Chip Kelly: I’ll “never, ever” accuse anyone of faking injuries


Will some NFL defenses fake injuries to slow down the Eagles’ fast-paced offense? Probably. Will Chip Kelly complain about it? No.

When Kelly was asked about talk that the Chiefs might have been faking defensive injuries on Thursday night, he nipped it in the bud and said that’s simply not an issue he’s going to address. Kelly said he has too many issues to deal with on his own team and won’t get into the business of questioning other teams.

Never, ever going to get into that,” Kelly said, via “We need to execute better and not turn the football over. That’s the least of my worries right now.”

Philly fans began booing when Chiefs starting cornerback Sean Smith went down with an injury on Thursday night, but it wouldn’t make any sense for Smith to fake an injury. When defenses fake injuries, they typically do it to rotate defensive linemen, or to have a linebacker come out for an extra defensive back in the nickel package. If you’re going to cheat by telling a player to pretend he’s hurt, you’re not going to do it with a starting cornerback.

Still, even though Smith’s leg cramps were probably legitimate, it is also legitimate to point out that teams do, in fact, sometimes fake injuries. And that’s unfair. Kelly might not want to say anything about it, but the NFL should do something about it. A good step would be changing the rules so that any time the game has to be stopped for a player’s injury, that player cannot return to the field until there has been a change of possession. So if you’re a defensive player and you decide to fake an injury, you don’t just get to take a breather for a play or two and come back in. You have to stay on the sideline until the next series.

It’s impossible for anyone on the outside to know for sure whether a player is faking an injury. Impossible for fans, impossible for officials and impossible for Chip Kelly. But it would be possible for the NFL to tighten the rules about injury timeouts to make faking injuries less advantageous.

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  1. Until they develop bionic all-access robots who zip on the field and perform instant body and brain scans to decipher the veracity, exact time, severity, and location of injuries everytime a player goes down, what’s the point of accusing players of faking injuries? No real proof possible, and makes you look bad. Double lose.

  2. Changing the rule to be a whole series is just absolutely nuts. How about if your QB just gets the wind knocked out of him or your star WR? You are going to make them sit a series because one guy might have possibly faked an injury? That can change an entire outcome of a game a lot more than a stupid fake injury could ever.

    And the philly fans were ridiculous. Now everyone that goes down is faking to stop your potent offense? I mean they weren’t even in hurry up offense and Smith was getting booed when it was obvious he had cramps.

  3. The Eagles cheered for Smith. The good thing about something being nationally televised is the proof is literally seen by millions. The Eagles fans obviously cheered for him when he was carted off the field.

  4. I didn’t think McCoy was faking, when he acted like his leg was broke but then came out and played 5 minutes later… Good news is he’s now qualified to play for the men’s US Soccer team.

  5. Just make substitutions illegal unless the player is removed to the locker room. Of course you can sub for the injured player. In this case the cornerback went down so why would you change Dliners?

    Also because often it is fat ppl needing a break lets put a weight limit on players, nobody over 180 on either line and nobody over 160 for DB on WR and RB.

    That way the chemtards by law won’t even be allowed on the field and we can have real athletes again.

  6. I would like to see the rule changed to miss the rest of the series (change in possession) if there is an injured player. Typically if the injury is serious enough/legit, you are going to miss the rest of the series anyway. I get the argument about getting the wind knocked out, but that’s a weak arguement. That doesn’t happen enough to not implement the rule. It is the “greater good” argument, and there are far more faked injuries then they are players getting the breath knocked out of him. Don’t forget teams can also call a time out if their QB gets the wind knocked out him and that would allow him to stay in.

  7. Losing has a tendency to bring out the worst in fans. Eagles players were not faking their injuries, but Chief’s players were. Sounds about right.

  8. If you watched that game you had to be blind not to see they were faking it. The players laid there, acted like they were so hurt that they needed help getting off the field by putting their arms around the trainers to walk, then RAN on the field a play or two later. Either they were faking it or they have some miracle trainers on that team.

  9. Increase the timeouts to 5 per half and have all injuries count against the timeouts. I guarantee there will be no fake injuries then the timeouts are to valuable.

  10. the best part is,

    they would get beat for a big play, then act like they were hurt..
    take the beating like a man.

    players don’t make excuses, they make plays.

    maybe it’s time for the NFL to make a rule very similar to the NHL’s embellishment rule.

  11. I was at the game. They were replaying the “injuries” on the big screens to get the crowd riled up… a few of them there was absolutely no contact. The defensive player looked around to make sure the play was blown dead then sat down and held his leg without any indication there was a cramp, no limp not even a skip to take pressure off of the leg, he looked around and just sat down. It was pretty obvious.

  12. alphaq2 says:
    Sep 23, 2013 10:02 AM
    Eagles fans booed Sean smith….shocker. He is lucky he didn’t get pelted with batteries.

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    WOW! That’s incredibly original

  13. I was at the game and the Sean Smith “injury” looked like a BS move to slow down the drive.

    And BTW I’ve been to games at other Stadiums around the league and opposing fans are AHoles everywhere to people wearing different colors. Philly isn’t really that bad.

  14. It’s part of the game get over it because there is nothing wrong with play to win the game and do whatever it takes

  15. ^^ the giants were the first team to BLATANTLY fake injuries in order to get the play stopped.

    what else would you expect from a Coughlin run organIzation..

  16. You know the Eagles fans didn’t believe he was really injured because they were booing. Everybody knows that when they think that players from the other team are really hurt, they cheer.

  17. I’m a Football and Ravens fan. I’m beginning to like Chip. Seems like he’s a players coach and straight shooter. I look forward to seeing how his offense performs the rest of the season.

  18. Let me get this straight…In a league where rule changes continually favor offense and penalize defensive players for playing the game THE WAY THEY WERE TAUGHT, there is an issue with faking injuries? World’s tiniest violin playing just for you. BS…let them do what they have too. They are going to get fined anyway. National Flag Football League.

  19. I like the idea but I would modify it slightly…

    An injured player cannot return until a change of possession unless the team he plays for uses a timeout. Then, after the timeout, he can go back in.

  20. first off, I have never seen the chiefs fake injuries(likely because they are rarely up at the end of a game in the past few years)

    but in this case, Flowers WAS injured. he was lucky to go, and wasn’t even planning to play until the last minute. he’s a gamer, but he was playing man all night with Jackson, the guy’s leg was done

    as for Smith, I don’t know, he did have proof that he had an IV, and bandage, he didn’t have the prior injury that allows me to say flowers wasn’t faking, but again, it did not seem fake to me

    and IMO, unless its one of those where the guy just falls down at the huddle(which is BS), its a lot of crying over nothing. it doesn’t grant extra yards, it gives BOTH teams a breather and moment to think about the next play. I mean really the advantage is split

  21. Why not draw plays up that will beat the defense? Try and be too cute in the NFL, someone will figure a way to beat you. Another idea Chip would be to get a quarterback.

  22. I think if we’re going to see an increase of these stoppages the league will have to impose some rules to discourage it.

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