Adrian Peterson says boos for Ponder are unfair

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The Vikings fell to 0-3 on Sunday and they lost a game that they led into the final minutes for the second straight week.

Cleveland’s winning drive was set up by a three-and-out by the Vikings that ended when quarterback Christian Ponder couldn’t connect with wide receiver Greg Jennings, forcing a punt and leading to boos for the quarterback from the home crowd. After a hot start throwing the ball, Ponder had another erratic day that included a pair of turnovers and a pair of touchdown runs that helped the Vikings take the 27-24 lead that they would not be able to hold.

The bad parts of the game featured more boos and calls for Matt Cassel to replace Ponder, something that didn’t sit well with running back Adrian Peterson.

“I got his back. He scored two touchdowns and kept us in the game,” Peterson said, via the Pioneer Press. “They were cheering him when he scored and booing him when a pass wasn’t as good as they wanted it.”

Quarterbacks of 0-3 teams are not going to be the most popular guys at the party, but it bears mentioning that the Vikings offensive line leaked all day long and that the defense has now failed at the end of the game in two straight weeks. Teams don’t lose three straight games because of one player, which means there are plenty targets for catcalls in Minnesota these days.

75 responses to “Adrian Peterson says boos for Ponder are unfair

  1. You just faced a brickwall Defense, that is all. If Cleveland’s front 7 wasn’t the best in the game and Peterson had anywhere to go, they might have won that game. Instead Peterson looked pretty ordinary and that is their team.

  2. To be fair, those boos were intended for the trio of Ponder, Musgrave and Frazier. In the near future, expect the boos to be directed toward defensive coordinator Alan Williams as well. And the boos are very, very fair. For 3 weeks, all four of those guys have been beyond pathetic at their jobs. (Musgrave and Ponder have been pathetic since day 1).

  3. Oh Adrian, Adrian…You have a voice….and that voice should be calling for Change! idk at what position(s), but something has to give!

  4. If the Vikings can’t even beat the Browns, maybe they should be the ones trading their best players away for draft picks.

    No, that wouldn’t include getting rid of Pondexter…

  5. I agree.. Ponder is not the weakest link on this team. That D cant stop anybody this year, the O Line looks like a Old Ladys Luncheon, and the Coaching staff is still enjoying the off season

  6. Its good to see Peterson saying the right things, but even he is privately hoping for a QB change and maybe even a new OC. This team will go only as far as Ponder can take them and clearly that is not very far. 2 TDs and 8 Ints, 220/game. The defense has taken away 10 Ints, but given up given up 12 TDs and 970 yards in 3 games. Not good when your QB is out thrown by 100 yards every game 6-1 in TD passes. Of course its not just Ponder, the OL and entire defense also suck.

  7. I have had Ponder’s back for 2 years now. Last week I had his back because in the second half he figured out Chicago’s defense.

    But this week, I’m out on standing for him & Frazier. The 1st down PA rollout is almost as predictable as handing it to AD on 2nd and 10 after the inevitable incompletion. Our playcalling is vanilla, and Musgrave seems to have no creativity. Our offensive line doesn’t help, but then again, we are blocking 8 players with 5 up front. The fact that Ponder & Musgrave can’t come together and formulate a gameplan to attack the middle of the field when there are 8 or 9 guys in the box just goes to show how clueless they really must be.

    I want improvement, I want to see Patterson out there, but what does it matter when the ball can’t get there even if the offensive line protects Ponder? Dick Lebeau is going to have a field day Sunday in London when he gets to face Ponder. At this point, I think we have to go Cassel if we are 0-4 after Sunday because it’s just like 2011 when Ponder got his shot. McNabb couldn’t play and we needed to evaluate Ponder. Cassel isn’t a tremendous improvement, but maybe he can create a spark and the players will get fired up that the coaches want to succeed.

    Seeing Frazier stand on the sideline with his arms crossed having no idea what to do is frustrating. Every week we get the same recycle postgame garbage quotes. You really want to “work on it” coach? How about you put the shovel down and quit digging your grave with Musgrave on the sideline.

  8. isn’t this week #2 of that defense blowing it on the last drive??

