Suh had another cheap shot on Sunday

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh lost none of his aggressiveness in Week Two after being fined $100,000 for an illegal low block in Week One.

Against the Cardinals, he routinely overpowered or outmaneuvered his man when single-teamed, and Suh twice blew up in the backfield a handoff that was supposed to go away from him after the guard that otherwise would have blocked Suh pulled.  Suh also tolerated a couple of efforts by Cardinals guard Paul Fanaika to dive at Suh’s knees.

But Suh got his licks in.  One lick in particular apparently slipped past the attention of the game officials — and the league office.

On a play that came with just under 9:30 in the third quarter, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer took a shotgun snap from the Arizona 47 and handed off to running back Rashard Mendenhall, who cut left to right and gained nine yards.

Suh initially faced a double-team block from Fanaika and Eric Winston.  After Mendenhall migrated through the tackle box and when Suh was engaged only by Winston, Suh toppled Winston with a fast but ferocious right hook/elbow to the head.

Suh wasn’t penalized or fined for the maneuver, which largely has gone unnoticed.

And so it appears that a problem still exists with Suh, even if neither the NFL nor the Lions have acknowledged that he was dishing out cheap shots on the second Sunday of the 2013 regular season, seven days after being fined $100,000 for illegally hitting Vikings center Jonathan Sullivan in the knee on the first Sunday of the 2013 regular season.

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  1. The media can look for anything on a football field and point to it to paint a picture their way. The shot he got fined 100, 000 k for was uncalled for and dirty but now PFT is just reaching for stories. I can show you video of Tom Brady in his Ugg Boot taking a shot at Ed Reed’s knees.

  2. Well, he was being held. That was also overlooked by the officials.

    Stop nitpicking. His play gets plenty of attention.

  3. He’s not so much cheap as he’s extremely rough and aggressive but that’s also his issue. Twenty years ago there wouldn’t be a problem with his play but those days are over. I doubt he could play any different if he wanted to as this video shows just how natural it is for him. That’s not’s just him.

  4. Tell me what do you do sit all day looking at the lions game just so you can write about Suh? You should get a life and write abot someone else.

  5. As if this is news to anyone anymore. If the NFL hasn’t fined him, who cares? It’s pretty obvious they haven’t been shy about fining him so far. Did Jay Glazer help write this article? Or are the NFL storylines so dry that writers are using “when in doubt, write about Suh.” Pretty weak stuff.

  6. Florio – you just hate him and the Lions. Please get video of every d-lineman every week and you will see dozens upon dozens of plays like this one. Why are you such a ridiculous lions and suh hater? It all goes back to your anonymous source work and the club calling you on it and embarrassing you and your pathetic journalism. Your hate is so transparent.

  7. Ok but here’s the thing. This league should go to flags because ultimately no one will ever want to play on defense and if they do, they will be the highest paid players.

  8. wow, florio… did you find this all on your own!? great reporting after a week of your loser minions crapping on keyboards saying suh was handled dirty.

    the guy is an emotional player and he goes over the line habitually. he’s a habitual line-stepper. it’ll be this way forever so lets stop trying to write sensationalism bullcrap whenever his name pops into your feeble conscienceless and we’ll all go to bed happy.

  9. Sorry Florio,

    the only “problem that still exists” is your infatuation with Suh.

    Got a man crush?

    You watched every snap so you could find something to whine about – that is pathetic.

  10. So what’s next, suspension or the largest player fine in league history?

    The need to test Suh for steroids which his total inability to control his anger could well be an indication of.

  11. Thats right go after Suh’s knees on every play. and they need to have a different linemen or TE or even a FB
    to try to take out his knees on every snap. Until somebody get him. Suh has insulted every linemen in the league by calling them knat’s. So take a fine and be called dirty but get him at all cost

  12. You guys never cease to amaze me. You are digging for Suh’s dirty behavior. Completely going out of your way to say how dirty of a player he is. I guarantee that if you went to these ridiculous lengths with say Clay Matthews you’d see a dirty play here or there. Or how about Nick Mangold clearly trying to destroy Talibs knees? That clown didn’t even get a fine for that clear and intentional dirty hit that started a brawl. Guys are a bunch of hypocritical punks.

