Mike McCoy sees Philip Rivers leading the Chargers for many years


Chargers coach Mike McCoy says Philip Rivers isn’t just the starting quarterback this year. McCoy sees Rivers as the Chargers’ starting quarterback for many years.

“Without a doubt — there is no doubt in my mind,” McCoy told Albert Breer of NFL Network. “I’ve said that since Day 1.”

There’s been some talk that with a newly hired General Manager in Tom Telesco and a newly hired coach in McCoy, the Chargers might be considering building for the future by bringing in a new quarterback of the future next year. McCoy, however, said he told Chargers owner Dean Spanos when he got the job that the way to make the quarterback position better was to get more help for Rivers, rather than to get a quarterback who can replace Rivers.

“I told Dean that everyone in the organization needs to do better,” McCoy said. “Phil’s one of the best in the league, and I was confident that if everyone around him was doing their job better, he’d be fine.”

Through two games, Rivers looks like the right fit for McCoy’s offense. Rivers has completed 65.8 percent of his passes, gained 614 yards and thrown seven touchdowns and only one interception. If Rivers keeps playing like that, no one will need to ask whether he’s the right man for the job in San Diego.

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  1. Philip Rivers is the only thing standing between the Chargers and a top three pick in the draft. All this talk about him being the problem was ridiculous.

  2. If Rivers continues to play in this new system like he has the past two weeks, there’s no reason not to believe he will be leading the Bolts for many more years to come. This allows Chargers to move forward and invest in draft picks over the next few years to fill other areas of need, starting with left tackle.

  3. Left tackle will be a big need for sure. Although King has played well so far. I’m starting to lean DB in the first round of the draft after watching our defense this year. Thoughts?

  4. Rivers was excellent in both games so far. If the Chargers D wasn’t so godawful people would be talking about them as contenders…

  5. I’m not a ‘fan’ of Rivers, but he’s one of the few remaining actual NFL QBs in the game. Enjoy watching him, otherwise it’s a parade of Gabberts, Weedons, Sanchezes, Ponders, etc.

  6. As a Steelers fan I have often wondered how the Steelers / Giants / Chargers would have done if the QB’s would have landed on different teams? Would the Steelers and or Giants still won 2 Super Bowls or if the Chargers would have.

  7. Amazing how the AFC West, which hasn’t looked all that great for a while, now looks like it’s turned the corner and headed back to the top of the AFC.

    As a Bronco fan I am really looking forward to seeing Chargers vs Chiefs, Raiders vs Chiefs, Chargers vs Raiders games. They all may have playoff implications for the rest of the AFC.

    Here’s to 3 AFCW teams in the playoffs this year.

  8. Richmond Bolt – Yeah, I’m leaning with you on the DB in the first round. I think it will depend on the talent that is available when the Bolts pick, hopefully low in the 1st round. But right now the biggest weakness on either side of the ball appears to be CB, while the OL so far has held up well. But it’s only been two games. Things could change.

  9. Kiss of death for Rivers. He is two years away from being a back up. He has to make it to the playoffs this year, or he might be trade bait next year, so the chargers can rebuild the defense.

    It’s the NFL not for long league. When they tell you your not expendable, your expendable.

    Phillip can not carry this team, it has to many needs, especially on defense that will keep the offense on the field to long playing catch up.

    This is a great draft next year, you can get defense and offense if you have the picks.

    Trade “Old Man Rivers” next year, and get something in return.

    He will never get the chargers to the promised land.

    Get something!

  10. The only game I’ve seen him in recently was the game against the Eagles, and he was lights out. I’m beginning to think all of the hate thrown at him the past few seasons was lazy, “blame the quarterback” analysis when there were really many others to blame.

  11. Don’t get me wrong dumbbolt, Rivers is a very good QB, and has beat the Raiders many times, but I see this kid Manning in NY that has two rings, and a big blank for Rivers. NFL.

    The chargers need to rebuild, Rivers is the past, not the present. It is not all Rivers fault, I think he is in the right system now, but it is to late.

  12. If a quality QB is there in the draft next year at the 12th pick, the chargers take that QB and the end of the Rivers era begins.

    He is not a spring chicken anymore.

    It will all come down to this season for Rivers.

  13. kingpel says:
    Sep 21, 2013 11:51 AM
    Philip Rivers is the only thing standing between the Chargers and a top three pick in the draft. All this talk about him being the problem was ridiculous.
    THE problem he was not…A problem he was. And I am someone who thought he was an MVP candidate for a couple years prior to his last 2 subpar ones. There is a tendency most QBs have to try to do too much when things aren’t good around them. Rivers was doing this, and it was leading to bad decisions, poor throws, etc. He even said the other day he hadn’t played his best ball the last couple years. As a QB one thing you cannot do is make bad situations worse, but most QBs do this from time to time or more often. The amount a QB does it varies in inverse proportion to how consistent they are, for the most part.

    Ones who “play within themselves” are oft criticized (ie Alex Smith) as not being dynamic enough, but it’s never a negative quality to not make bad plays worse by making bad decisions with the ball. It’s one thing that impresses me about a guy like EJ Manuel. He’s so poised and while inexperienced, he doesn’t let his rookie errors phase him and I haven’t seen him making bad plays worse yet.

