of court….

  24. Basically the browns traded a guy that
    -didn’t know the 3rd down plays
    -didn’t get along with people in the locker room
    -flat out didn’t help them win games
    And for the guy that thinks that jersey sales matter, there are few other choices on that roster. You have him and a QB that’s older than some assistant coaches

  25. 950 yards and a Browns rookie record 11 TDs!! I just can’t understand how you justify this! You would still be bad with Trent and you would be able to get a top QB in the draft. Now you have a potential franchise QB and RB!! So next year you put a rookie QB out on the field with no weapons….yeah that should go well

  26. Why is it shocking? The Browns are only doing what the Colts did the season before last. Losing deliberately to improve draft position.

  27. If you love 3 yards and a cloud of dust he is your man. Trent will be ok, but to think he is going to be an upper level RB like Rice,Peterson, etc is crazy, he does not have the speed or explosiveness through the hole. Whats crazy is Pep is that you gave up a 1st round pick for a RB which can be found anywhere in the draft. The browns did a good job recovering a 1st round pick they should have never used on a RB to begin with. The Colts should have signed Mcghee and kept the 1st round pick, Ohh and by the way there run blocking stinks as bad as the Browns. Teams do not fear Richardson because he does not have the speed to make the big play hence his 2 runs of 20 yards or more since he’s been in the Nfl. The plus is he does have Luck, Luck should make Richardson better since the Browns have no QB. Good luck Indy I though it was a little desperate move and a good move by the Browns to get a 1st round pick, but as for the Browns if they screw the pick up, like with past picks, it will be another wasted move by the Browns.

  28. The Browns won’t need to trade up to get a top 5 quarterback because them and Jacksonville will be battleing right down to the end for the first draft pick in this years draft.

  29. Couple of points to keep in mind:

    The Colts get Richardson with excellent salary cap and financial implications. For one, they don’t have to pay him any of the $13m in bonuses he’s already received. That’s not chump change.

    His cap numbers are also very palatable ($1m for the rest of this season, $6m over the next two). And if they cut him at any time, that incurs no dead money, then or in the future.

    You figure that in three years, he might be spent or a younger, cheaper, more talented back falls to them anyway. RBs are interchangable nowadays; so the idea that they might be fine cutting him in three years isn’t at all impossible.

    So is a somewhat-fragile RB with one year’s mileage on him worth a low 1st round pick that comes with no signing bonus and excellent cap numbers? We’ll have to see, since you really can’t be wasting first-day draft picks. I bet it’s close to a wash in the long run. But in the short-run, it’s probably a big benefit for the Colts… **if** Richardson stays healthy.

  30. Bottom line, does this move make Indy the odds on Favorites in the AFC south?

    I say Houston still holds that title, but odds are you wouldn’t get a talent at RB like that outside of the top ten come draft day.

    So makes sense for the colts and realistically the browns know Weeden isn’t the future but with a strong QB class they didn’t want to miss out on the guy who potentially is.

  31. @johnnyoclock:

    That’s all fine and dandy that worked out for the Eagles in 2000, but the problem is no draft is the same, and not all draft picks are guaranteed to be good players that stay out of trouble. For instance, in that 2011 draft, the Bengals went WR first, QB second. Even though WR is the less important position, they ended up with AJ Green and Andy Dalton. If they would have reversed strategy, they would have taken the next best QB at 4 (Locker), and the next WR off the board after Dalton (Titus).

    So would you rather have AJ Green and Dalton, or Jake Locker and Titus Young? You can’t pidgeonhole draft strategy and say “we want this position here and that one there.” This is the reason you don’t trade away good, loyal pieces that stay out of trouble in the NFL because

    1. it hurts the moral and trust in the FO of the other players. It’s not like Richardson was causing problems, there was no justification for this move.

  32. It’s not that shocking, since he is not that good. And even if he was, no RB should ever go third overall in this version of the NFL. They’re replaceable players. Look at all the great running backs of recent years (Peterson, Johnson, Foster, Charles) and count up their rings. Then look at the great QBs of recent years (Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers) and count up theirs.

  33. As a Browns fan I dislike this move bit can see the merit behind it. Rivardson had a crappy right side of the oline here in Cleveland, the side many rushing attempts go to. Schwartz is still young and Oneil Cousins flat out sucks. That would explain Richardson’s 3.5 ypc.. at least in part.

