So who won the Trent Richardson trade?


Trades like the one we saw this week, when the Browns shipped Trent Richardson to Indianapolis for the Colts’ 2014 first-round draft pick, don’t happen very often in the NFL. So it’s no surprise that the trade has been the most-discussed topic of conversation around the league.

Also no surprise is that there’s no consensus about who got the better end of the deal.

If you think the Colts won the trade, your thinking is simple: Indianapolis is a playoff contender, Richardson makes the Colts better at a position of need after they lost starting running back Vick Ballard for the season, and the Colts now have perhaps the most talented young quarterback-running back combination in football. At last year’s draft, just about any fan would have been thrilled with his or her favorite team getting either Andrew Luck or Trent Richardson. For the Colts to end up with both of them is awfully nice.

The case that the Browns won the trade is the long view: Yes, they’re giving up a talented player just a year and a half after they moved up in the draft to take him third overall. But the Browns are an 0-2 team with a long rebuilding road ahead of them, and adding an extra first-round pick is a big step toward making that rebuilding effort work. Plus, the Browns may have concluded that Richardson simply isn’t as good a player as he appeared to be heading into last year’s draft. Richardson is, after all, averaging just 3.5 yards a carry in his career. Cleveland may very well end up taking a better player than Richardson with the Colts’ pick next year, and the Browns also now have more ammunition to get what they really need next year: A franchise quarterback.

And, of course, both of the above choices could be true. This could be a good trade for the Colts because it gives their offense a big weapon, but also a good trade for the Browns because it aids their rebuilding effort. This might be a trade that helps both teams.

But the flip side is that this could be a trade that hurts both teams. The Browns just traded away a young talent they can build around, while the Colts — who already have enough offensive playmakers — gave up a first-round pick that they would have been better used bolstering their offensive line or their defense. Maybe we’ll look back in a few years and say the Browns would have been better off holding onto Richardson, while the Colts would have been better off holding onto their first-round draft pick.

And, of course, it’s reasonable to say that we really can’t determine a winner in the trade until we see how Richardson plays in a Colts uniform, and what the Browns do with that first-round pick.

So those are your options. PFT Planet, tell us what you think.

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  1. The Colts want a playoff run. The new regime if or the Browns inherited a mess that will take close to half a decade to crawl out of… This works well for both teams.

  2. It was foolish for the Colts to trade away a first round pick that they need to build the core of that young team. Running backs are found everywhere these days.

    If the Browns can move up next year and draft a QB, they own this trade.

  3. Colts can’t believe Cleveland fell for this. A massive in season boost for the Colts in exchange for a draft pick which is at best a 50-50 proposition that any given pick will turn out to be a player that sticks in the league.

    Banner is a joke and the Browns fans should be screaming for his head.

  4. You cannot answer this question until we see what the Browns do with their upcoming draft. Even then it will still be murky on if the players drafted pan out for them.

    Right now in the present the Colts landed an RB1 who will help that offense. So they “won” for now.

  5. Vikings got a 1,3, and 7 for an injury prone cancer that is amazing when healthy but still could never touch the ball more than 10x a game. Browns got a 1 for a 3 down back who has been under performing, but if he can learn how to use his power a little more to take what’s there instead of dancing and trying for the big play could be a beast that you can give the ball to 25x a game. Not to mention he isn’t a cancer (may be injury prone though). Also Browns gave up 5 picks to move up one spot to get him. I think this is another case of a new gm getting cute and wanting to do their thing but hell be fired before he sees the end of it, continuing the factory of sadness.

  6. We’ll know more come draft day. Cleveland will probably have a very high first round pick in their own right because of their record. The Colts are likely to finish toward the middle of the pack and have a pick around number 16. McGahee is probably only good for a year or two, so the Browns will need to replace both him and probably Weeden. There go your two first round picks and all you get is unproven rookies at RB and QB.

    The Colts on the other hand just need to make sure they improve their offensive line a little and they could have the best combination of RB and QB since Manning / James.

  7. Being a lifelong Browns’ fan I hate to say this… I think Trent Richardson won.

    It’s difficult to be this bad for this long in the NFL. Somebody PLEASE bring us back to relevance. I’m not too confident that the geniuses running the show now can do that. I hope I’m wrong.

