Andre Johnson limps off the field

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The Texans have a number of problems at the moment, but there may be none bigger than the condition of Andre Johnson.

Their star wide receiver limped off the field a few moments ago, and even before then didn’t look like himself.

Johnson has five catches for 36 yards today, as the Texans trail 24-9 near the end of the third quarter.

He left last week’s game with a concussion, but appeared to have been kicked in the shin, and was playing with a limp before heading to the sidelines. The Texans offense has faltered, ruining what had been a good effort by their defense.

7 responses to “Andre Johnson limps off the field

  1. And the gifts for Joe Flacco continue… the $120 million dollar man chimes in with a whopping 53 yards passing for the entire first half, but his teams leads by eight. (Touchdown, defense! Touchdown, special teams!) You figure with Rice out, Joe will finally have to swim on his own, but no… no when you’re Joe Flacco, you get carried like groceries.

    When will we EVER see a game when Flacco actually has to do the heavy lifting? Or even just carry his own weight?

  2. @ampatsisahypocrite
    Rather than give a TEAM its due, you emphasize the one thing that MAY irritate Ravens fans. Just because Flacco…oh wait…Touchdown, Offense!!! Oh wait, Field Goal, Offense!!! Oh wait, Field Goal, Offense!!!

  3. Good game by the Ravens today…. Game was much closer than the score. This game was won with the pick 6 and subsequent PR for TD.

    Texans D played very well but just got spirit broken by completely inept offense.

    Ryan Harris filling in for Duane Brown was a joke.

    I have NEVER seen that many penalties in a game….

    Good win by the Ravens…. We crushed them last year and they won a SB…. maybe we can return the favor.

  4. @ampatsisahypocrite

    Who cares? We won. We beat a team who will likely be contending in January.

    Joe Flacco will carry the team when he needs to, just like he did in the playoffs. You need the whole team to be good to have a successful season in the NFL, not just one player.

  5. Maybe you want to read the different Ravens threads, I’m far from the only poster to notice Flacco doing nothing and yet the team winning. Deal with it.

    Nobody likes a freeloader. Nobody likes the guy who lives off others’ efforts. It’s simply not the American way. The Ravens, “led” by Joe Flacco, are simply doing things in an un-American manner. That’s why you get so much flack for Flacco, Ravens fans, from ALL other teams’ fans. (Ever notice?)

    The free handouts for Joe Flacco have GOT to stop… it’s simply un-American.

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