Fanaika not fined for diving at Suh’s knee


Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game between the Lions and Cardinals, Arizona guard Paul Fanaika can be seen diving at the knees of Detroit defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

The move comes as Cardinals running back Rashard Mendenhall is being tackled several feet away, with Suh in the permissible zone for cut blocks.

Still, the low block looked dirty and unnecessary, in the know-it-when-you-see-it sense. But not to the league. Fanaika wasn’t fined for the maneuver, the league office has informed PFT.

Earlier in the game, Fanaika made a clumsy dive at Suh’s legs from behind, badly missing the mark. It seems that, a week after Suh hit Vikings center John Sullivan low during an interception return, Suh became a target for some of his own medicine.

It’s a pill that, for now, the NFL apparently won’t be protecting him against.

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  1. The league is a joke. Someone could stab Suh in the chest and Suh would get charged for leading with his chest and taunting for gesturing for someone to call 911.

  2. What does this violent criminal SUH have to do to get kicked out of the league? Stomp on Roger Gooddell’s head?

  3. He took two shots at Suh’s knees, you say?

    I’m ok with that.

    What’s good for the goose, etc. Suh is one of the dirtiest players in recent NFL history, and what goes around , comes around. Besides, these hits were legal, most of Suh’s are not.

  4. Typical hypocrisy by the NFL. Sullivan was chasing the ballcarrier when Suh blocked him. Suh was’nt. What this hack from the Cardinals did was far worse. Same thing for Clay Mathews hitting Kaepernick out out of bounds with a very cheap shot. No fine there either.

  5. hey if sees nothing wrong when he does it why would it be a problem for somebody to try and do it to him? and one of these times he is not going to be so lucky and when that happens he and the lions better not say a word.

  6. Ha! Suh gets hit like that 10-15 times a game, so it’s medicine that goes down without crying.

    Suh was asked about the hit and rather than whine like a an offensive lineman, he shrugged it off and said that the low hits are like gnats. You keep swatting even though you know they are coming back.

    For three years guys have been going after his knees, dragging him down, tackling him, and refs rarely call these penalties, so it’s no surprise the NFL won’t fine an offensive lineman for a hit on Suh.

    Suh is the most unprotected, and most scrutinized player in the league. Calling an obvious hold during a game would go a long way in keeping it look like it’s the NFL against Suh every week.

  7. It is expected that Lion’s fans will look at everything Suh through rose colored glasses. Suh’s fellow NFL players are the ones who have to deal with his dirty tactics and I for one am glad to see them take justice into their own hands. The rest of us fans knew it was only a matter of time before Lion’s fans would whine about someone doing to Suh what he does on a regular basis. It won’t be long before Suh will get injured and then we will get to listen to him whine about dirty hits. Can’t wait !!!!!

  8. I love the logic that Suh is dirty so it is ok for every one else to be dirty. I guess they missed the elementary school lesson of 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  9. suh is the most unprotected player in the game? LOL

    its HILARIOUS seeing so many come to his defense. this guy IS DIRTY. to a point where he puts other people at risk. you may be OK with him taking out the legs of OL on plays they couldn’t make with a motorized scooter, but I sure as heck am not.

    he is dirty, he frankly, is not any less protected than anyone else, and he has earned EVERY bit of the negativity that surrounds him

  10. You jealous, hateful people are really funny.
    You guys go ahead and keep acting like punks and Suh will go ahead and keep being one of the best D lineman in the league.
    How does that sound to you?

  11. I could care less about Suh. The problem I have with this is the mixed messages sent to the players. The truth is none of them know what is legal any more because the line changes in each example.

    I don’t like the rule changes, but if we’re stuck with them they should enforce them consistently. Right now the refs get to use them to decide who wins games on a whim.

  12. When you declare your space and position as the Biggest Baddest Bad Guy in the NFL, of course the NFL is not going to protect you from your own medicine.

    Only mentally impaired Lions fans will complain when their version of Bad LeRoy Brown gets his own medicine given back to him by others. These are the same Lions fans who think Detroit city is just fine and the crime, corruption, and false promises (anyone remember those by the prez?) by their past and present “leaders” has turned their once wonderful city to being its present oasis as the urban envy all?

    A dirty player is a dirty player and deserves no protection. A dead city is a dead city with huge debt where the monies have been stolen or wasted on unnecessary and substandard projects.

  13. arrowmint says:
    Sep 21, 2013 6:54 AM
    What does this violent criminal SUH have to do to get kicked out of the league? Stomp on Roger Gooddell’s head?

    “Violent criminal”? If idiocy was a crime, you’d be a repeat offender.

  14. ajlafrance says:
    When you look at the footage, that crap is more blatant than anything Suh’s ever done.

    Only thing that could be better is success. Almost makes me want to watch a Lions game, but pro wresting has a more class.

  15. arrowmint says:
    Sep 21, 2013 6:54 AM
    What does this violent criminal SUH have to do to get kicked out of the league?


    Violent criminal?! You truly need to follow a less violent sport!

  16. What the hell man!! This football!! Why do you think that they wear pads & helmets?? Get a life!!
    Does hockey ring a bell?? HELLOOOOOOO!!!

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