  8. Colts won, no question. Browns traded a 1,4, 5 and 7 to get T Rich, paid his 13 million dollar signing bonus and then traded him for a low first? Its not even debatable IMO. Not trying to hear about his rookie year YPC either cause Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton had low YPC’s their rookie years too.

  9. Gotta say the Browns. If you can’t get Trent Richardson at least 4 yards a carry, you need Linemen more than you need speed. Did you see this year’s draft? Linemen in the first round is a thing now.

  10. Both teams lost. Horrible move for both of them. The Browns season is now over and Richardson has already proven that he’s not worthy of the first round pick the Colts gave up for him.
    As someone above said the only real winner is Willis McGahee.

  11. I don’t know if this trade helps the Colts, but you have to be a total homer to think this is good for the browns. They gave up an early mid first, a fourth, a fifth and I think a seventh and a year and a half later all they have to show for it is 1100 yards and a late first?

  12. .

    I believe the Browns now have 2 picks in the 1st, 3rd, and the 4th rounds. They’re in a position to control the draft board, and certainly have enough ammunition to acquire whichever QB they choose.


  13. The Colts aren’t one 3.5 ypc RB away from a SB run and the Browns can find another RB in the mid rounds of a draft.

  14. I would say colts. The browns are in constant rebuild mode every year it seems. Recent first round picks of Richardson and Weeden and still talking about needing to draft a qb and rb to replace them. Not a browns fan, but hopefully they can find some keepers in next years first round

  15. One guarunteed loser is the people at NFL Films. What highlights do you put in the Browns video now? “The 2013 Browns: Throwing in the Towel for Manzel”

  16. The draft pick is more important to Cleveland and Trent is more important to Indy at this time. Both teams won, but Trent will never be worth a first round pick again.

  17. Don’t get the attraction with the Alabama running backs. It’s early, but Ingram, Lacy and Richardson haven’t done a thing yet. I think it’s more a product of ‘Bama’s OLine, which has had 4 1rst rnd pks and several others drafted the last 4 yrs. Cleveland’s the winner, if they use the pk on the right guy. That team has had to start over again too many times. They still don’t have the right QB or skill players in a QB league. Building a good D though.

  18. The Colts only win this trade if Richardson plays much better and stays much healthier than he has thus far in his (admittedly short) NFL career. Therefore, while it’s probably too early to declare a winner or loser, I think it’s safe to say the Colts took the bigger risk with this trade.

  19. For me, at first glance I would have to say Indy wins the trade……but how do we really know? We’re not in the locker room. The Browns could know something about TRich that nobody else does. “He doesn’t fit into our offense” sounds a little fishy to me. The real reason they traded him is that the organization doesn’t think that he’ll deliver 1st round production thoroughout his career. Only time will tell.

  20. This is a clear Browns victory. Your starting Left Tackle is a year from 30 , your QB got drafted at damn near 30. You have a young D-core. No RB will be drafted next year before the Colts would of drafted . If Browns kept TRich they would have worn down his tread before they turned the team around.
    Joe Thomas should be traded next.
    Next year you aim to draft Marquise Lee & Brett Hundley. In today’s NFL you have to score points.

  21. The debate and opinions are interesting. The answer to the question is it’s too soon to know. I’ll punt and say both teams win. He will be better on the Colts. Does anyone really doubt that? The Browns made an aggressive move. This doesn’t happen often in the NFL with a trade like this and I think it’s great! Can’t wait for Niners tilt tomorrow though I expect Colts to get rolled. And Harbaugh you are a douche for playing Smith. Just sayin.

  22. ‘And, of course, it’s reasonable to say that we really can’t determine a winner in the trade until we see how Richardson plays in a Colts uniform, and what the Browns do with that first-round pick.’

    You think??? Why wait until Richardson plays a down as a Colt before we say who was the winner. Probably need to see what the Browns do with that first round pick too. How dumb are you Mike???

  23. I can’t believe Brown’s fans aren’t standing outside the GM’s office with pitchforks. TR may have underperformed but think about it, if you’re a defense are you gonna scheme for Brandon Weedon picking you apart or TR jammin’ it down your throat. The guy got no help at all. Colts won that one.

  24. “Also no surprise is that there’s no consensus about who got the better end of the deal.”