    Ponder isn’t great, but at the same time, the protection he gets is less that superb.

  9. Over and over Adrian proves to be the classiest and humblest man out there on the gridiron. They should bring him to Chicago. Whoaaa, I didn’t mean to the Bears folks, I meant to the City to have some sit-downs with the misdirected youth that are shooting up the windy city.

    Stay thirsty my friend.

    I mean healthy my friend and make this the season to smash that rushing record you were, oh so close to get last year.

  10. As a Viking fan, there is so much to say about this game, a game they should have won hands down. For starters, after seeing Matt Cassel play in the preseason (as well as last year in KC), I’m not anxious to see him out on the field.

    From the lousy play-calling by Musgrave, to the fact that the Viking OL was getting pushed around by the Cleveland defense, the Viking defense couldn’t stop a third-string QB from coming into their house and putting up 31 points, to the special teams blunders on that fake FG, it was a disaster.

    The Vikings were outcoached yesterday, plain and simple. While the Viking defense did pick off Hoyer three times, the Browns coaches never lost confidence in Hoyer, and let him air it with the game on the line.

    It is obvious that Musgrave doesn’t trust Ponder like that. How many more times do we have to see that play-action naked bootleg roll to the right, for a pass to the TE that goes for three yards? Hey guys, that play doesn’t work! Figure it out!

    Like it or not, the Vikings are going to sink or swim with Ponder this year, and already the water is above the team’s chin. But Bill Musgrave is the bigger problem in Minnesota right now. His play-calling is too conservative, too predictable, and geared towards not losing instead of winning. Furthermore, until the team gets the problems with pass-blocking fixed, I don’t expect any improvements.

    The Vikings have much better talent than their 0-3 record. The problem has been the coaching, especially the last two weeks.

  11. 100% agree. The fans and media see what they want to see. Scoring 24,30, and 27 points in a game should be enough to be 3-0. In the fans defense, it just seems like everything is attributing to every other failure. Offense can’t sustain a drive, which gets the defense tired, so they can’t stop anyone, which gets the offense out of a rythm. I don’t know what to blame. The ponder-haters immediately rag on ponder, and then there are some that go through the analysis as I did above and say, well in that case it must be coaching. Personally, I have no idea and everyone can attribute something to making this team better. That includes Adrian Peterson who has fumbled 2x in the last two games.

  12. As a completely objective non Vikings or NFC North fan I have to say, the boos are not unfair. Ponder is not a starting never mind franchise QB at this level. It’s good you have your QB’s back Adrian, but just imagine how much easier your job would be if you had a stud QB to share the offensive load with.

  13. I think the most disheartening thing about Ponder is he continues to make the same mistakes over and over. If Frazier sticks with him, he might go down with the ship. What has happened with this O line? Five returning starters and it leaks everywhere. How on earth do you get suckered twice on fakes? Wild card is a pipe dream, first pick in the draft-Reality, and I’m a Vikings fan-UGH!!!!!!!!!

  14. We cheered his rushing TD’s because we want him as our 3rd string RB. Put anyone else in at QB!

  15. Ponder isn’t the problem. Well, he’s not the ONLY problem. But in reality, he’s only going to eek out games behind a strong running game and a stout defense. Even then, 10-6 would be the best you could hope for.

    Ponder is the poor man’s Mark Sanchez.

  16. I have to laugh when people are calling for Cassell. Believe me, he is not the answer. Once he’s in you’ll be begging for Ponder to come back.

    Yes, Ponder makes some terrible decisions but he had us in the game down to the end. Maybe if the O-line could block someone and the defense can get to the QB or stop someone at the end of the game….things would be different. This team could easily be 2-1. Then would people really be booing?

  17. Minnesota is 7th in the league in points scored. We’ve scored more than Philly, NO, Atlanta, NYG, Indy, etc. Adrian Peterson is playing good, but it’s not like he’s carrying the team like last year either. Maybe the problem isn’t Musgrave and Ponder. I don’t care who you are but when you’re giving up 32 ppg (30th in the league), you won’t win a lot of games. The two teams below us (WAS, NYG) are also 0-3. That’s not a coincidence.

