Supposed Vick autograph event postponed due to death threats

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More than four years after Eagles quarterback Mike Vick exited prison after serving time for dogfighting and gambling, some folks still hold a pretty strong grudge.

Via CBS 21 in Harrisburg, Vick was scheduled to appear at a Buffalo Wild Wings in York, Pennsylvania to sign autographs on October 30.  The event was canceled due to death threats against the organizers.

“The message was, ‘I wish your wife and kids would die,'” Jamie Bartolo told CBS 21.  (That’s really not a death threat, per se.)
Bartolo said other hateful messages were received via social media.
“We’re getting a lot of comments focused towards my family, hurting them, wishing they were dead, making comments that we are vile people for bringing him to this area,” Bartolo said.
She added that close to 70 people already had purchased tickets.  By Monday, she’ll decide whether to reschedule the event, change the location, or make arrangements with a different player.
Meanwhile, and perhaps predictably, a spokesperson for Vick says that the Eagles quarterback never had agreed to appear the event.
“Michael was never presented any proposal or agreement to attend any autograph session in October,” the spokesperson told CBS 21.
Regardless of whether Vick ever was supposed to do it, he apparently won’t be doing it now.

20 responses to “Supposed Vick autograph event postponed due to death threats

  1. Let me get this straight… human beings are upset at another human being who bankrolled an operation that tortured, fought and killed dogs, and think that there is rationalization for threatening (and possibly being willing to follow through?) the human being’s life?

    Priorities in this country. First this Holloway nonsense, now this?

  2. When you electrocute dogs, and don’t spend a day in jail for that actual act like a non NFL player would I guess some threats should be expected.

  3. The threats were made to the organizers if the event, not Vick himself. Also Vick did serve time in jail for his actions. I swear people don’t even bother to read thru some of these articles nd just skim and go to the comments section -_-

  4. I find it interesting that they were selling tickets to an event that Vick hadn’t even agreed to appear at. False representation, anyone?

  5. @fdugrad: They’re probably not Eagles fans. York is several hours from Philadelphia. They’re likely angry about the dog fighting, and at worst they’re Steelers fans. 100% chance they’re Republicans either way.

  6. you hypocrites make me sick you kill deer gators anything you can get your gun to shoot straight at for FUN yet condemn vick for paying for dog fighting how dare y’all while a man kills another man while high and drunk gets 30 days and is back playing football the next season yall should be ashamed #stallworth im so sick of yall with this double standard but nobody cares that congress hired underage prostitutes but vick is evil yall should be ashamed look in the mirror

  7. People… Harrisburg is Central Pennsylvania… the beginning or end to Appalachia depending on your geographic proximity. Central PA is an entirely different world and quite honestly their demographics are more likely to be Ravens fans than Eagles/Steelers.

  8. Vick is a piece of human garbage.. He’d be living the same life today had he not been caught. Why anyone would want his autograph or want to hang his photo on their wall is beyond me.

  9. As a life long Falcons fan I still to this day hate what he did to our team, I hate the fact that he had all of that talent and didn’t spend time in the film room, I hate that he was an idiot and hurt dogs but come on man, he has obviously straightened his life out and I pull for him when he plays. Who has not done things as a young adult that we wish we had of done different? We are a society made of 2nd chances and he has done everything that has been asked of him during his 2nd chance. Let it go people. I obviously dont know him personally but from what i can see He has become a much better human being since those days and I wish him nothing but success as a husband, father and in his career as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Falcons winning a Lombardy. Judging by the last couple of years I don’t think that will be an issue. As of week 3 the falcons have a lot more issues in the way besides the eagles.

  10. Okay, as an avid person for life rights for pretty much all living things, and as a hater of vick for all that he’s done…death threats are a bit much

  11. As a dog lover, Vick’s actions were deplorable.
    Each person has to decide whether he can ever be forgiven.

    He served his time, and there’s no law saying you have to stay ignorant. Everything he has done since his release, particularly his outreach to young children to put them on the right path toward respecting animal life, has been exemplary.

    Whether it’s this signing event or anyone else’s, organizers have to stop cow-towing to a small, loud group of haters. There is no single thought or person that won’t find hate from the haters.

    They are white noise. Ignore them. They are cowards. You don’t have to worry about your personal safety. They are not terrorists, they are insecure whiners at heart. Ignore them.

  12. I’m a dog lover myself but can’t people get past this?
    He seems to have changed. Forgiveness man, forgiveness.

  13. two wrongs don’t make a right.

    the bible preaches second chances and forgiveness.

    people are trash.

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