    Yes there is. You sound like a republican talking about global warming.

  25. The Browns are obviously trying to position themselves for Teddy Bridgewater. At this point I would say the Colts got the better end of the deal. The other side of the trade is all potential at this point. Only time will tell…

  26. The colts got the better end, because how many of us actually trust the Browns to get a true franchise qb. And even if they do , he will struggle due to lack of talent around him and frankly, above him.

  27. Richardson has only 14 rushes for 10 yards or more in his last 267 carries. Career average is 3.5 ypc and he has trouble staying healthy.

    I think the Browns saw what they had in him; just another average Alabama running product that ran behind the best O line in college football and cant translate the same production to the pros.

    Colts should probably see some better production in the running game for this season and the Browns will have two first rounders in 2014.

    So in essence they both got with they wanted so they are both winners. Hopefully the Browns wont waste those picks like they have countless times in the past.

  28. Im sick of hearing running backs are a dime a dozen they are REGULAR running backs you don’t find a ap or a shady mac or a foster in every draft 3down backs are not that easy thats why THE COLTS DIDN’T HAVE ONE

  29. why do these clueless folks keep bringing up 3.5 ypc? u do know it was in a rookie year right? and the great walter payton and emmit smith had similar numbers their rookie years, so if yr clueless about a player, do us all a favor and dont keep repeating the same things over n over, this guy is top RB in yards after hits, we know hes not AP, not many RB can say that, we just want a physical runner that defenses have to account for, and a long term RB1, and his salary is cheap thanks to Browns paying his signing bonus!!

  30. You will need to replace two first round picks after the failures of both in their time in Cleveland. Add in the wasted McCoy pick and you’re down at least 3 first-rounders to get a QB. (Assuming they finish last and do not have to trade both next year to move up) Looks like they’ll pay the same amount the Redskins did for RGIII.

    RBs are considered “common” now unless you have an AP or Foster type player. And can be found in the later rounds. But it’s an instant upgrade for the Colts. They could have found one next year, but you should never play for next year. The only other option is to trade for a different RB. But Richardson will be a cheap option for them for a few years. I’d say advantage Colts.

  31. Hidden factor: Browns will also probably move up in the draft since they won’t win as many games without Richardson. They are going to battle the Jags for the number one pick.

  32. I can tell the future so I know for a fact that the Colts won the trade.
    That and because no matter how bad Luck’s completion percentage is he is still going to be touted as the next Peyton Manning.

  33. why is this a debate????? doesnt anyone remember what the Browns gave up to draft Richardson????? No matter what he does in Indy, the Browns clearly lostttttt!!

  34. In the very near future you will not see a RB taken in the first round by anyone.

    If this comes true, the Browns win.

    After AP I can’t think of any RB in the league I’d gamble a first round pick on. And AP would only get a 1st and nothing else.

    The league has enough serviceable RB’s, there will never be a need to burn a first on a short lived player in a passing league.

  35. The Brown management obviously wrote off this season. If they use the picks to pick some really good players to build a team and do the same next year, they will have made it work for them.

    Indy wants a run this season. They feel Richardson will help them do this.

    This could eventually be good for the Browns, dependent how they use the picks.

  36. skinsfolife says:

    a skins fan is talking? lol u guys are still paying for a broken down IRG3 and its looking like the rams will get a very high #1 from u guys next year, so…LOL

  37. AP is the most complete RB in the league…..and the Vikings are well on their way to their 4th non-winning season in the seven years in which he’s been there. You DO NOT build your team around your running back.

    The Browns made the right move with this trade….they made the wrong move though when they picked Richardson in the first place. They should have traded out of that pick and stock piled. And lets not forget that they are basically giving up on their other 1st rounder from last year as well.

  38. The Colts lose. They have defensive holes and offensive line problems. Last season during the regular games, they never played any team with a winning record so it was much easier to post a nice record instead of playing the Seahawks, Broncos, Patriots, Packers, Hawks, niners.

    Now that they are playing a schedule with the big boy teams, we will see how they stack up and the Colts will probably end up 8-8.

  39. Richardson is going to blow-up and quickly end this discussion. 3 down back who can catch.. in that offense.

    Colts get a universally consensus top #5 player who was first taken after Luck and RGIII, for 1st round pick, and the Browns have already paid out the guaranteed money and bonuses – so Indy only has a top 3 drafted player costing his base salary against their cap.

