At least one Redskins player perceives change in treatment of RG3

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The handling of Robert Griffin III’s injured knee isn’t the problem in Washington.  It’s merely a symptom of a deeper issue.

When the Redskins went from the category of teams searching for a franchise quarterback to the much smaller group that has one, Griffin instantly became the face of the franchise — and in turn the most popular man in D.C. who doesn’t live in the White House.

The team may finally be trying to get the situation under control.  Per a league source, at least one Redskins player has perceived this week a definite change in the way that head coach Mike Shanahan treats Griffin.

The source explains that Shanahan talked to Griffin “like a regular player” early in the week, following Sunday’s blowout loss to the Packers, pointing out his mistakes candidly in the presence of other players.  Previously, the perception was that Shanahan tiptoed on eggshells when it came to talking to Griffin about any flaws or errors.

The Redskins, through a spokesman, strongly dispute that there has been any change in the way Shanahan communicates with Griffin.  But the perception definitely is there.

The shift, if the player’s perception of a change is accurate, comes at a time when resentment seems to be growing about the broader perception that the Robert Griffin III is Gladys Knight and the rest of the team are the Pips.

Surprisingly, receiver Pierre Garςon hasn’t been bashful about connecting the team’s 0-2 start to the obsession with Griffin’s knee, using the label “the elephant in the room” to describe the situation.

“Everybody’s talking about the injury, the injury that’s been talked about ever since January, Robert’s knee and his knee brace and what he can and can’t do, and if he’s prepared or not, and if he’s ready to go,” Garςon said.

Still, the broader issue is whether Griffin will continue to be the focal point of the team.  Recently, James Brown of CBS and Michael Wilbon of ESPN addressed the situation at their annual golf event in Washington.

“We understand that what he shows has got this town, I mean geeked beyond belief,” Brown said.  “However, tone it down just a bit because everything is so RGIII-focused, and it’s more than just him.”

“It’s too late, JB,” Wilbon said. “It’s too late now.”

“Because there are so many players around the league right now, who ain’t very happy about all that,” Brown added.

Thus, some Redskins players could be happy about the perception that the handling of Griffin is starting to change.  Even though the Redskins deny a shift, it’s the kind of adjustment that could make it much harder, if not impossible, for Griffin to eventually mimic Magic Johnson’s power play from more than 30 years ago, which got his coach fired.

Then again, talking tough to Griffin could be the thing that ignites the potential powder keg that provokes Griffin to push for a Paul Westhead/Pat Riley-style swap.

25 responses to “At least one Redskins player perceives change in treatment of RG3

  1. I know a guy that works for fedx and this guy is definitely thinks he is above reproach. He apparently called fedx screaming at the top of his lungs on a package that was being delivered. he told the guy… u know who I am? Yes we do IR III…..u r soon an average QB in a pocket pass offense who we will soon be benched and out of this league with another injury.

    prima dona…….

    where is illogical voice iii? lmao.

  2. Living 30 miles north, I see this full steam every day. Redskin fans think this guy can do everything from clean their clogged drain to raise their dead relatives. All we heard all off-season was, “it’s ok, we have RGIII, so it’ll all be all right.”

    RGIII is a good quarterback, but no one can live up to the expectations that the fans and the media have put on him in Washington. He’s not Joe Montana, and he’s not Johnny Unitas. With the way he plays, he may not have a very long career in the NFL, either. How about you folks at the other end of the parkway get off the guy’s back and let him develop? He’s good. He ain’t great (at least not yet).

  3. Mountain out of a molehill. Everyone is on the same page in that lockerroom. The media as usual in this city trying to destroy the team. We will not be stopped from our Superbowl season. Not the NFL, Goodell, Mara, media, haters will get in our way. God is looking over his favorite team here in Washington DC. Thank God I’m a Redskins fan! #HTTR

  4. I don’t give a fig whether or not RG is a diva or not, however as an employee, I think everyone at least wants to believe our employer or boss backs us in difficult situations. I also believe that any worker could harbor a permanent grudge against any supervisor who did not back him/her, or worse, hung that person out to dry by withdrawing support to protect or advance their position over the employee. I for one can see RG “hiding in the weeds,” looking for the chance to drop the hammer on coach S., if he perceives that MS kept him in a playoff game after it was absolutely clear his knee was badly injured, which, of course, led to major surgery and the resultant long and painful rehab, risking his entire career. I have no way of knowing whether Griffin feels this way, however, if he does, I can certainly see him attempting to “Magic” his coach.

  5. Not sure who’s under more pressure for immediate results–RG3 or Chip Kelly?

    Either way it’s starting to look like ‘success’ is going to be impossible for either with the bar set so high.

  6. Big mistake not taking snaps during pre season. Management and coaches reenforced the belief that he can be as good as last year without proper preparation. Hope he rebounds.

  7. … RGIII is vastly more popular than the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… ”

    …who is vastly more popular than the previous resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … and smarter and better looking, too.

  8. I watched RGIII’s very first pro game, against the Saints, and he was truly impressive ( and the Skins won ). I’ve watched portions of his two games this season. He’s not the same player. It’s too bad, really, because he has such wonderful gifts. I hope his knee continues to improve and that he gets back to his former status. And I’m not a Skins fan.

  9. Finally touching on one of the more real issues of where this team is at mentally. The fact of the matter is this, last year was last year. This is now. The team and the fan base really have fed into all the preseason hype and guess what…They aren’t that good. As far as RGIII goes. My only question is,
    what has this kid done in the NFL that warrants the special treatment? He shouldn’t have been anointed the”face of the franchise”. He hasn’t earned it. Now reality is setting in and everyone is looking around and saying “uh oh what now?” The season is only 2 games in so maybe there is time to turn things around. It’s a nice thought, but this is now.

  10. usmutts says:
    Sep 22, 2013 12:35 PM
    … RGIII is vastly more popular than the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… ”

    …who is vastly more popular than the previous resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … and smarter and better looking, too.

    …yeah, ummmm, no. Try again.

  11. It’s not all about RG3. If We had some defense we would be 2-1. It funny as hell how dumb the vast majority of comments are posted by so-call football knowledgeable people on this site. HTTR

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