Bills’ Eric Wood calls performance vs. Jets “terrible”


Eric Wood, the Bills’ center and offensive captain, had harsh words for his own team in describing Sunday’s loss to the Jets.

“That was a game, we kind of threw it away,” Wood told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “Credit them. They played well. They were able to hit some big plays on us, but that’s on us.”

Wood noted that the Bills were able to move the ball on the Jets, but weren’t able to score. The Bills had to settle for field goals on four different drives inside the Jets’ 25-yard line, and they had another drive end with a failed fourth-down attempt at the Jets’ 33-yard line. Obviously, Wood would have preferred to score some touchdowns.

“Just a lot of mistakes on offense, and red-zone execution was terrible,” Wood said. “If we score a couple of those times we get down there, it’s a totally different ballgame; we don’t give up six sacks because we’re not getting teed off on in the second half.”

Wood said that the Bills’ early hole forced them to abandon their running game, and that was playing right into the Jets’ hands.

“That’s the name of the game in the NFL,” Wood said. “We set ourselves up terribly for it yesterday.”

That’s not a recipe to win.

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  1. Justin Rogers should write an apology to his teammates. They’re out there trying to fight and he gives up 250 yards all by himself including 2 TD’s.

  2. My Bills are done already.

    Mario Williams
    Jarius Byrd
    Stephone Gilmore

    Literally by week 3 the best 3 defensive players are hurt

    Add in

    This team will get run out of stadiums now just like last year. We are cursed

  3. They moved the ball? What game did Eric Wood watch? This team made three plays all game – Jackson’s miraculous 59 yd run out of a scrum (which looked to be a loss until he somehow popped out), EJ Manuel’s 19 yard scramble (which should have had a fumble) and the blown coverage TD to Chandler.

    Take those away and this team had roughly 200 yards and 12 points.

  4. I am often surprised that coaches abandon the strongest part of their offense just because they fall behind early. You only need to be in the lead at the end of the game; there’s no hurry to get there until mid-4th quarter. It isn’t rocket science and yet offensive coaches do it to their teams all the time.

  5. Wood looks like a cross between a cabbage patch kid, and the guy on the discount double check commercials… Any chance we can get Wood yelling “Hey Rodgahs, discount double check!”?

  6. People are really getting hung up on the 20 penalties and the injuries to the Bills’ secondary.

    Here’s the real reason the Jets won and the Bills lost:

    EJ Manuel- 16 QB hits and 8 sacks.

    Geno Smith- 2 QB hits and no sacks.

    Games are won and lost in the trenches.

  7. Its hard to win football games when its third and ten, and the only play calls you have allow for throwing the ball zero yards, expecting the receiver to magically run through six close defenders for the whole ten – and failing 99 percent of the time.

  8. Take a look at the box score — practically every one of EJ Manuel’s completions were “EJ Manuel pass short [insert direction].” Not sure whether it’s the coaches or Manuel’s limitations, but when you can’t throw anything other than quick slants and screens, the defense is going to be able to tee off on you because: (a) they can simultaneously stack the box to play the short pass and running plays; and (b) they can go after the passer knowing that, at worst, Manuel is going to bomb it out for 5 yards if they don’t get to him in time.

    Meanwhile, the Bills throw the blitz at Geno and he gashes them for 2TDs on 40+ yard completions. There’s your difference in the game.

  9. Everyone wants to blame Justin Rogers…. Blame Aaron and Duke Williams.They were caught cheating on both big plays. Rogers actually had the underneath coverage on both plays he was expecting help over the top.
    Byrd would have made a big difference but he’d rather pretend to be hurt and wait for a contract.

  10. Jr057 your statement is riddled with stupidity and an apparent lack of understanding of the game of football. You say without 3 big plays they’d have less yards and points? Yeah, that’s football dude. Blown coverages, broken tackles by good runners- those things happen. The Jets had like 4 big plays due to terrible coverage….take those away and the Jets have less yards and less points too, but again, that’s part of football. What is your point here?

  11. Selby – I’m embarrassed for you that I have to elaborate. The Bills running backs broke 1 run – the aforementioned 59 yarder which netted 3 points. Outside of that, Spiller and Jackson had a combined 22 yards at 1.3 per carry. Is that what you would consider a solid or consistent running game (maybe consistently ineffective)?

    While EJ will eventually be a player, I wouldn’t consider his 45% completion percentage yesterday dynamic either bud.

    You sound like a fantasy football fan, not a real football fan. I prefer my team’s players to accumulate yards for 60 minutes, not just on one play. Perhaps that’s why the Jets have won 9 out of the last 11 against Buffalo.

  12. jr507

    Gotta go with Selby on this one. You can’t take away plays that happened to support your argument. Big deal…the guy broke off a 59 yard run. 50-60 yard plays don’t happen in NFL games? I see them every week. Take away the biggest play in any 300 yard passing game by a QB and he threw for under 300. 🙂

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