Report: Greg Schiano stays in Boston due to family medical emergency


The Buccaneers are heading back to Tampa with an 0-3 record after getting handled rather easily by the Patriots on Sunday, but their coach reportedly won’t be traveling back with them.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Schiano will remain in the Boston area because of a family medical emergency. No further details are available and Schiano did his post-game press conference and met with players in the locker room per usual.

During that meeting with the press, Schiano was asked if his team would stay together in the face of the adversity they’ve encountered thus far this season.

“It’s definitely a choice,” Schiano said, via “It’s their choice. I have great confidence this team will stick together and this team will win. I believe they believe that.”

We hope that all is well in Schiano’s family soon and that he’s back to work at getting the team pointed in the right direction before too much longer.

17 responses to “Report: Greg Schiano stays in Boston due to family medical emergency

  1. I hope his family is okay, but after these three weeks the bucs would be crazy not to let him go when their bye week comes up. He’s clearly not getting the job done with a very talented team.

  2. Regardless of what one thinks of him as a coach, he’s still a person and has family like most all of us do.

    His job is just a job. WE are all people and people come before work.

    Hope it isn’t anything serious.

  3. Folks need to lay off this guy, I’m a Saints fan and despise the Bucs, but if something is going on with his family I’m looking at him as a human being and hoping that everything is alright.

  4. Hope all goes well with the family

    After watching his QB in the preseason and now 3 games into the season, he needs to bench him and go with the back up….. Freeman is killing them, they good a good D, good special teams, good running game and WR who can catch…..Make the move and save your season….

  5. Hopefully, it is nothing serious.

    Ordinarily, I’d take a knee and pray for him, but I’d be afraid he’d bull-rush me…

  6. I like this guy. I think he’s a good football coach, and these rough times remind me a bit of his buddy Belichick. Same type of discipline. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns it around and/or gets another chance elsewhere in the nfl.

    And, of course, hope the emergency isn’t as bad as emergencies can be.

  7. Hope all is well but I have a question. Why does the media hate this guy so much? Today during a game I was watching the put up a graphic for the othe teams in the NFC South. N.O. had Brees stats, Car had Newton and his stats and for TB they had a picture of thier coach and how he is now 0-3. Why didn’ they have a picture of Freeman and his stats and that he was 0-3. Why do they do that I ask?

  8. Sorry to hear about Coach Schiano’s family emergency, I hope and pray everyone in his family is OK whatever it is…

    As for being head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs… I believe this is the last season for coach Schiano as the Bucs coach, and I bet he will be back coaching a college team next season… Honestly, I think that is where he belongs…

  9. Schiano is quickly joining the list of “Top 10 Coaches Who Should’ve Stayed in College” but that’s no reason to wrag on em for a family emergency. If its true….. Hope all is well coach. Go BUCS!!

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