    Johnny Blue Sky Browns win too… Obviously.


  40. Bad move for the Colts. Look for Luck to develop back problems now that he will have to stoop over all the time trying to hand the ball down to little Trent, that can’t be good for your back…

  41. Not a Brown’s fan but the Brown’s do not have “a long rebuilding process ahead.” That’s not what this is about. The Browns have a talented young defense with a shut down corner and good pass rushers. They have a very talented receiver in Josh Gordon and a nice TE in Cameron. This is about getting the one piece you can’t win without- a running back. Spending a 1st on a RB is stupid. This regime fixed that mistake and now has more ammunition to grab a QB and another weapon for that QB. Not to mention the elite Oline that will protect whoever they draft, Joe Thomas, Alex Mack. They have tons of talent- just need a QB. Take a RB in the 3rd or 4th and be done with it.

  42. The Browns do need a franchise QB (although I am not sure they really know what that is), but I don’t see this pick getting them any closer to the #1 guy. They were already going to be 1 of the worst probably 4 teams in the league, and JAX is going to have the #1 pick, and they need a QB. Do you really think they will trade away the #1 guy? The other teams who I think week be in the bottom 4 aren’t going to be after QBs. Do now they will get a “franchise” QB with no running game (barring Dion Lewis) and who knows his many other pieces they will trade away. And as far as T-richs YPC, unless they improve that line, it doesn’t matter who you have back there……RB or QB……they’re doomed!

  43. tedmurph is right. Alabama’s offensive line made Ingram, Richardson and Lacey stars. If either Cleveland or Indianapolis had an offensive as talented as Alabama’s then Richardson might be a good back. Ingram is a disaster 1st rounder. The Saints should’ve traded him to the Jets instead of Chris Ivory. And Lacey just fits the Ok back role.

  44. The Browns only made this trade because the owner is dumping assets to have money for his legal fees, so it’s safe to say the Colts won no matter what.

  45. Browns all the way. Look at all the top up and coming teams. What’s the consistent reason? New QB who is making the team better. If they can get a franchise QB out of this, then Richardson was worth it. Trent will make the Colts better but not much more than another top RB would. Teddy Bridgewater on the other hand, will look much better than Weeden the ancient.

  46. Browns are using Irsay’s tricks to get a QB. Gut the team, lose every game possible, and try to win one or two when everyone starts to complain that you are losing to get position.

  47. You can never tell who got the better of a trade for a couple years….BUT, this is a no-brainer. The Browns screwed the pooch because if they wanted to get a first round pick for their RB…they should have ran the wheels off him all year, then AFTER the season was over and right before or even at next year’s draft. They could have trade Trent then to a team with a higher draft pick. As it stands now the Colts first round draft pick will be in the 20’s….As usual the Browns do something stupid.

  48. Unless Richardson is the next Adrian Peterson I don’t like drafting a RB in the first round. So normally I would say that the Browns won the trade, however since they are the Browns and they will more than likely whiff on the draft pick I have to go with the Colts on this one. Colts right now win the trade if the Browns make a great pick in may then the pendulum swings in their favor.

  49. Groundhog day for the Browns… All this so they can draft the next Time Couch, Jamarcus Russell, Colt McCoy, Branden Weeden, etc..

    I don’t know how anyone could say with a straight face that Trent Richardson isn’t a 1st round pick (he’s not Mark Ingram and he played for the Browns) and say nothing of Weeden.

    Trent’s the only guy on the roster they could have gotten a first round pick for, and it seems they found that to be a quicker way to getting better than using him to build around.

    And it’s true you can find any Ahmed Bradshaw’s out there ironically enough.. guys not drafted first few rounds of the draft. Well those guys are still going to be sitting behind Trent. ironically enough.

  50. The Browns offense was terrible with Richardson and will be terrible without him, so in this way it cost the Browns nothing. Mcgehee, or any other RB can get you 3.5 ypc and no TDs. Maybe he will be a difference maker in Indy, but I doubt it. Banner is smart to get a first rounder for him now before his knee or foot implodes.

