Cowboys roll to 31-7 win over Rams


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said this week that the Cowboys needed to run more and run better than they had in the first two weeks of the season.

Missions accomplished.

DeMarco Murray carried the ball 26 times for 175 yards and a touchdown and the Cowboys had more runs than passes as they jumped in front of the Rams early and never looked back. The 31-7 win means they’ll be the only 2-1 team in an NFC East that has not turned out to be one of the more imposing divisions in the NFL. If the Cowboys have more days like Sunday, that may mean they win the division by a comfortable margin.

Murray had plenty of room to run and Tony Romo was sacked just once behind an offensive line that was much better than they were against the Chiefs in Week Two. Romo didn’t turn the ball over while throwing three touchdowns and the defense harassed Sam Bradford all afternoon. They sacked him six times and forced a fumble early in the third quarter to quash any thoughts of a comeback from St. Louis.

If that was the best of the Cowboys on display, the Rams should hope it was their worst. Bradford never had time to throw and there was no running game to keep the heat off of him, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered given how easily the Cowboys offense moved through the Rams. For one week, the Cowboys heeded the calls to Murray and it is only going to lead to more of them.

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  1. Hats off to Bradford, constantly his offensive line was collapsing and forced him to look down the barrel of the gun as he was knocked around afternoon, yet he kept staying in the pocket and making the throws.

    Rams receivers should be more than embarrassed. I’ve literally never seen so many blatantly dropped balls with almost zero defenders around. That was so pathetic.

    I know DeMarcus Ware is a top tier pass rusher but Jake Long looked so unprepared for this game. Over and over he was caught on his heels trying to limit the amount of inevitable damage was about to cause. Also, the ease in which he was pancaked was laughable.

    Finally, a well-rounded game for the Cowboys. The offensive line got off the ball and made some holes for the run game. The offensive line also held their own on the pass rush, allowing Romo ample time to make the necessary throws and not be forced to throw dinky check downs due to oncoming pressure from the defensive line.

    I sure as hell hope the Cowboys keep the same game plan for San Diego next week.

  2. What do you know. Looks like Romo finally has a supporting defense. We’ll see if DeMarco can stay healthy. Easily the cream of the division.

  3. Pretty disappointed Ram’s fan here. The Boy’s dominated in every facet and for the first time I’m questioning Fisher/Shottenheimer’s play calling. Way too conserative and the drops were killer. If we play this way Thurs against the Niners we are going to get embarrased on national tv.

  4. dolphins4 says:
    Sep 22, 2013 4:22 PM
    The Cowboys are going to win the NFC east.

    They could win it with 7 wins.

  5. Best performance by the Boys in a long time. It was a must win with Chargers and Denver upcoming. The key to this team is CONFIDENCE.
    They will have it at least until next Sunday.
    Oh, and the East is their’s.

  6. The Boys seem to be back this season, with a good supporting cast (defense). Romo appears to have a new commitment, maybe not as distracted. Now, let’s keep it going.

  7. I started watching this game, then once it became 17-0 I switched to the Red Zone channel. A very impressive Cowboys performance against what I thought was a pretty decent Rams team. Of course, it’s only week three, but this looks like the best team in the NFC East without a doubt.

  8. Tim Walton Sucks!!! Rams defense stinks. Bad hire as Defensive Coordinator. Saw this coming. I’m a Rams fan, But the Cowboys rocked it today.

  9. The Rams should put a revolving door at left tackle next week – it would probably do a much better job than Jake Long.
    Worst performance I’ve seen from a left tackle in a long time. He was pancaked so many times it was making me hungry…

  10. Next week the Giants travel to KC (0-4?), Phil travels to Den (1-3?) Redskins travel to Oak
    (1-3?), nah (0-4). No wild card from this division.

  11. The Rams have some players but their offensive line is very weak allowing 6 sacks. Murray just had his way with the defense.

    With all three of the other East teams losing, Dallas finds themselves out front early. Just no excuse for not winning the East this year by default.

  12. Dear St Louis Rams,

    Thank you for Brandon Gibson. He was key to the victory over the Falcons. Hope Jake was worth the big contract Jeff turned down. Everyone said he would be a huge loss for us, but somehow we’ve managed to get to 3-0

    Miami Dolphins.

  13. I mentioned how underwhelming Bradford continues to be while Ram fans were basking in that awesome win over the great Arizona Cardinals in week 1. Since his promising rookie season, he’s been going down hill. Rick Mire syndrome.

  14. Hey rams u guys just keep practicing on trying to go for it on 4th down the rest of the league is going to love playing against a very desperate Jeff Fischer… LOL!!! GREAT JOB COWBOYS!!!

  15. Can you imagine if Roger Saffold would have played in this game? That hangnail would’ve put him on season ending IR

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