  18. The guy was smart enough to run and put points on the board because he see’s the writing on the wall too. Stupid he ain’t.
    They play an 0-3 Steelers team that is hungry too and could easily go 0-4 in London.

    Cassell ain’t the answer. He had ample op in pre season and didn’t look sharp at all.

  19. Talk about a lack of protection. Rogers has zero and is playing like it now. He totally lost it in the Bengals game and costs the team but hey, I can understand he is tired of getting beat up every play.

    I think he was stupid to sign that contract. Should have played out the year and demanded some O line help or he was moving on.

    The Pack went cheap” Belaga was coming back, Sherrod was almost ready and Newhouse was about to bounce back. When that’s your plan and you pass up some very good O line help in the draft, you deserve what you got.

  20. Did ponder decide to kick a field goal with 3:15 to go on the 3 yard line instead of go for it and be up 10 or not make it and force Chicago to drive 97 yards? No, Did Ponder allow Chicago go 10 plays for 66 yards and game winning TD? No… Did Ponder allow a Fake punt take the ball across 50 and result in 3? No, Did Ponder allow Fake field goal result in TD? No, Did Ponder decide to run the ball on first and second down with 4 minutes to go? No, Did Ponder allow Cleveland go 11 plays for 55 yards and game winning TD? No… Did Ponder play well enough in both games to win? yes. does he make mistakes? yes. AP Fumbled two weeks in a row on drives after momentum shifting plays (3 and out after halftime last week, INT this week) and wasn’t booed. It takes a blind man or sever Ponder hating glasses to not realize 1. We’ve had terrible play calling all season and 2. It’s not all on ponder unless you are blind, wearing anti-ponder glasses, or don’t understand the game of football.

  21. Bummer. Don’t feel bad Vikes, I had the Pack going 0-5 their first five games and totally screwed it up. They did get one win. How was I to know the Redskins stunk? IF it was last years skins then the Pack would be 0-3 so the Vikes have something in common. They aren’t very good this year.

  22. The points scored statistic isn’t all-telling of the offense. In Detroit, Peterson broke a run for 78 yards first play. We then put together 2 scoring drives offensively longer than 5 plays.

    In Chicago, we scored a touchdown on a kick return, and a fumble recovery for touchdown. Our offense managed one touchdown and 3 field goal drives, including a field goal with ❤ minutes remaining with a 1st and goal from the 5 yard line.

    This week we had a few drives, but our defense put us in great position. We got handed the ball at Cleveland's 4 yard line, so we didn't drive much after our first possession. Our defense has forced 4 turnovers 2 weeks in a row, yet we can't put more points up. Our 30 would be most other teams' 45-50 points.

  23. There’s a reason we kicked that field goal, bikeman. Our coaches don’t trust ponder, and it’s easy to see why. He hasn’t been able to come through with his arm and make plays that force the defense to even consider his throwing ability.

    Our coaching is just as bad as Ponder, which is why, if you read most of the Viking fans’ responsoes, we are sick of Frazier. We won last year in spite of Musgrave/Frazier thanks to Peterson’s superhuman season. This year, he’s back to his regular level, but with absolutely no help. Sullivan and Kalil went from being Pro Bowlers to guys who should be bowling on Sundays instead of playing. Very poor through 3 games.

  24. It was not just Ponder getting boo’d. Here is my order of “hot-seat candidates”

    1. Bill Musgrave: predictable, conservative, lack of trust in Ponder/Patternson & “playing not to lose”. Will he soon be doing seminars on “Perfecting the Art of the 3 & Out.”

    Your confidence is as large as your playcard.

    2. Fraiser: Maybe this is a 1B, since he brought on Musgrave & the rest of the coaching staff has sucked. Oline & Dline have been beaten at the line of scrimmage. Team has not gotten up for a game & that’s on you coach.

    You also need to show some guts, like going for it on 4th down in Chicago.

    3. Any coach on Special teams. Total embarrassment Weeks 2 & 3. Do not be surprised if we see a sacrifical lamb (er, goat for SCAPEGOAT) very soon.