  51. I would give Indy the nod given that these two young players in Luck and Richardson are in their rookie contracts.

  52. The Browns wasted a lot of money just to trade the guy away but I feel they wont the trade. They got a 1st round pick back for a guy who averages 3.5 a carry. You can bring anyone in and get more production than that.

  53. This is a unique kind of trade in that both teams were going for something completely different, so in theory it could be both for good teams, but I think CLE didn’t negotiate very well. They should have got IND to agree to take on more trades. There’s definitely other players on the Browns that can make the Colts, and the Browns should have more players they want to trade.

    So I think IND overpaid slightly on the price by taking a risky move to load an extra cannonball, so interesting choice but not a flattering price due to the risk exposure of being under-leveraged seeing as it’s not like they are clearly the best team in the league now with this trade.

    And CLE failed to maximize the situation and get more transactions negotiated into the mix. I don’t like the deal for either team and think both should have adjusted their approaches.

  54. Let’s get this out of the way: you don’t “rebuild” by trading the #3 overall pick in the draft from a year ago at the age of 23. A rebuild is trading vets for picks. What the Browns are doing is tanking in an effort to get a franchise quarterback.

    Will the extra pick help them land that franchise qb? Looking back at the RGIII trade, the answer would be…we don’t know. The Rams decided three #1 picks over three years was worth more than two in the same year. However, we have no idea if a franchise will decide that Bridgewater (or the flavor of the week) is worth three #1’s to a franchise.

  55. Impossible to gauge until we at least know where the Browns pick and who they pick. After that, it’ll hinge on many coaches and coordinators come and go.

    Then again, these are the Browns we’re talking about!

  56. Definitely too soon to say. The last time we had two first round picks we traded up to take a RB and took the oldest QB in the history of the 1st round of the draft. If the Brownies end up with a franchise QB, even if they have to use both of their 1st round picks to trade to do so. However, if this QB draft class is as good as the “experts” are speculating, the Brownies won’t need two 1st round picks to get a franchise QB.
    As for the Colts, all TRich has to do is be a great Rb, not just a good one. There were still good, but not great, RBs available in free agency. Colts probably should have taken either Willis Mcgahee or Michael “the burner” Turner in FA and held on to their draft pick instead of rolling the dice on TRich. All that TRich has proven is that he was good enough in college to be the number 3 pick in the draft.

  57. I think Indy won this one if Trent stays healthy. Wait, he struggled to stay healthy in Cleveland because he was the ONLY best offensive player on that team. So he always had 3-4 guys ganging up on him all the time. In Indy , he’s got Luck, Reggie, good Wrs and a very good O-line. That’s just great stuff for a talented RB

    Cleveland well, lol, its Cleveland. Another regime and another blow out. I feel bad for those fans even though they’re a bunch of DB’s. They show up every Sunday and cheer and I’m just hoping they see something here. The CEO and HC are more worried about their job security more than anything else. They want their paychecks for this season plus next season too.

  58. People put too much value on a RB. Their careers are too short and you can get them just about anywhere in the draft or even as a rookie free agent. To waste a first round pick next year is very short sighted. The Colts aren’t going to win it all this year with or without Richardson and now they don’t have a 1st round pick next year to help them in areas of need like O-line or D-line to get them there in near future.

    Congrats you just wasted a pick in which you should get an impact player for a guy who averages 3.4 yds a carry. This is a no-brainer to anyone who understands how to build a team. Just cause he was the 3rd over all pick doesn’t mean he should have been. Browns took a salary cap hit but set themselves up to be good in the future.

  59. and no matter how many 1st round picks the browns have, theres no guarantee they will get a franchise QB, how many 1st round so called franchise QB’s failed in the past 15 years or so? any draft pick is a 50% chance of being a bust, the colts know what they are getting in Trich, the browns not so much in next years draft tho, alot of QB’s look great in college then freeze up in the pro’s and browns draft track record isnt the greatest either

  60. “Let’s get this out of the way: you don’t “rebuild” by trading the #3 overall pick in the draft from a year ago at the age of 23. A rebuild is trading vets for picks. What the Browns are doing is tanking in an effort to get a franchise quarterback.”

