Von Miller’s sample collector may have helped other players, too

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The onion that resulted in Broncos linebacker Von Miller’s six-game suspension may have additional pungent layers.

Per a league source, the Miami-based sample collector who reportedly conspired with Miller to allow the Pro Bowler to pass drug tests may have done the same with others.

Potential culprits include players who spend their offseasons in Miami, and particularly those who may have skipped their team’s offseason programs to work out in South Florida.  If a player shows up for the offseason program, they’re no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the Miami-based collector.  (Unless they play for the Dolphins.)

The window for the league’s offseason substance-abuse testing opens on April 20 (ironically) and continues until August 9.  Once a player passes that test, he’s free and clear to smoke ’em if he has ’em.

It’s unclear whether the league knows of other players who received favorable treatment.  But there’s enough evidence emanating from Von Miller’s case to compel a full-blown investigation of every sample the Miami-based collector ever has collected — and of every player who has in recent years opted to avoid his team’s offseason program to train in Miami.

21 responses to “Von Miller’s sample collector may have helped other players, too

  1. Half of professional athletes in every sports league live in Miami. No State income tax and a topless beach loaded with Brazilian models on 10th and Ocean.

  2. kd75 says: Sep 22, 2013 3:49 PM

    Half of professional athletes in every sports league live in Miami. No State income tax and a topless beach loaded with Brazilian models on 10th and Ocean.


    I would bet you are extremely high on your guess of “half”. Income tax is based on where you work, not your “home” address, so living there in the offseason wouldn’t help on taxes. I am also guessing pro athletes don’t need to go to the topless beach to ogle supermodels. Most would have plenty of opportunities to meet supermodels elsewhere and, unlike you, get their number.

  3. My point being that if the off-season drug testing program in the greater Miami area is compromised, that is trouble. That’s where they all live. For the aforementioned reasons.

  4. I thought a 6 game suspension was a bit hefty. Now it makes sense.

    As an Aggie… I’m very disappointed in Miller. He’s still young but very immature.

    I hope he can grow up and get his life on track and in turn his career. He’s a beast to watch play.

  5. albertmn says: Sep 22, 2013 4:06 PM

    I guess you failed accounting in college huh? If you live X number of days in Florida, you don’t pay any state income tax, regardless of where you are employed.

    As for the topless models, sure, they can see cute girls. But South Beach is the only place in the US that I know where they are just there every single day of the year. Playing paddle ball. Topless.

    What 20something millionaire wouldn’t love that?

  6. Ever player involved should be kicked out of the NFL, that is if anyone has the big ones to do it.

  7. All these tax comments is why the IRS is going to require paid preparers to pass tests.

    You are taxed on income earned in other states, based on THAT STATE’S tax code.

    Not all income, but the income earned in that particular state.

  8. Not sticking up for Von in any way, he made a stupid mistake and is facing the consequences. What I’d like to know is why he is suspended for 6 games and Aldom Smith is playing today like nothing happened. I’ve never seen anyone risk killing themselves or someone else (driving drunk) over a spilled urine sample. Kind of makes you wonder what the league views as a worse offence.

  9. AlbertMN is clearly an idiot. Half of the northeast claims a domicile in Florida so they don’t have to pay state income taxes in their home state. They’re commonly referred to as “snowbirds”, many of whom are packing their crap to get on 95 to come down here now. I’m a native Floridian and I’m a minority here. Very few people who live here are actually from here which is why the rest of the country thinks FL is full of crazy people. I should know, I deliver their damn left wing fire kindling newspapers to them every morning and most of them have golf carts in their driveway so they can hit the Links before the butt crack of dawn.

  10. As someone who works in one state and live in another I can tell you I am liable for taxes in both states.

    Taxes on salary from the state I work in,and taxes on all income from the state I live in.

    People who live in states without an income tax will have a lower tax liability, but if the income is earned in another state they will still owe income taxes in that jurisdiction

  11. NFL players pay taxes in the state where the games are being played that week. For example, Rams on the road against Dallas. Road team pays whatever state income tax for that week. In this example, the rams pay no state income tax this week.

  12. I am really disappointed in Von, but there is a question I gotta know, was he trying to cheat the system to smoke weed? Or was it due to PED’s? They both are breaking the rules and he deserves the suspension, but to me it matters because if Von is just a moron that is trying to smoke weed and hadn’t gotten over college, I can live with that. I cannot stand it if the guy has had to use PED’s to play like he does. To me that is unforgivable. It means he does not deserve to be paid for what he does, I played high school ball with guys that used steroids to be stronger and faster and were starting over better players that were clean. If you use this stuff at any point you do not deserve to be a professional athlete. Period.

  13. WTF? Taxes? What Von Miller did would mean you or I would be fired from our jobs..why do we stick up for these people? I don’t care if it’s your team or not, play fair or go home

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