Two 49ers fined $7,875, one for cheap shot, one for white socks


Which is worse, taking a cheap shot at an opponent or wearing white socks? According to the league office, they’re equally bad.

Or at least, they warrant equal fines. That’s what two 49ers players found out last week.

San Francisco offensive tackle Anthony Davis and safety Donte Whitner were both fined $7,875. Davis’s fine was for unnecessary roughness, for a hit on Seattle’s O’Brien Schofield last week. That hit also drew a personal foul flag from the officials.

Whitner’s fine was for wearing white socks. The rest of the 49ers were wearing red socks, but Whitner’s were white, and that’s an NFL no-no.

We previously noted that Lions safety Louis Delmas was fined $5,250 for wearing the wrong color socks last week. There is no word from the league office about why Whitner’s socks were considered $2,625 worse than Delmas’s socks.

12 responses to “Two 49ers fined $7,875, one for cheap shot, one for white socks

  1. It’s a team sport…they should all be wearing the same socks. That is unless you’re not a team player!

  2. The big question. Why is Aldon Smith playing today? The NFL is condoning drunk driving by its lack of action, and illegal drug use by not suspending him immediately. Drinking and driving is not a victimless crime, all too often it ends in manslaughter. It is time to get serious about this NFL- before your lack of decisive action ends in an NFL star killing somebody while drinking and driving.

  3. Is it safe to assume that the teams are paying the fines? It seems a little ridiculous to fine players thousands of dollars for an equipment violation, particularly when, I presume, they’re not supplying their own socks. I’m certain that no other “not-for-profit organization” in America would be able to get away with this.

  4. No problem here with either one. The word uniform means exactly that – all the same.

    Some players are dirty – and some are rebelling against the new safety rules. Neither should be tolerated.

  5. Aldon Smith will get three sacks and celebrate by getting wasted tonight. Drinking and driving is a victimless act if you don’t hit anyone. Stop treating everyone who does it like they killed someone. Yeah its stupid beyond belief, but no need to be up in arms over what could have happened. Focus on what did happen. He drank and drove. No victims.

  6. How hard is it to dress yourself for team colors in the NFL? I mean really?!

    That said its seems like whoever is doling out these fines is just making them up at their whim as they happen. No apparent standardization.

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