    If that pick wasn’t producing and someone is dumb enough to give you a 1st round pick for him that is the best way to rebuild. No one is going to give them a 1st round pick for a veteran. Who would they trade? Again just because someone else drafted him #3 over all doesn’t mean he should have been. RBs aren’t great moves to make in the 1st round. Look around the league, how many of the top guys where first rounders. Other than Peterson. who breaks all the rules about RBs, everyone else was a 2nd rounder or later. J. Charles, L. McCoy, Ray Rice, Matt Forte and list goes on. Fans will never understand this but you don’t put a 1st round on any RB not named Adrian Peterson. Hasn’t been someone of that talent level since and will be years before there is again.

  61. Although the Browns’ brass won’t say it, the truth is that they decided to cash T-Rich in while there were still teams out there willing to pay big for him, based on his college production. The guy simply didn’t do ANYTHING for the Browns. The 3.5 yard average tells you all you need to know. He’s a short-yardage plodder, not a big-play back. You can find a short-yardage plodder in the seventh round. So why keep a guy like that ifyou can cash him in for a first-round pick, and then replace him with a seventh-round pick next spring?

  62. Montario Hardesty averaged 4.2 ypc last year in the same exact offense as Richardson. No team would even trade a 6th round pick for him. Where Richardson was drafted is irrelevant because there is now a year of his NFL experience on tape. In 298 career carries, he has broken two runs over 20 yards and his career long is 32. Sure, his QB stinks and defenses keyed on him. That was true of AP, CJ2K, MJD, McFadden, Jamaal Charles, and many other RBs who still managed to out produce Richardson. Shonn Greene, a mediocre talent, gained 10% more yards per carry than Richardson while playing for one of the worst passing teams I have ever seen. The Browns got a 1st round pick, while the Colts got a fancy name. Winner: Cleveland

  63. I think it’s win-win. Those Colts could be dangerous this yr since Luck will get some help in the backfield. Those Browns could also be dangerous (in 10 yrs).

  64. The Browns traded a #3 pick in the draft for something like the #23 in next year’s draft. It cost the Browns a number of picks to just move up a couple of spots to get Richardson. How much would it cost to move up 20 spots?

    This is an ego thing; Richardson is a Holmgren guy and the latest Brown management want’s to put their own stamp on the team.

  65. It’s way too early to tell who won. Considering that Cleveland gave up picks last year to snag Richardson says a lot. They did not get equal value at all, but considering it’s a new regime plays a big role. It will depend what they get for that pick.

    But Indy too may have given up a first rounder for a pretty good and injury prone RB. He will have more opportunities in Indy since they have a great pass game. Neither side may win, or both could come out looking good. We shall see.

  66. It’s a COMPLETE and utter simplistic view for people to throw out the “You can get a good RB anywhere” comment because they heard an analyst say it… fact of the matter is… it’s hard to get a good football player of any position at any time.

    There are great QB’s playing that weren’t 1st Rounders, there are great WR’s that weren’t 1st Rounders, there are dominnt LB’s, CB’s, TE’s and every other position that weren’t 1st Rounders…

    It’s not easy getting them no matter WHERE you pick in the draft. It’s not easy getting a good football player period. So obtaining a 1st Rounder assures you of NOTHING. Just that you get another chance at getting a player…

    Remember… Blaine Gabbert and Mark Sanchez were top 5 picks… So Was Vince Young… So was JaMarcus Russell, so was David Carr… and the list goes on…

    It’s hard to get good players ANYWHERE in the draft…. so you can’t just throw out the “You can get good RB’s anywhere” statement… because it holds true for every other position as well…

  67. Marshall Faulk’s first three years:

    yds ypc TDs
    1282 4.1 11
    1078 3.7 11
    587 3.0 7

    Ki-Jana, Enis, and other top draft pick backs were “busts” because they blew out their knees in their rookie years and never recovered.

    Other top 5 backs in the last 20 years:
    Reggie Bush
    Ronnie Brown
    Cedric Benson
    Ladainian Tomlinson
    Jamal Lewis
    Edgerrin James
    Ricky Williams
    Marshall Faulk
    Garrison Hearst

    Brown/Benson busts, the others are HOF’ers or All-pros (reggie bush above average, Ced Bed pretty decent in Cincy). Way too early to write off t-rich and the numbers are actually with him here.

  68. With all due respect, only a fool would think that a winner in this trade could be declared before Richardson has played a single down for the Colts, and before we know what Cleveland gets and does with that draft pick.