    4. D Coordinator: we have talent on D, but opponents have been scoring too much. Not calling a timeout on 4th down in Chicago was crazy. Harrison Smith’s position vs. the Cleveland TE was attrocious. Also…..where are the sacks?

    Spielman gets a pass since he has made good decisions OUTSIDE of the Ponder decision, who was a clear reach, even on draft day.

    Hopefully we make a Raven-esque move & let go of Musgrave during the season.

    Ziggy, you need to make a decision to punt on the coaching staff!

  25. Right now Peterson is playing like the Christian Ponder of running backs. Two good runs all season and two fumbles. Ponder is being forced to win the games on his own because there is no running game. That’s tough to do when your offensive line, defense, and special teams are all terrible. If fans think putting Cassel in the game is going to improve things, they’re crazy.

  26. Alot of fans with coke bottle glasses on! Horrible special teams, defense has been torched for 96 points in 3 games, o-line is a sieve, Musgave just wants to run A.P. down everyones throat (and they know its coming), Frasier is too nice to take control, but Ponder deserves all the blame? Alot wrong with this picture in my opinion!

  27. “Teams don’t lose three straight games because of one player”

    Actually, yes they do. All the time, in fact.

  28. Anyone who watches the Vikings knows at this point that Ponder is not a starting quarterback in the NFL.

    The boos were well-warranted all game. Kudos to AP for taking the high-road, though.

  29. Having attended the game, while the boos may have been directed at Ponder, they could equally have been directed at the O-line, the entire defense, the special teams, the coaches (particularly our special teams coach), and that lame inflatable ship the team runs out of to start the game.

  30. Maybe it’s unfortunate, and maybe it’s not ideal for a quarterback to be disrespected like that , but they have every right to . They spent a first round pick on ponder and so far he hasn’t proved that he deserved it

  31. I get that AP feels for his team, and that everyone on that team is like his family. We can all understand how he would be defensive of Ponder.

    If AP were to step outside of the locker room and watch the game from someone not on the team’s perspective it is easy to see that Ponder is very inconsistent.

    1st he should have one running TD, not two. If he doesnt overthrow a wide open Joe Webb on a simple route he wouldnt have had to run in the second touchdown.

    2nd If you watched the game, some of those throws are down right dangerous or idiotic. One example, clear in my mind, his roll out to the right over throw of a wide open receiver (Only went 10 or 15 yards over the target). If the safety didnt make a move in to hit the receiver ponder would have another Int on the board. Ponder had plenty of time to plant feet and throw he just chose not to. Not to mention he cant roll left so they kept blitzing from the right and he rolled right into it time and time again. He even got sacked on the right side to end the game.

    3rd Due to his inconsistent play defenses are focusing in on just AP. Until the vikings get a decent quarter back that can make throws when receivers are open consistently, they can roll the dice with him. You know 100 % of the time AP will make the cut and get out into the open, best to stop him but

    Sure the defense was bad, but they were on the field way too much. Our D-Back got fooled on the long td play, it happens. What shouldnt happen is you create four turn overs have have less than 30 pts on the board.

  32. My conspiracy theory – O line was trying to give Ponder an easy out. Let him get sacked, act hurt, and go sit on the bench. If Q1 in London does not start well, the Steelers D Line will get the job done.

  33. Adrian, maybe the boo’s are for you?? We heard all off season you boasting about what you were going to accomplish this year. It seems like you, not Ponder are not meeting expectations!!
    Ponder is Ponder! However, you are about 40% of what you promised.. We have a right to BOO!

  34. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Sep 23, 2013 11:55 AM
    This is hilarious – already booing your hapless and tasteless 0-3 squad on September 22nd.
    Because a 1-2 record is that much better? HAHA, get back to your drinking, is it noon there yet?

  35. If you think the boos for Ponder were bad, put in Cassel for a quarter and Ponder should be feeling pretty good about himself again.

  36. This team simply doesn’t know how to finish a game. I thought the coaches made excellent adjustments at half time, all three of the games this year. This week especially. They completely shut down the Cleveland offense until that last drive when they once again tried to not lose.

