League will review Suh’s Week Two illegal hit, but a suspension is unlikely


Before Saturday night, the NFL wasn’t aware of the Week Two elbow to the head maneuver committed by Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh against Cardinals tackle Eric Winston.

The NFL is aware of it now, and the league will review the situation for potential discipline this week.

Per a league source, the hit by Suh is clearly a violation of the rules.  The question is whether discipline would be imposed more than a week after the behavior occurred.

For reasons not currently known, the Cardinals didn’t alert the NFL to the play.  That’s normally the way the the league office becomes aware of fairly obscure incidents.  In this particular case, it would have been nearly impossible for the NFL to catch the quick and sudden blow to the head without a head’s up from the team whose player was on the receiving end of the illegal hit.

And while it has been assumed that the next strike for Suh will get him suspended, we’re told that a suspension is unlikely in light of the delay.  If Suh is suspended, it will mean he should have been suspended for Sunday’s game at Washington, which the Lions won by only seven points.


38 responses to “League will review Suh’s Week Two illegal hit, but a suspension is unlikely

  1. Looked to me like he was trying to shed a block. That’s a football move. Lions Dline has the most QB sacks and pressures of any Dline in the NFL since 2011 for good reason.

  2. I can’t stand Suh, but this was just ” in the trenches” type of play that took too much investigating to dig up and make a big deal out of.

  3. “But a suspension is unlikely.” Does this MANIAC literally have to pull out an opponent’s heart and take a big BITE of it in order to be suspended? He SHOULD be home watching two weeks already.

  4. You have to be kidding me. Let the guy play. You can find worse on almost every game played by any team. Get off your soap box

  5. When Suh hurts someone make it a story but no one has ever left a game due to Suh. This is all crap that goes on every week in the trenches if every game.

  6. it was clearly illegal and he is a problem child who 100,000 fine doesn’t even phase him….

    time to make him sit for a couple of weeks

  7. Hey NFL..Hope your ready to open pandora’s box and review every player’s, every play, every game, going back to God knows when to justify any action against Suh. Witch Hunt!

  8. Sorry, but that was awesome. Wish my Giants d-lineman played like that. BTW pft, the more you keep trying to denigrate the guy, the more people are going to like him. Just look at all the thumb-downs that the anti-Suh remarks are getting.

    At the end of the day I think it needs to be understood that people do enjoy the vicious nature of the NFL.

  9. the press’ role is NOT to notify the league of infractions. The reason why is there are infractions that are not called on every play. Challenging some, but not all calls smacks of favoritism or unfairness. the league cannot tolerate that appearance.

    There is an established procedure to report egregious hits or officiating concerns after every game and that process did not identify the play as a problem.

    I doubt the league responds at all to avoid the impression of press manipulation.

  10. Only after Suhsie ends someone’s career with one of his dirty cheap shots will Goodell get the goonads to suspend him.

  11. When will the league investigate all the attempts at vigilante justice against Suh? 2 illegal/malicious chop blocks last week and a half dozen or so illegal hands to the face this week – None of which were even flagged on the field.

  12. Suh has never injured a player. If he was so dirty then clearly he wouodve hurt someone by now. I think the comment above is correct, Suh must’ve beat up Florio early in life.

  13. The Cards have a tight endzone view of every game of every play. They review these videos after every game as a team, as individual coaches, as individual units, so it would be more impossible for them not to see this play then to overlook it.

    It’s quite obvious why the Cards didn’t submit this play. It wasn’t unusual or cheap! Certainly, the Cards have delivered hits lik this, and don’t want to be THAT team thatas tyrns in playsthe like thisthe for review. The only people who see this as a dirty or unusual play are those with s campaigen against Suh.

  14. They’ll review it, and they’ll do nothing about it. Hell, we don’t even know if he made contact with the arm.

  15. Shouldn’t there be some kind of statute of limitations on this kind of look back. I mean you send video to the league office and now they look at it. Where are the Adults?

    Seriously, this is getting like Golf.

  16. I’ve watched this clip over and over and over. The tackler was 91 Jason Jones. Suh’s number is 90 who is at the left of the play. Unless I am missing somthing.

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