Greg Schiano back at his desk after family emergency

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Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano stayed behind after yesterday’s loss to the Patriots, to attend to a family medical emergency.

Apparently, things have resolved themselves quickly.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, Schiano was back in the office in Tampa this morning.

Hopefully that means all in the Schiano family are well, which would allow him to devote his attention to an 0-3 team which is far from it.

10 responses to “Greg Schiano back at his desk after family emergency

  1. He went to see BB, drank profusely and cried until the wee hours of the morning. BB gave him an old worn out hoodie to help ease the pain.

    I was really hoping our coach was going to pull a Petrino and stay there….. for good.

  2. Schiano isnt the problem, but he will take the fall. Clearly a team full of “professionals” that thinks Schiano is too mean to them and their little feelings got hurt, and now they dont have enough pride to play for themselves if for nothing else

  3. You can’t have a team that had zero structure and accountability all of a sudden switch to a disciplined way of life. Hence all the pushback and crying. Very sad considering these men are paid beyond well to do what they are told but they clearly can’t handle that.

  4. Not sure any grown man wants to be treated like a child, no one likes micro managers. Just a note Freeman’s completion percentage would have been better if it weren’t for 5 drops , 2 would have been TD’s, numerous problems in Tampa

  5. Schiano has had 19 games to right the ship and he is a whopping 7-12 now, with no wins in sight. He has lost the fans and now it appears the team has checked out too.

    At least Raheem did it with a brokeback low budget team. The Glazers spent big money and gave Schiano everything they could including a staff of approximately 5000 coaches, assistants and consultants.

    This guy is clearly way in over his head.

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