Hakeem Nicks says, “I can’t throw it to myself”

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On Sunday, Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks returned to his hometown of Charlotte to face the Panthers.  And Nicks caught as many passes as every other Charlotte native.  Combined.  Living and dead.

Nicks was targeted once, with no catches.

After the game, Nicks addressed the troubling absence of production during a contract year.

“It’s part of the game,” Nicks said, via Charles Chandler of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “You’ve got to control what you can control.  I can’t throw it to myself.”

As Bob Glauber of Newsday explained during PFT Live, the lack of production indeed had less to do with Nicks (who missed Friday’s practice for personal reasons) and more to do with Eli Manning’s inability to buy time to throw.

26 responses to “Hakeem Nicks says, “I can’t throw it to myself”

  1. well I am sure he will have time to step up into the pocket this weekend

    its not like he is facing the NFL’s sack leader, who has a partner named tamba hali on the other side, and a 3.5 sack NT beast in dontari poe in the middle

    oh right, and derrick Johnson, Eric Berry will be blitzing

    7? 8 sacks on sunday?

  2. Wow that’s some high level football analysis by Nicks. Just my opinion, but when you are a professional football team and you have players making statements like this, I think that’s an indication that you have a problem. This doesn’t sound like the kind of focused and healthy football mentality that I think Coughlin is trying to instill.

    Clearly there is a disconnect. So are the Giants going to plug back in, or give up having power?

  3. Eli and Hakeem had a magical year together, but their both through. Eli’s gotten old and lost his zip, and Hakeem’s never recovered from his injuries.

    I told everyone my Giants were in big trouble this year and no one believed me. I saw start the Nassib era now and go for the first pick in the draft.

    Give the Giants a few more years and they’ll be good again.

  4. Fire Gilbride. The o-line might be seriously underachieving….but the continuing lack of adjustment to quick slant routes or the like is unbelievable. The QB is getting slaughtered on a seven step drop and long patterns and he never changes his scheme….at this point Gilbride’s stubbornness and inept play calling is going to get someone hurt bad.

  5. Let the finger pointing begin!

    There’s a New Circus in Town in New Jersey!

    They are called ” The Giants” ” The Big Blue”!!

    Now they need some “Glue”!!

  6. Nice, way to go all “TO” on the situation and throw your QB under the preverbial bus!


    Doesn’t matter Cowboys will win the division anyways!

  7. It makes me smile listening to all the fair weathered Giants fans. When they are winning, their poop doesn’t stink. Couple bad games…fire HC, fire OC, fire DC, fire QB, fire WRs.

  8. I don’t think we should be looking to fire everyone, bad games happen, but I never understood the love for Gilbride. He seems absolutely unwilling to modify the formula when something isn’t working.

    David Wilson is one of the league’s most electrifying players in space, yet he continues to run up the middle. His hands seem passable at worst, why has he not been targeted with screens to get him in the situation where he will most thrive?

  9. Here is a more accurate assessment: “we did not show up to play football yesterday, to a man. taking nothing away from the Panthers, we just did not even bother to show up”

  10. Wouldn’t have mattered even if he could throw the ball to himself. He would have been running for his life or laying on his back just like Eli was.

  11. The Panthers have probably the best young front seven in the league and Eli really had no time to stand in the pocket and let the routes develop…I’m not by any means a Giants fan, but they have too much talent to be playing like this…however, unless the offensive line can step up and give him time, it’s gonna be a long year for Eli & Co.

  12. Eight straight years of 8-8 or better and two SB titles to go with them for NYG. Not too shabby.

    I would not count the Giants out yet considering there are only 5 NFC teams with a winning record.

    It doesnt look good though. yesterday was a complete embarassment.

  13. Panthers D smacked that whole offense around. Not just the oline and Eli. Ask reuban randle how his ribs feel today and if Cruz feels like going across the middle today. Mike Mitchell was tuning those boys up

  14. Seriously??? Things aren’t good and you say that after Manning gave you a successful career in the NFL. You are washed up Nicks… retire.

  15. I’ll bet this was one of those heat of the moment, I’ve got to blow off steam because we just got clobbered moments. The Panthers Steve Smith said pretty much the same thing after every game in 2010. Manning & Hicks will adjust and move on.

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