    It will likely be years before we know the answer.

  69. For the “You can get a good RB Anywhere” Crowd… who love to list Arian Foster, Alfred Morris etc…

    Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson, Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson, Doug Martin, Rashad Mendenhall and many others WERE first round picks…

    RB is no different than any other position…

  70. Hardesty got a lot of cheap yards on 3rd and 20 draws which inflates his YPC. Most 3rd down and change of pace backs do that, and aren’t punching it in from inside the 5 or on 3rd and 1.

    Pathetic analysis.

  71. Too soon to tell. If Cleveland uses what will likely be Indy’s mid-to-late first-round pick on an offensive lineman to lock down the right side of the o-line and protect that quarterback they’ll be taking with their first pick, then they’ll come out ahead in the long run. They have lots of other picks, and that means lots of opportunities to pick up solid WRs, CBs, and a good RB to round out a roster that already has some talent.

    This being Mike Lombardi and Joe Banner, though, I fully expect them to draft Manziel with their first pick, trade him away for a 2015 first round pick, and then draft a punter with Indy’s pick.

  72. Personally, I believe time will tell, however, as far as “giving up on a talent they could build around,” I am not convinced ANY back is a talent that a team can build around due to the incredible punishment and the precipitous early drop-off in skills related to running backs. It seems to me the only position a club can build around is a first rate qb, followed by a first rate tackle protecting the blind side.

  73. blitzskins; That’s a pretty good idea, very perceptive on your part. It appears that KC is ready to be a starter for any number clubs, and specifically The Browns. It doesn’t seem likely that he continues to ride the bench much longer. Good pairing of need meeting supply.

  74. Well we all know the Clowns are losers in whatever scenario and with that being said—Its hard to call the Dolts winners of this trade be cause we all know they tanked 2011 to get the second coming of god,Olivers son (who by the way got outplayed by a lowly number 8 pick last week)but all that aside any touches Trent gets takes the ball out of Olivers sons hands which is good for anyone playing the Dolts.The only way I would ever say the Dolts won this trade is if they would have thrown in Grigson and Irsuck.Even with this trade Dolts still don’t make postseason Ha Ha Ha!

  75. Cleveland lost…they wasted a year of season ticket holders money, burned a year of Haden and Joe Thomas for complete and utter uncertainty.

    They also lose a year of evaluating their head coach, because this year is a total wash…

    Indy wins….

  76. Its amazing Cleve has so many picks next year after all the picks they gave away.
    But I guess they may have some due to the Julio Jones trade???

    But think about it. Wasn’t Cleveland first in line to make the trade with the Rams for RGIII?
    But they instead gave up all those picks to move one spot to make sure Minny didn’t replace AP with Richardson. Was anyone else looking to trade into the #3 spot?

    So they could have had RGIII, and they could have had Julio Jones too? Anyone still saying Cleve won that trade? All those picks they got from ATL are now what?

    Holgrem should keep quiet about this trade. His Cleveland track record is something he should avoid highlighting.

  77. Anyone trying to spin the idea of trading a #3 overall pick plus a 4th , 5th and 7th rd in a loaded draft and then eating around 12m for a 1st rd pick in 2014 likely to be in the late teens early 20’s is totally full of it.

    The Colts get a serious upgrade at the RB position and someone to take a little of the pressure and focus off Luck for very little in cap dollars for a crap shoot pick. Does anyone on this page want to tell me that the Browns are going to be able to scout and identify a better talent at 19 overall in an average draft than 3 overall in one of the best drafts in 10 years.
    Seriously, I’d take a cheap, known commodity, warts and all over the great unknown. While the Browns rebuild yet again from their rebuild of their rebuild.

  78. Win/Win.
    The Browns get what will probably be a middle first round draft chip to play with to help them try and get ‘the guy’.
    The Colts get two above average versatile RB’s in Bradshaw and Richardson.
    T.R. 3.6 YPC ? meh, but he doesn’t suck at the other stuff a RB is supposed to do

  79. Browns are the clear Loser,people wanna point out his 3.5 YPC but he had no help on offense.Not only that but their giving up on both of their first two pick from year before to draft a QB first overall which may not even pan out.

