Coughlin on Nicks: That’s not a smart thing to say

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Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks responded to going without a catch and having one pass thrown his way in Sunday’s 38-0 drubbing by the Panthers by telling reporters to look elsewhere for the reason why he was a total non-factor.

“It’s part of the game,” Nicks said. “You’ve got to control what you can control. I can’t throw it to myself.”

Nicks’ comments made their way back to quarterback Eli Manning and coach Tom Coughlin on Monday. Manning shrugged them off as frustration that everyone on the team was experiencing in the wake of a humbling loss and pointed out that Nicks may have been particularly frustrated since he was playing in his hometown. Coughlin was a little less willing to let the wideout off the hook, however.

“I’ll talk to him,” Coughlin said, via Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star-Ledger. “That’s not a smart thing to say. He’s on the field, quarterback was sacked seven times hit what, 15 times? That’s not a smart thing to say. Oh, I’ll talk to him about it, sure.”

The lack of protection for Manning on Sunday makes it hard to take any complaints about the amount of passes thrown in any direction seriously. Manning wasn’t choosing to ignore Nicks, he was running for his life. The Giants clearly have to find a way to block more effectively up front, but they may also need to do some different things to get the ball out earlier since it is going to be hard to overhaul the line on the fly without real candidates for starting jobs waiting in the wings.

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  1. Let the infighting begin. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Outside of Seattle, KC is one of the more difficult venues for visiting teams, and boy does Andy Reid look forward to this weekend.

    Funny thing is that the circus at MetLife has moved to the blue side of the stadium now. Jets remain calm, cool and collected at 2-1 with a rookie QB and stout defense.

  2. OR he could do what we Raiders fans are so familiar with – sign some fool off a PS somewhere and “hope” he can make a difference. If he really wants to emulate the Raiders he’ll specifically target GREEN BAY’s practice squad. Lots of good eatin’ there! Wait… Has Peyton kicked our asses yet? Sorry, I got distracted…

  3. The players respect this coach (finally). If he wants to stop this and future finger-pointing, he should bench anybody he hears it from. A series should work unless they keep running their mouths. This team has enough mountains to climb right now. Media turmoil will not help–especially in New York

  4. It seems like Nicks is already in the Giants dog house for some reason and the Giants are weeding him out of the offense. Maybe b/c he sat out voluntary this offseason to stay healthy for his new contract. Maybe it was b/c he did not practice Friday for personal reasons. It was obvious yesterday though for sure, b/c even the rare plays Eli was not hurried, I saw a few where Nicks was open and instead Eli chose to throw it to Cruz or Randle in tight coverage or when they were doubled. I think Coughlin needs to worry about a helluva lot more than Nicks’ comments, which I don’t even think were a dig at Eli at all. He’s just stating the obvious, he can’t throw the ball to himself. Time for a new coaching regime. The Giants have quickly become what the Jets were supposed to be.

  5. Nicks should take a course on PR from Derek Jeter: “It was a tough day. We must all look at the tapes, and figure out a way to turn this thing around”. Why give the Sharks in the NY media a chance to spin his honest, genuine answer to nait questions. Coughlin is right, it was not smart.

  6. I love Nicks and he has played well for the Giants when healthy but I think his days are over in NY after this year. Randle is developing fine and could step in. Nicks could be used to trade. I could see him wanting to go home to Charlotte and play. Steve Smith is on his way out so it would make since for Carolina.

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