  13. The thing that bothers me the most about Suh is he doesn’t need to stomp people or kick them in the groin, dive at knees, etc. He is a fantastically gifted player. Obviously aggression is a major part of his game and football. But he is actually dirty, and it appears he’s trying to hurt people. And I don’t mean “hurt” in the football sense, IMO he’s trying to purposely injure people.

  14. Pretty sure it’s not nitpicking. Rule 12-2-1 Personal Fouls. A player is prohibited from:
    (c) striking, swinging, or clubbing to the head, neck, or face with the heel, back, or side of the hand, wrist, arm, elbow, or clasped hands

    The penalty for such will be a 15 yard penalty. If it is deemed to be flagrant by the officials, the player may be ejected from the game.

    If Suh did something other than that, I didn’t see it. And just in case you thought it part of Goodell’s master plan of wussifying the league, it added to the rulebook in 1980. I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s before whatever systematic degradation toward flag football or whatever you all are complaining a out.

  15. So much lions hate here, why? Get over whatever petty grievance you have with the lions and become what you are paid very well to do. Give unbiased reports about important football news. You write very well, and it’s a pity to see your name get trashed because of crap like this.

  16. I wish there was more players with his aggressive adittude! The NFL has gotten way to soft now days just. Those of you on here that don’t like it STOP watching football and start following golf or something.

  17. Cheap shot? He’s trying to rip his arm free from a guy holding it in. Fitzgerald gets away with a hold and 71 swings a defender around with one hand. Calling a hold against the offense would go a long way from keeping Suh from having to rip his way out.

    If holds aren’t being called than defenders have to improvise.

    You need to go snap by snap and see how often Suh is held without a flag.

    Part of being dirty is getting away with doing illegal acts. A hold is illegal, yet time and time again Suh is being held. Sometimes it appears as if the refs want to see if Suh will lose his mind if he the offense is allowed to get held.

  18. Suh must be single, because wives don’t typically put up with that kinda crap. Mortgage notes, kids schooling, vacations, RELATIVES, come on man!

  19. I truly hope someone blows the maggots knee out and ends his career, there’s no room for losers like him..

    And the NFL doesn’t need criminals like him.

  20. This is a classic example of media bias. Not against Suh or detroit but a bias for laziness and sensationalism. There is a popular storyline that Suh is a dirty player. That storyline generates webtraffic and is easy to jump on board. This type of play happens 15-20 per game. But if Florio can use a clip like this to feed into the convenient storyline of big, bad. Suh…by all means.

  21. I don’t like the guy but this? Really? That’s the kind of BS that makes the league weak. There is nothing wrong with that. Get a new hobby rather then picking at a guy who gets enough attention

  22. Is the league becoming far too panty-waisted?…yes.

    Is this shot from Suh “just football”? Not even a little. The low block he threw in week 1 wasn’t particularly egregious to my eyes. It could have been defended as a guy just trying to make a football play.

    Suh lands a haymaker on the back of the head of an offensive lineman who just disengaged from him. If that’s “just football”, then there’s no such thing as an unnecessary roughness penalty.

  23. I’d love to have the guy play for my team any day… He’s the one paying the fines and risking suspension and when he’s not doing those things he’s exactly as you described– an absolute force that demands double teams just to try to contain him… The guy will likely never win any league-wide popularity contests but last time I checked he’s one of the very best at his job in the world that has to deal with opponents willing to do most anything to stop him… If you scour game films again and point out the sheer number of “dirty” plays against him, I’d be willing to bet he’s the victim of “foul play” far more often than he dishes it out…

  24. That being said, if he knocks out RGIII for the season or his career tomorrow with a less than kosher play, I’ll be the first the lead the “Poo on Suh Campaign” to ban the guy for life… Hah, just kidding… Kind of…

  25. If you’re really tired of this kind of journalism, stop giving the website hits and traffic. There are plenty of alternatives. Calling Florio names using their bandwidth only puts more $$ in his pocket.

    That being said, that video is hilarious. Suh still terrorizes Colt McCoy’s nightmares along with James Harrison I bet. Dude is nasty, and no one wants to bang with him. That can’t be argued. Props, Suh. Do what you can get away with to help your team. It’s what corporate America was built on for centuries.

