Schaub pick-six opens floodgates for Ravens

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The Texans were cruising right along, controlling the clock and the game.

And then Matt Schaub made a terrible mistake, and the Ravens are suddenly up 17-9 at halftime.

The Ravens followed Daryl Smith’s interception return for a touchdown with an 82-yard punt return by Tandon Doss.

The Ravens have a grand total of 65 yards at halftime, but you’d never be able to tell by the edge they’re playing with now, thanks to the Texans settling for field goals and Schaub gift-wrapping one.

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  1. All that’s missing is Matt Stover and Brian Billick. Defense and special teams coming to the rescue while Joe Boller, I mean Flacco, can’t move the ball at all. When they do move it they immediately negate with a penalty. I know some important players have been traded or are hurt on the Ravens offense, but Flacco still has to make things happen. That’s what he’s making all that money for.

  2. You can always count on Matt Schaub to throw a touchdown pass to a player in stride. You can’t always count on it being a teammate.

  3. I’ve been a Texans fan since day 1, and don’t get me wrong I like schaub but I think it’s time to take him away from the starting job. I believe that Casey Keenum should be named as the starter he has real potential.

  4. Are we EVER going to see a game where the $120-million man has to carry the load? In classic Ravens style Flacco has 53 whopping yards passing at the half, but his team is up 8 points. You figure with Rice out, Joe finally has to show he can do it on his own, but no… up steps the defense and special teams to do the scoring. Does anyone get carried like Joe Flacco, yet make so much money? It’s just mind boggling.

  5. Flacco carried us in the playoffs last year. 11 TDs and 0 picks. Yes he threw some jumpballs up for Boldin, but if you had Boldin wouldn’t you throw it up there for him? Great strategy. And….if you have been watching the Ravens this year you would know that Flacco has been playing well…but his receivers have been dropping some gimmes. Finally today Dallas Clark caught a few (still dropped at least one, and Stokley is getting more in sync.

    You guys keep talking trash about Flacco and the Ravens, but we won the Big one last year, and we just beat the Texans 30-9. Yes, we lost to Denver, but it’s game one. We got hammered by the Broncos last year by about 24 point and still beat them in Denver when it counted!

    Are you guys middle schoolers?

  6. Yeah, uscoach? How many points did Flacco account for in the second half of the Super Bowl when the game was being decided? No, Jacoby Jones carried your team, Joe Flacco has NEVER carried it.

    Flacco continues to do nothing, yet manage to escape getting exposed for it because others step up to make plays. Flacco’s embarrassing 53 yards in the first half would have been the headlines if not for the defense and special teams doing the scoring for him. That’s just a fact.

    Sooner or later, you won’t be able to count on defense and special teams to score TDs. When you finally have to depend on Flacco, you’ll lose.

  7. “We” won the 2000 Super Bowl after going 5 straight games without a TD. It’s football! You can do these things.

  8. Haters are mad cuz we (I live in bmore my whole life, go to the games, buy merchandise, support the team, and, yea I’m here longer than the players, but let’s not let facts get in the way of blinded ignorance) , bottom line is we racking up W’s, while learning on the go do eat that haters!

  9. @ampatsisahypocrite; did you see what Flacco did in the SB? In the AFC Championship? No Flacco didn’t look great, but he doesn’t have reliable WR’s either. But unlike fantasy, all that matters are W’s. @wearethesteelers; hurts, doesn’t it?

  10. ampats…you know nothing about football. why was the superbowl decided in the second half. ravens dominated the first half but since you hate flacco it doesnt count? you are a joke and flacco is superbowl mvp. deal with it

  11. Dear Ravens fans:

    Yeah, Flacco was hot in the first half of the Bowl, but was absent the second half when the game WAS being decided, as San Fran came close to winning. If Jones doesn’t run back a TD, Flacco goes down in history as the greatest fader in Super Bowl history. But thanks to someone else, Flacco doesn’t get exposed. Kind of like what you saw yesterday, 53 meager yards passing, but instead of getting grilled for it, nobody says anything because the Ravens are actually winning. See the picture now?

    Somehow a guy who was invisible at crunch time gets the MVP. Again, no end for the gifts of charity to Average Joe.

    And yeah I saw the playoffs — the only reason he had no picks is because Boldin did an amazing job with his jump balls, and I saw a LOT of underthrown passes that Jones turned into gold.

    Look I’m not the only one who points this out, many fans here do, so don’t act like it’s just me. What you Ravens fans need to understand is that this is about more than football. America HATES a freeloader, a guy who gets rewarded for just being there. What’s going on with Flacco is just plain un-American. Sorry.

    A Proud American

  12. ampats…its a 60 minute game. flacco had a great first half and not a great 2nd half. but you count discount the first 30 minutes, or the rest of the playoffs, just because you know nothing at all about football. america forgives you

  13. ampats…its been over 5 years since flacco became ravens qb. 5 playoff apperances, 3 afc title games, and a superbowl championship. just because he doesnt put up video game numbers doesnt mean hes not a damn good qb. people that know a lot more about football than us think he is very good. he wins…all that matters.

  14. did you watch the playoffs last year ampats…when joe threw 11 tds 0 ints and the ravens scored over 30 points against 2 top 5 defenses. let me guess…they were all jumpballs? you know nothing about football and wouldnt know a good qb if he bit you

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