Duane Brown out for Texans at Baltimore

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The Houston Texans will go to Baltimore without their starting left tackle.

Duane Brown was listed as questionable on the injury report with a toe injury, and the Texans initially said he’d be a game-time decision. Instead, they decided today that Brown isn’t healthy enough to go. Brown will stay home and is not on the flight to Baltimore.

A first-team All-Pro last season, Brown will be missed by the Texans. Ryan Harris will take Brown’s place at left tackle, which is a significant drop-off. Look for Terrell Suggs to be in Matt Schaub’s face all day.

13 responses to “Duane Brown out for Texans at Baltimore

  1. wearethesteelers:
    Who’s this “we”? Is your name Rooney? Unless you work for, play for or own the team, your “we” is pathetic. Have you considered counselling? When your identity is with a business that happens to be based in your town, you have a serious problem. When this manifests itself on harassing the teams competitors, in the absence of any new or interesting input, it is desperate. Get a life!

  2. dcapettini, many, many people use “we” when referring to their favorite team. Probably from a sense of team pride. In my opinion, the person who gets so angry at a stranger when they use “we” is the one who needs counseling.

  3. Brown has been poor so far this year. Texans are 2-0.

    Texans will just roll more protection that way. Don’t think it’ll make a huge difference to the result.

  4. I say we.

    I buy tickets, TV packages, and jerseys along with other stuff.
    I followed my team longer than most of the players. I feel like I am a part of it.

    I don’t use it to make it seem like I am better than other people, like so fan bases do, though.

  5. “This just means the final score will be 38-6 instead of 41-6.
    Ravens impode! Season over!”

    Refreshing to finally see a Steelers’ fan who admits that a 1-2 record means the season is over. Imagine what an 0-2 season means. YIKES!

  6. Just goes to show the rivalry lives on. When a Steelers fan comes to the page of a story that has nothing to do with his team solely to say something negative about his rival that shows that in the hearts of the Steelers fans that recognizing their team sucks means nothing but insulting the defending super bowl winners is what’s important. What’s really important is that Schaub can’t throw on his butt and he doesn’t have the offensive line that Manning has so its going to be a long day for Matt.

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