    Now, having that second 1 st rounder opens up a number of possibilities. Could use both to trade up to get a franchise qb, could take a qb and another player to fit the scheme. Could trade the second 1st, trading down for other assets. Where that pick will be can be coveted by others so there’s the chance to fill other holes, take it.

    Queston : what is Banner & co. gonna do if the offense actually plays better and we win some? 2 middle or late 1st rounders won’t get high enough for a Bridgewater.

  34. The YPC argument against Richardson is generally made by dimwits who don’t watch film….the guy generally made two guys miss and had to break a tackle just to get to the line of scrimmage in Cleveland…

  35. I know, it is “shocking.”

    Just when you don’t think that the Factory of Sadness can put its fans through anymore misery, they still find a way. So glad I’m not a Browns fan.

  36. the guy is injury prone? I guess that is why he played the whole year with bruised ribs right? he will auto matically average at least 4 yards a carry with the colts or Luck will have a bunch of 500 yard passing games if teams try and load up to stop richardson. will it happen right away? probably not but give him a few weeks to get the system down the watch out. but until then 3.5 yards a carry will be just fine for the colts. keep telling yourself the browns will find a better back in the later rounds if you want to but this is a lousy trade for the browns.

  37. The way Irsay, Pagano, and “Pep” are crowing, you would think they secured the second coming of Walter Payton. Sound like a bunch of school girls squealing over the new cute boy at school. Sad. Management should know its better to underpromise and over deliver.

  38. The Colts gave up what will likely be a mid-1st round pick for a RB that is averaging 63 yards per game, 3.5 ypc, and, if you take the time to watch coaches tape, has difficulty finding the running lanes opened for him by his blockers.

    The Colts “win” this trade if Richardson is a difference maker and a key player in a deep playoff run (AFC championship or Super Bowl) in the next two seasons. If he’s not, then they lose this trade regardless of what Cleveland does with that extra 1st round pick, as Trent Richardson would only have provided the value of an average RB. 1st round picks are just too valuable to give up for an average RB.

  39. u guys do know Trich is one of the top RB’s in the league to break tackles and make players miss him, and he comes as a bargain, hes a starting RB making less than 2-4 million a year his whole contract, look what the titans gave shonn green to be a backup, how much stewart and d.williams are making in carolina, and 1st round picks are a 50%crapshoot to be sucessful in the nfl, for every Luck and AP theres a akili smith and kijian carter (sp)and curtis enis.

  40. This kid played RB with damaged and broken ribs and still ran for 950 and 11 TDs. To say he’s a bust is wrong. Waiting to see how Browns screw up next years draft. RGknee is thanking the football gods he didn’t go there, but now his team isn’t much better. I think TR will break out this year because he’s not the star of the team. How many RBs play with broken ribs and STILL get 3.5ypc? Stats aren’t all that make a player. Also glad he got away from Jim Brown.

  41. for all those who say he is not explosive and doesn’t have speed how can you show explosion when you are hit time you touch the ball….check his Bama film against LSU both games….plus he can catch out the backfield….name one DB that’s going Head Up or in today’s NFL Shoulder to Shoulder wit Trent not many will try and the ones who do try, many won’t succeed by himself…..

  42. cakesw wrote:

    “The YPC argument against Richardson is generally made by dimwits who don’t watch film….the guy generally made two guys miss and had to break a tackle just to get to the line of scrimmage in Cleveland…”

    I’ve watched a great deal of Richardson’s film, and he does break tackles – often in the backfield, because he has difficulty finding the running lanes created for him by his blockers. This happened multiple times in just the first 2 games of the 2013 season.

    Where he’s not breaking tackles is where it matters – in the 2nd level – which is why he has so few attempts of +20 yards (he’s been one of the worst in the NFL in this stat over his first 17 games). That’s not a mark of an elite running back. It’s not even average.

  43. I think this is a good trade for both team.

    For the Browns, they now have two first round picks in a deep draft class. They also are terrible enough that either #1 or #2 overall should be in play.

    For the Colts, look at the following list of players:


    All of those players are in the second year. The Colts are already ‘all in’ on Luck. A bruising RB that keeps the safeties looking in the backfield will help keep him successful.

    Besides… something Trent doesn’t get a lot of credit for is that as a RB his age, he is a pretty good blocker.