    Mike McCoy is good with QBs and will be just what Rivers needs. He speaks “QB”, he was one.

  14. Rivers leads his first come from behind win in four years and of course everyone overreacts.

    He is a very mediocre starting NFL QB at this point of his career. He will never win a Super Bowl and neither with the Chargers until they part ways with him.

    I apologize if the truth hurts, don’t make me post his career playoff stats.

  15. He had a starting offensive live that consisted of one veteran. 2 guys that didn’t even make 3rd string on other teams. A rookie and an undrafted free agent block I g his blind side last year. Before that he had a rotating injury express that totaled 14 different starters in one season. Aside from that we have fumbelina Mathews who we could not trust and gave no support in the running game.

    Why is it so hard for people to see why the above may have had something to do with Rivers unusually tough season.

  16. @ fordmandalay

    Props to you man, thats so refreshing to hear from a non Charger fan… so many fans have this blind hatred for Rivers and Im not sure why.

    He a model family fan, a huge contributer to his community, he doesnt curse and is a church going man. It near impossible to find someone that loves football as much as him… he’ll be smiling huge at a press conference after a loss. He just LOVES football. He gives you no BS… just football.

    Guys likie him are a rarity in the premadonna league today. He should be celebrated, not hated.

  17. I am glad. I think this guy is a great QB for 3 quarters. but he lets his nerves get the best of him

    from bad INT’s, to bad fumbles, to flat out dropping the snap late in a game, rivers is the king of blowing it. especially on the big stage.

    the entire AFC West can live with allowing his 300 yard passing games if he is going to blow one of those 2 games they play per year.

  18. all these rivers thumbs up are obviously only watching the red zone channel.

    even san diego fans wouldn’t be this positive about rivers. and that is fine, so many teams benefit from him blowing games.

  19. sdboltz.

    The Raiders are playing with their 3rd string left tackle, actually our right tackle playing left now, and a guy we picked up off waivers from the Redskins playing right 4 weeks ago. We lost Bergstrom one of our starting guards, and Nix the backup was hurt and filled in by another waiver guy Andre Gurode at guard. Getter done, that’s all that counts.

    Quit making excuses for Rivers not being a winner, he had the teams in the past and did not
    Getter Done

    Just for copy right purposes, that quote was from the Cable Guy. He is a Charger fan.

  20. Have we not been told over and over again here that new coaches only want to bring in their own guy to play QB? They never want the incumbant and as soon as they are hired they plot the removal of the QB they inherited.

    Maybe a coach will actually keep a good QB and only want “their own guy” when the QB they inherited stinks.

  21. nickster31 says: Sep 21, 2013 12:20 PM

    As a Steelers fan I have often wondered how the Steelers / Giants / Chargers would have done if the QB’s would have landed on different teams? Would the Steelers and or Giants still won 2 Super Bowls or if the Chargers would have.


    The Steelers would still have their rings or more, the Giants would still have their rings or more, the Chargers would still not have any rings. The Charger teams always lack discipline, excluding the QB position. From Marlon McRee failing to go down against the Pats, Injured LT and the NFLs worst Special Teams and soft Defense.

    The QB position has never been a problem for the Chargers.

  22. Nickster31 says;

    “As a Steelers fan I have often wondered how the Steelers / Giants / Chargers would have done if the QB’s would have landed on different teams? Would the Steelers and or Giants still won 2 Super Bowls or if the Chargers would have.”

    An even more interesting look back is not so much the draft that year, but the interplay between Rivers and Drew Brees and the subseqpaths they proceeded on.

  23. Ha, ha, you anti-Rivers guys really crack me up. Doing a little trolling, are we, lol?

    The only Reason Rivers probably played so badly the last couple of years was because he was trying too hard to defend his idiotic coach, who had changed the entire Chargers offensive scheme when he came there, which I think Rivers bought a little too much into. They ran a very balanced offense before Turner and Smith teamed up to ruin them. Turner turned them into a primarily down field passing attack, which just couldn’t hold up with their shaky front line, and lack of consistent running game. I think Rivers wanted to save Turner’s job a little too much, and just started making really bad mistakes trying to press things.
    I’ve always thought a lot of him, but he was really getting to be a bit embarrassing at times.

    I think the new coach has been good for him, and helped get him back to playing within himself, but only more games will tell for sure. As for all those that have insisted Rivers should be traded, you are definitely out of your minds, including all the professional commentators that were also leaning that way. He has years left, and I wouldn’t think about bringing someone in for him to seriously mentor for at least another 2-3 years.

  24. humb0lt says: Sep 21, 2013 12:33 PM

    I’m sure Raiders fans would love for the Chargers to trade Philip Rivers. They’re getting tired of losing to him.
    Raider fans are tired of losing in general, but aren’t too concerned about whoever is lining up behind center for a perennial underachiever like the Chargers.

    My all-time favorite humb0lt quote:

    “I believe in you, Philip!”

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