    People say i’s a QB league and have draft em high but look at 2011 draft 1st round QB’s are being out played by the 2nd round ones.

  80. Too soon to tell who wins, but it seems like both teams wasted draft picks. The Browns gave up multiple picks to move up and draft Richardson, so now they are getting less in return from the Colts. The Colts giving a 1st round pick for a RB seems like a real waste.

  81. “cakesw says:
    Sep 21, 2013 3:08 PM
    For the “You can get a good RB Anywhere” Crowd… who love to list Arian Foster, Alfred Morris etc…

    Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson, Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson, Doug Martin, Rashad Mendenhall and many others WERE first round picks…

    RB is no different than any other position…”

    GMs all around the league disagree and you are seeing it more and more every year in the NFL. RBs don’t hold the value they used to and soon it will be just like the Canadian league where they are almost completely phased out of the game. 1st round picks spent on RBs will become more rare.

    How long was Chris Johnson a top RB in the league? Just a couple. What did Seattle trade to get Lynch? A 4th and conditional. I can name you just as many busts and if you look around the league most of the good ones are 2nd round picks. Ray Rice, MJD, J. Charles and L. McCoy just to name a few. All the backs taken this year where in the 2nd round. The Colts over paid to get a guy who hasn’t shown anything yet.

    In the first round you better be building up your big men if you have your QB. There are less 320lb 6’6″ men walking the earth than 5’10” guys who can run. Get your RBs and WRs later. If you take one of those early you better hit a HR with him. Calving Johnson and AD are rare athletes. Trent Richardson isn’t that type of athlete. There will be 2 or 3 guys drafted next year that will be just as good as him if not better.

  82. The winner hands down is Willis Mcgahee. According to him he got signed BEFORE the Richardson trade which sounds to me like had Trent stayed in Cleveland he was only getting third down duty anyway.

    As for the Browns trading their “best player”, the only guy on their offense who’s seen what the end zone looks like is Jordan Cameron so their best offensive weapon is still wearing a Browns uniform.

    I can’t really consider the Colts winners in this mainly because of how poor their offensive line had been. Not the kind of people you want protecting a guy with a injury history. On top of that had they waited they could have kept the draft pick and got Peyton Hillis who I’m pretty sure wouldn’t have gotten strep throat if they paid him what Indy is shelling out for Richardson.

  83. With the way Richardson has been dancing at the line, if the Browns had waited to trade him, they would have gotten a 3rd rounder at the end of the season. I hope the FO drafts well next time. I know it’s next to impossible, but they do have the possibility for Clowney and a QB now.

  84. “And, of course, it’s reasonable to say that we really can’t determine a winner in the trade until we see how Richardson plays in a Colts uniform, and what the Browns do with that first-round pick”

    Um….not only is it reasonable to have that opinion, it is THE ONLY reasonable way to look at it. Of course we don’t know who won the trade yet – we have no idea who the Browns get, and we have no idea what Richardson will be. Drives me nuts – normally this is in MLB – but people are always dying to assign a W and L to trades. Relax people, you normally have no idea for years.

  85. I think its the timing of the trade that’s most perplexing. Why not do this before the season starts? If you had no confidence in Brandon Weeden, you should have made it an open competition during the summer. How do you think the rookies and free agents who signed with Cleveland feel about all this? Its the makings of a Chinese fire drill.

    Now the players dont trust management and probably wont have confidence in new coaching staff cause they might be gone next year too.

    Biggest loser: The Browns fans

  86. Trent Richardson is just okay, not great. Browns won that deal. They should end up with at least two good 1st rounders next year.

  87. It doesn’t matter–at this point–
    how much the Browns gave up to get the guy.
    He has not produced so far, and no team
    knows him as well as the one that just unloaded him. I usually mock the Browns, but I think they finally made a smart move.

  88. For those knocking Richardson, consider a few players who similarly moved from one team to another after being perceived as an overvalued talent.

    1) Bret Favre

    2) Steve Young

    3) Corey Dillon

    More recently, Reggie Bush, though he needs to keep producing for the Lions to be a true example.

    The thing these guys all have in common is that they left bad teams and joined teams with pretty good talent.

    Whether the Browns won or lost on the deal remains to be seen, but don’t knock Richardson quite yet. He might very well end up as an All Pro…the guys above all did.

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