Falcons strike first on Dolphins


The Falcons came in short-handed, but came out rolling.

Quarterback Matt Ryan was 8-of-9 on his first drive for 63 yards, and running back Jason Snelling scored from a yard out to put the Falcons up 7-0.

The Falcons are playing without running back Steven Jackson and left tackle Sam Baker, and used two-tight end packages early to try to shore up the protection.

They’ll need to keep it up, as the Dolphins have shown an ability to rush the passer so far this season.

4 responses to “Falcons strike first on Dolphins

  1. I’m a bignFins fan , but things don’t look good for Miami in this game. Atlanta is a great offensive team , and Miami’s defense , good though it may be still — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — cannot cover the opposing team’s tight end. Some teams are in coverage vs tight ends. Miami can’t cover them at all.

  2. I saw them against Indy last week , and on one play , they had DE Olivier Vernon trying to cover TE Coby Fleener , who proceeded to rumble downfield for a forty plus yard gain.
    Now that Miami has apparently solved their QB conundrum , they need to draft safeties and LB’s who can cover every single year until they get this issue resolved , because in today’s NFL , if can’t cover the tight end , you’ve got virtually no chance of winning against a good team (although they squeaked one out last week). I meant to say earlier , that there are some teams which are poor in coverage against TE’s. Miami , on the other hand , cannot cover them at all , and are also yielding big plays in the passing game to RB’s as well.

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