Brian Hoyer, Josh Gordon sparking Browns’ offense

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We’re not even yet through a half in Sunday’s Browns-Vkings game, but we can say a couple things with conviction.

For starters, backup quarterback Brian Hoyer is making the most of his chance to start in place of Brandon Weeden.

Hoyer has thrown a pair of first-half touchdown passes for Cleveland, which is playing far-and-away its best offensive game of the season and holds a 17-14 second-quarter lead.

Hoyer, who’s making his second career regular-season start, connected on a 47-yard score with wideout Josh Gordon in the first quarter, then hit tight end Jordan Cameron for a 19-yard TD in the second quarter.

With coach Rob Chudzinski not saying Weeden is assured of his starting job once he returns from a thumb injury, Hoyer’s play adds to the intrigue in Cleveland.

It’s also clear that Gordon’s return after a two-game suspension has added some badly needed playmaking ability to the Browns’ offense.

In his first three touches against the Vikings, Gordon had a 47-yard TD reception, a 30-yard catch and a 22-yard run.

14 responses to “Brian Hoyer, Josh Gordon sparking Browns’ offense

  1. Good for Hoyer !

    He sat for so long behind Brady I’m glad to see him take advantage of his opportunity with Cleveland.

  2. We’re getting breaking news…The Browns have traded Brian Hoyer mid-game! Seems like the Browns will receive only the emotion of sympathy in return. When asked about the trade head coach Rod Chudzinski said, “Tankin’ ain’t easy.”

  3. Vikings are terrible! There should be some firings and job losses after this first half. How do you leave a man wide open on a field goal..
    They don’t even try to get Cordarelle the ball either, 2 passes to him? Can we fire Bill Musgrave yet?

    What happened to our Oline, no holes for Peterson and they look like a carousel against the Cleveland front 7.
    Our secondary looks bad too.

    Congrats to Cleveland, they came to play and know how to use their playmakers and personnel. complete control by the browns.

  4. Vikings D is making hoyer look like the second coming of peyton manning. Wow… I really thought with Les Frazier, and Allan Williams as the D coordinator, that this team would have a much better D, but it stinks.

    Has Muskrat been fired yet?

    I don’t think Cassel would be much better than Ponder. I think it all goes back to muskrat. But if they aren’t going to get rid of muskrat, you might as well see what you have in Cassel, or MBT…. Try MBT, what’s it gonna hurt? Maybe he can make muskrats wet dream of an offense look a little better.

  5. Ravens and a football fan. If Ravens stumble this year, I hope they don’t of course– I’d like to see six straight years in playoffs. I’m rooting for Cleveland and its beleaguered fans success.

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