    Instead of playing like you’re desperately holding on to the lead, continue playing like you’re behind. The defense held while the team caught up and finally took the lead. They held the Browns to 3 and out, handed it back to the offense that promptly went 3 and out.

    The defense went into prevent mode and got stung, just like last week.

    Learn how to finish a game. On defense you did not need to score again, you needed a first down. The defense then needed to continue the pressure they’d found instead of backing up and daring them to beat you. Pin your ears back and go after the QB like you did all through the half up to that point.

    Learn how to finish a game.

  37. 1. The O-line has not been the same this year.
    2. At times Ponder has actually looked good. But the inconsistency rears its head when the defense has time to adjust and the O-line tires.
    3. Musgrave is one of the worst and more conservative O-Coordinators out there. He made Matt Ryan look pedestrian and could make the likes of Russell, RGIII, and likely even Brady look average too. He’s got to go – but that was suggested last year too.

  38. Hey, #4 …
    How does a defense give up game winning drives in less than two minutes for consecutive weeks and not become the point of conversation?
    Cover a guy and make a frickin’ tackle already …

  39. I woke up this morning and read that the hapless and tasteless Vikings actually did lose to the Browns in the Metrodump. That’s pretty much a new all time low – even for them.

    As October approaches it’s once again time for Viking fans to surrender to their inevitable fate of perpetual failure, and begin working on their mock drafts.

  40. “tokyosandblaster says:
    Sep 23, 2013 10:27 AM
    Vikings fans need to understand that they can’t compare Ponder to the legends of the NFL, like Brian Hoyer.”

    Good one Tokyo, but you still suck.

  41. For anyone calling for Matt “Sand” Cassel to come in and replace Ponder, try and remember that just last season KC fans were excited about him getting hurt so they could see Brady Quinn.


    Be careful what you wish for.


  43. I’m a Viking fan and let me say what these other Viking fan/ ponder haters are doing is embarrassing. Ponder did enough to win yesterday. Why can’t they bring up actual concerns like the fast that Loadholt can block anyone greenway up until his int has been invisible and runs like his feet are in sand. We have no one with any corner back experience. And twice now when the offense has had momentum Adrian has coughed itup. Oh but wait it’s all Ponders fault. Give any quarter back the limited time in that shrunken pocket thy won’t look good either.

  44. Regardless of who you want blame for the 0-3 start, Christian Ponder does not have the arm strength to be a (good) starting NFL QB. He has shown it over and over again; from getting his out routes picked, to underthrowing Simpson by 15-20 yards.

    Christian Ponder’s 45 yard pass attempts have the trajectory of a 45 yard punt.

    No amount of smart play or accuracy can overcome that. Someone failed miserably scouting him out of college.

  45. People must not realize that sacks aren’t always blocking related- I watch every game and every play- Ponder holds onto the ball wayyyyyyyy too long- he waits until he sees and open reciever instead of trusting that the reciever will get open. I beg you Ponder backers to watch Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Brady play a game and notice the difference. In 2009 Favre had the same blocking and threw 33 TD’s to 7 INT’s- Ponder has 2 (one was a shovel pass) TD passes with 5 INT’s and 2 fumbles so far this year- the stats don’t lie

  46. Well, at least Jennings appreciates Ponder’s leadership, I bet.

    Too bad the Vikings aren’t brainwashed to think they are the best team in the league. They must be brainwashed to think they are not worthy of a W, hence, 0- 3. Greg was on to something. Or, he’s on something.

  47. In all actuality, Ponder played significantly better than most Vikings yesterday. I’m not sure what is going on with the OL, but they are seriously under performing. They can’t create running space, and they can’t protect their QB. And the defense…..I’m utterly at a loss to define a unit that should be significantly better than last season. They seemed to play with a little fire in hte 2nd half against both the Bears and Browns, but why they can’t create pressure for the entire game is a mystery to me. They are a frustrating unit to watch. The only positive I see so far this season is the fact that the offense is throwing the ball down the field. Now if we only had a play where we drag Patterson or Wright across the middle, and let them run…..

  48. A lot of hating on the Browns. A team who lost to a surprising 3-0 Mia team and the defending SB champs. Maybe they really aren’t bad as people think.

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