Antrel Rolle: Something has to happen


The Giants fell to 0-3 after an awful performance in a 38-0 loss to the Panthers on Sunday and the reaction in the locker room afterward featured a lot of the words you’d expect to hear after such a one-sided thumping.

Unacceptable, intolerable and humbled all made their way into tweets from beat writers talking to members of the Giants after the game. Safety Antrel Rolle accused the team of not having enough enthusiasm after last week’s loss and said they were missing fight this time around.

“I guess we didn’t fight enough,” Rolle said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “We’re coming up extremely short. Something is going to have to happen.”

The Giants’ lack of fight became clear as the game started to go the Panthers’ way in the first half. The Giants recoiled instead of returning punches and the game became a farce as a result. Clearly something needs to change, but it is hard to see what exactly can change in the immediate future. There aren’t young players waiting for opportunities nor are the Giants suffering from so many injuries that they can easily explain a performance like the one they turned in on Sunday.

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  1. Bad QB play is a good place to start. You have Cruz and Nicks and can’t score any points even in garbage time?

  2. Embarrassing. Coming into this season, I would have expected the Jets to have the edge in the Clowney sweepstakes of the two NY/NJ teams, not the Giants. I didn’t expect a great, 11-12 win season from my Giants, but I definitely didn’t expect this. Looking ahead, there isn’t a team on their schedule they can beat playing like this.

  3. I am a Giant fan for as long as I can remember, having spent my long ago youth in NYC. I was not one of some two to three million fans who claim they were present at The Stadium in 1958 for “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” however I DID watch the game in my best friend’s living room, as his folks had the first EVER television in our neighborhood. At any rate, ONE of the things that I truly wish is, that this sad turn of events humbles AR enough to close his always-open, perpetually jaw-flapping PIE HOLE!!

  4. Yes, something has to happen: actually a few things: TC, who I very much respect, needs to retire. Until he does, we will be stuck with gillbride and fewell, both of whom have worn out their welcome.

    Reese needs to alter his approach to the draft as well. Aside from two magical runs, the Giants have proven that playing with a scrub linebacking unit is not the way to go. Also, the Giants knew when to pull the plug on pettigout, ohara and seubert…..what are they waiting for with baas, snee, and Diehl?

    Giants are shaping up for a very high pick next year in a QB heavy draft. They need to trade out, stockpile 2014 picks, and do a one year re-build. One or two key FA signings, assuming they can fix their cap mess, is also probably necessary if they hope to compete next year.

  5. jakec4 says: Sep 22, 2013 6:20 PM

    Bad QB play is a good place to start. You have Cruz and Nicks and can’t score any points even in garbage time?

    Bad offensive line play. And stale, predictable play-calling by Gilbride, not Eli.

  6. Nobody earned a pay day today, turn your game checks into a charitable donation, pick one really undeserving to maximize the bad taste in your mouth say, I dunno, a charity that works with junkies, yeah because junkies are really undeserving so give your checks to them.

  7. The Oline is a disaster – it lacks talent, discipline, ability and heart – and the team seems to follow from there. Six sacks in the first half, no running game and no toughness – they’re moping around out there. That’s on Reese. The lack of fight in this team is pathetic. That’s on Cough-Medicine. Third Sunday in a row when “Breaking Bad” will be the feel good watch of the day.

  8. People are going to Trash Eli all year now. But those people obviously don’t watch the games. No one would look good behind that O-line.

    Can’t put too much blame on the defense for this one either. There’s really only so much you can do when you’re on the field 90% of the game and a DC who wants to play the same schemes all day. (Still don’t know why they did that last week. You can’t do that against Peyton. You just can’t.)

    Coaching staff needs to get blown up. Coughlin needs to retire and enjoy his grandkids. Fewell needs to smarten up if he wants a legitimate shot to stay. Gilbride should have been fired in 2009. No, really. I could pull Madden 25 plays out of my hat and call a more creative offense.

  9. The potential for 0-16. Who wudda thunk it? This appears to be one of the worst Giant teams I have ever seen in my 62 years of going to games. Hard to say ANYTHING positive about them. Who wudda thunk it?

  10. Been a Giants fan for about 25 years now. I must admit, I have never seen such an uninspired performance. Rolle was right on point, when he said, there was no emotion, cause there was none…

    I hate to say it right now, but it seems like they´re not responding to Coughlin anymore. That was embarrassing in every aspect of the game.

  11. As a life long Giants fan this is the worse group of talent on both sides of the ball especially on the lines. The blame needs to go on Reese and the front office. He continues to devalue drafting linebackers. Worse group of linebackers in the NFL. Oline has been a train wreck for a couple years. Need to let Pugh keep playing. He has potential. Reese keeps bringing in fat dline that can’t move and tire out.

    Giants have not placed any emphasis on the TE position. We keep signing guys to one year deals. 5 different TEs in five years. Drafted one offensive lineman high in the past 5 drafts. Out of our last 3 drafts(20 players) only 3 are seeing any time. Prince , Randle and Pugh. Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounder in this past draft haven’t even seen the field.

    Outside Eli, Cruz, Nicks (when healthy), JPP, Prince and Rolle we don’t have anyone else that would start on most teams. Tuck and Joesph maybe could play on other teams.

    Need to blow up everything. Rebuild for two years and make one last run with Dli.

  12. The Gmen always suck (save for 1991 and before…). It’s hard to see sometimes, cuz they up and win the superbowl every few years. But make no mistake- they weren’t that good in those years either. 9-7 and 20ints and yada yada. Sure this won’t be popular, but it’s true. And the lucid giants fans I know know it.

  13. eaglesnoles05 says: Sep 22, 2013 8:26 PM

    The Gmen always suck (save for 1991 and before…). It’s hard to see sometimes, cuz they up and win the superbowl every few years. But make no mistake- they weren’t that good in those years either. 9-7 and 20ints and yada yada. Sure this won’t be popular, but it’s true. And the lucid giants fans I know know it.

    The Giants stink, we know that, and “up and win the Super Bowl every few years” but since the Eagles have NEVER won one, what does that say about THEM?

  14. Who you gonna blame? Coughlin? He’s got more Super Bowl victories than any head coach except for Belichick, who he beat twice.

    Time to fire some players and coaching staff. And don’t blame Eli for this mess. Who are you gonna replace him with?

    Go Patriots!

  15. Hey Giants!
    The Jets just called.
    They want their circus tent back!

    Pathetic…this team couldn’t show any heart during a week when Tom Coughlin was hurting.

    And when did Aaron Ross become the mouthpiece for this team? Where are the leaders on this team? JPP is a one year wonder…face it!

    What a joke of a franchise…its embarrassing! I feel sorry for their fans…they deserve much better!

  16. O line is atrocious. Elis play equals it

    our D starts good but the offense is so bad the D collapses

    moments like this makes me wish i was a brown fan- no matter what year it is, you can expect to lose.

  17. The GM needs to be held accountable.

    Coughlin is going to prepare his team, but when the GM lets people walk or brings back other people’s garbage then he needs to get trashed.

    All they do is draft or get FA defensive linemen. They have no urgency to get a decent cheap vet RB, no attempt to claim a decent TE?? In a league where teams throw 3 TE’s around and have RB committees, this team has no quality nor quantity.

    Pathetic. I don’t blame Eli or old man Coughlin. They’re out-manned.

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