Two 49ers fined $7,875, one for cheap shot, one for white socks


Which is worse, taking a cheap shot at an opponent or wearing white socks? According to the league office, they’re equally bad.

Or at least, they warrant equal fines. That’s what two 49ers players found out last week.

San Francisco offensive tackle Anthony Davis and safety Donte Whitner were both fined $7,875. Davis’s fine was for unnecessary roughness, for a hit on Seattle’s O’Brien Schofield last week. That hit also drew a personal foul flag from the officials.

Whitner’s fine was for wearing white socks. The rest of the 49ers were wearing red socks, but Whitner’s were white, and that’s an NFL no-no.

We previously noted that Lions safety Louis Delmas was fined $5,250 for wearing the wrong color socks last week. There is no word from the league office about why Whitner’s socks were considered $2,625 worse than Delmas’s socks.