Aldon Smith will enter in-patient facility to undergo rehab


As expected, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith will undergo rehab for substance abuse.

Peter King of and Football Night in America reports that Smith will enter an in-patient facility early this week.

Which explains why his locker is empty.  Which also explains why the team has announced he won’t be playing on Thursday night against the Rams.

Many in-patient rehab programs last 28 days.  It’s unclear how long Smith will be away from the team.

53 responses to “Aldon Smith will enter in-patient facility to undergo rehab

  1. as much it pains me to think about the niners going for an extended time without Aldon, this was the right decision

  2. Hopefully he truly wants it, or we’ll be here again. To overcome substance abuse is you have to want it. Tuesday I’ve been sober for 17 months, and it’s a daily struggle. I hope nothing but the best for Aldon.

  3. I think the kid is a talent and is special to watch on a football field. The off-field issues over the past couple of years called for a change. I hope he gets his mind right and doesn’t let a great career slip away. Wish him the best.

  4. Nice to see the Niners and Aldon being proactive about this. He obviously needs some help and a “life coach” to keep his head on straight.

    Good for them…

  5. He’ll only miss one game. This is a PR stunt, not a move to actually get him help. Relax Niner fans, he’ll be back to racking up sacks and more DUI’s in no time!

  6. I have the bad feeling that this isn’t something he wants yet.
    If he doesn’t really believe he needs the help it won’t work.
    I sincerely hope it works out for the best.
    Good luck Aldon.

  7. I have a huge fan-hate on the Niners. And can’t stand Harblow at all. But I hope Aldon gets the help he needs and is back on the field sooner than later. The team needs him. the league needs him, and I think he needs the league (at this time in his life).

  8. Shame on Harbaugh for letting him play only two days after driving while completely hammered.

    Nice message you sent, Jim.


  9. Who’s money? Who’s hurting?
    That’s what I want to know.
    That’s why I listen to the Sports Junkies Show.

    Lurch Papa is married to Theresa.
    EB is married to Dina.
    Johnny Cakes? Yeah, he’s married to Amy.

    And I don’t know anything about JP.
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    But he’s just a big stupid donkey.
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  10. Don’t forget the gun discharge felony this summer where he had a private party and charged $10.00 admission plus $5.00 per drink to his “friends”

  11. The ‘inpatient rehab facility” that non- football players would have to enter is called the county jail.


    ““That’s pretty exclusive to the league, well it is,” coach Jim Harbaugh said regarding whether the team would discipline Smith. “They have exclusive rights to the consequences and there will be consequences. There always is. Good or bad, we all have consequences.”

    As I said on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk on Friday evening, that’s baloney. Or perhaps another word starting with B.”

    “League officials confirmed that under the collective bargaining agreement and the league’s substance-abuse policy, the 49ers could not suspend Smith. Even though commissioner Roger Goodell has emphatically stressed that DUI violations are high-level concerns, he also cannot suspend Smith under the personal conduct policy because the most recent case still must be adjudicated.”

    Now say sorry Florio.

  13. boyshole25 says:
    Pure filth

    That’s more than just a little bit judgmental. He hasn’t killed or hurt anyone and he’s taking a strong step to stop his bad behavior.

    I wonder how many people in your family or among your friends have substance abuse problems you may not even be aware of? Will you show them the same lack of compassion and think of them as filth too?

    If you ever make a similar mistake you’d best hope the people you deal with in your life have a bit more compassion than you do.

  14. Smith in 2006, after having some furniture re-upholstered by Theresa Bishop, told her that his excessive drinking led him to quit attending meetings of the Corner Club.

  15. floratiotime: I apologize to you if anything comes of it, however when I was reading your comment, my cat jumped up on my table and somehow my mouse must have clicked on the “Report Comment.” I did not mean to do this. PFT, I hope this somehow gets through to you as well.

  16. @beastmode5150,

    You’re right he was lucky in that respect. As are an awful lot of other people. They all get a chance to learn the easy way.

    And having a problem like this doesn’t make someone “filth”. You want to call Aaron Hernandez names like that I won’t argue. Not this guy, especially since he is at least going to try to fix the problem.

  17. rehab for 24 intense hours, he will have a unbelievable recovery and play thursday because the 49ers need him. Harbaugh should be fired for playing him today.

  18. WOW – Someone is admitting they were in the wrong, things have gotten out of hand and is now taking steps to correct the problem (of their own rather than forced into to it like so many other pro athletes), and I am amazed, at the amount of hate from teams fan base other than the 49ers!

    We should be standing up and applauding someone getting help before they do something even dumber than this “event”, and hurt another person.

    And I’m also not sure how Aldons actions reflects on the Niners fans either… Come on man, enough of the hate on these boards.

  19. Some pretty disgusting comments on here. Addiction and Alcoholism is a very real disease. Here’s to hoping the inpatient treatment he is going to receive helps him get back on his feet. God bless and best wishes from a Vikings fan. You got this, Aldon.

  20. Well said cmos. Aldon may be a dumb kid but i respect that 9ers and he agreed to seek help. Much better than meaningless fines and suspensions. Hope it works and he turns his life around.

  21. Good luck, Aldon. Heal yourself first then worry about the team.

    Oh, and shame on the classless Seahawk fans. You’re an upstart with no idea how to handle a little bit of success.

  22. As a Seahawks fan and recovering Alcoholic I hope he gets the help he needs to turn his life around. Addiction at best will ruin your life and at worst end your life or someone else’s.

    If he really is serious about recovery he’ll be gone for at least 28 days, and have another 8 months of intensive group work and a lifetime of AA meetings.

    I hope he understands that he will have to approach his life in a totally new way from the friends he keeps, to the places he goes.

    It’s never to late to get help, so please if you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, get the treatment you need before it’s too late.

  23. 28 Days Later … and what he’ll be as freaky as the movie’s creepy character??

    They’ll miss him and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

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