    I wouldn’t be too worried on the 3.5 ypc either. It’s not like there was any reason for an opposing defense to fear the Browns passing game and their offensive line (looking at you Joe Thomas) are much better passblockers than runblockers. Show me any RB who would have averaged > 4.0 ypc on that team.

  44. ok, t-rich has potential, but to call him one of the best backs in the league? cmon guys. so far he has not proven this. you can’t just go off his college career or hype, if we did, mark ingram would still be loved in NO

  45. Tough ,young 3 down back who played hurt,with an overwhelmed rookie QB and poor blocking O-line ,both scheme and execution wise, and and who was essentially the only threat on the field for his team. That,folks,is not a bust….sorry the basement dweller Fantasy narrative is the devalued RB…but ask O.Luck what the absence of a running game,and most of all ,the absence of a RB who can protect you,and indeed even put a hurting on a rushing LB or DL does to your passing numbers and your pain threshold………

  46. Perhaps the Browns do have a method to their madness. However Banner and Lombardi better hit on those two draft picks or they will be fired. Richardson was a good choice when picked by Cleveland in 2012 but the o-line had issues then. Cousins is a back up. Schwartz is getting beaten by bull rushers and Alex Mack is a free agent after this year. In fairness the Browns have a decent defense. But the key to their offense has to be the offensive line. Weeden isn’t the answer but that line makes him look like he belongs in high school. It starts up front-if youi don’t believe me look at Pittsburgh. Their line without Pouncey is even worse.

  47. 4512dawg4512 says:
    Sep 21, 2013 7:06 AM
    Haha this is cracking me up, he’s not even all that good.
    You are cracking me up, Dawg. Browns fans think all of their guys are the greatest, and after a year they are garbage. I’ve heard the same thing said about Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy, Derek Anderson, Greg Little… And it will be the same for the next guy.

  48. RE:John A. Good points about the cap space and you are right on that point, however, to speculate that it will be a low first round pick is premature. For starters, the Colts schedule was one of softest in the league last year and they had to pull a few rabbits out of their hats to do as well as they did. Their schedule this year is a lot more difficult and too simply think they will replicate that record from last year is optimistic especially with a suspect offensive line. Low first round probably not try more like middle to upper end.

  49. @bumbleb572: that’s what I said: low, as in low in the draft (end of the first round), not high in the draft (early in the first round).

    You (not me) are confusing what ‘low’ and ‘high’ means in the draft.

  50. Sith Lords only operate in pairs. Banner and Lombardi, who is the master, who is the apprentice, why does Banner more resemble Yoda?

    Anyway, it’s almost unprecedented to tank the last 87% of your season. They will not get the player they want and it will all blow up in their faces. Talk about trying to be too smart for their own good.

  51. It’s the Browns way and the new GM. Never a winner before trolling the NFL site as an analyst. Browns have always had top picks in the draft. They picked high because of their poor record for the last decade I hope they don’t squander these 14 picks. Browns fans deserve better.

  52. its not often a team gets good compensation for a bad pick. in this case the browns win because you can certainly make a better pick than richardson with a mid 1st round pick and the colts lose because the gm just wanted to make the headlines for the week.

  53. sjoyner59 says:
    Sep 21, 2013 6:49 AM

    you gotta to give it to Joe Banner what a move for Cleveland,giving up a no 3 talent over all for a middle to late round pick wtf?
    Something tells me that there is more behind the story for this move. Either the Browns felt Richardson is just an average back(His numbers are very average)and the team wasn’t getting enough out of him or somebody in that front office has something very personal against the running back. So far TR hasn’t even come close to being the guy he was supposed to be, the hype over him was huge. The Browns jumped at the pick too soon and I think they now realize it. They got their first round pick back, but its not going to be #3 that’s for sure.

  54. It’s shocking that buffoon Mike Lombardi can get an high executive job with a NFL franchise. Do they even look at resume’ in the NFL? His track record is full of epic failures.

  55. hehateme2 says:Sep 21, 2013 8:15 AM

    He has poor field vision. That’s why his yard per carry is only 3.5. Runs into the backs of his blockers.

    Since you troll on the Jets blogs daily with the exact words, I have to believe this reply comes from your “buttfumble software.”

    It jumped the shark, have some cookies and milk.

  56. Colts fans are in denial about Richardson and what Browns fans are trying to tell them, like Bills fans were when they got Mario. Remember Mario? The guy who finally had a big game last week, after being unimpressive for an entire season?

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