  26. They will call hands to the face but not an elbow to the back of the head WTF??????????Good reporting Florio. Hopefully an OL chopblocks this P.O.S right out of the league.

  27. “thebirdofprey says: Sep 21, 2013 11:20 PM

    The media can look for anything on a football field and point to it to paint a picture their way. The shot he got fined 100, 000 k for was uncalled for and dirty but now PFT is just reaching for stories. I can show you video of Tom Brady in his Ugg Boot taking a shot at Ed Reed’s knees.”

    Really? Tom Brady “took a shot”, (his one and only in how many years?) paid his fine without complaining or appealing yet you don’t have a problem with an obvious repeat offender getting in “shots” every which way he can? Get over it or get back in the basement.


  28. Oh and by the way “thebirdofprey” if you are going to bring Tom Brady’s one discretion to light…get it right…it wasn’t Ed Reed’s knees.

  29. This guy could be the next “Mean Joe Greene”, if the league would let him. Stop being complicit to the pussification of the league….

  30. That was cheap no way to look at it. Suh put more effort into setting up the retaliation then he did worry about the running back that just went through his gap.

    It did look like a hold, but if this is how Suh reacts to a hold then he is a lost cause as a football player.

    Suh might be getting some Brian Baldinger justice if he keep it up.

  31. Every O-lineman, TE, and FB in the league should go after Suh’s knees on every snap. Suh said they are all knat’s anyway. So I say mix it up.. send a different player from a different angle on every snap until his knees snap! Lets send Suh home for good

  32. Wow…I like how the media is being called to task in these comments.

    That said…Suh has huge issues. I see nothing wrong with this article. The man is truly dirty.

    And Lions fans whining about bad press, lol. Try being a Buc fan.

  33. you need to calm down with the Suh nonsense that doesnt look like a big deal to me, stop tattling buddy with all these whiney complaints you have it makes you sound bitter like you were always picked last in team oriented sports

  34. Curious if the league office will take note of this and do anything. Seems like they have to acknowledge it happened because I’m betting PFT has already called them asking for a response to it….

  35. Football at this point is unwatchable,defense is not aloud to play defense,qb’s throwing for 450yds 3tds and losing? Freaking ridiculous..only reason I watch is cause I bet on games,oh as far as mr suh is concerned,he’s the last of a certain breed,big,strong,nasty def player,I love it..go out and smack the crap out of rg3 today suh

  36. I’m not a Lions fan but to me it looked like he threw him to the ground and because of the camera angle it appeared as if his forearm smacked him up side the noggin

  37. first of that was not a dirty play. Second Suh penalties that he is most famous for was not as bad as everyone seems to make it. The Thanksgiving Day stump was later talked about and it was brought up that it was told to a player that he should untie his shoes every pile up. then the hit on Jay Cutler was not a late hit. Even Jay Cutler stated that he thought the play was clean.then there is the 100000 dollar penalty.I agree that was a stupid decision. Bad judgment yes. But now this article is about him with a defensive lineman move that is nowhere near a penalty.note then he says Suh took a few attempts at cheap shots on himself. He sum that up with one sentence, yet makes a whole article about a defensive lineman move in his eyes was dirty. As a huge fan of football, I believe a lot of the present day rules are taking football out of football. We might as well give them flags and play flag he there already No, if you aggressive yes. these gms and players will welcome him to there team in a heartbeat.

  38. Give me a break, seriously. Took a week to find this clip. Just goes to show you he is now being singled out. Did you watch every player in the NFL every play, from every angle as you appear to with Suh? This is probably 1 of a few hundreds of similar hits that take place weekly.

  39. I’d love to see him and the Washington LG get in a brawl today…. ‘Steiger’s a nasty guy too… But I fear Suh will manhandle the center if there’s no help… No matter though, Redskins win today

  40. He probably should get the benefit of the doubt in this instance. It looks like he was just trying to throw the guy to the ground. That said, he does deserve to be under a microscope. Bad reputations are hard to shake.

  41. Haters gonna hate, but did anyone else notice Winston holding Suh after Suh released his grip to try to run towards the ball? Why isn’t anyone talking about why that didn’t get flagged? Oh, just because Suh is Suh? That’s pathetic. Man up.

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