Henry Hynoski fractures shoulder in Giants loss


The Giants were insulted for 60 minutes by the Panthers on Sunday and they suffered some physical injury as well.

Fullback Henry Hynoski was wearing a sling on his left shoulder after the loss after suffering what’s been described as a fracture. Hynoski, who had knee surgery during the offseason that kept him out of preseason, said that he was unsure about how long he’d be out of the lineup.

“I never had a significant shoulder injury, I don’t even know myself the extent of this,” Hynoski said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “We’re going to find out tomorrow, we’re getting more tests done and we’ll go from there. Like I approached my last injury, I’m just going to try and get back at the earliest convenience to be there for my team.”

Hynoski was injured on the first offensive series of the game, so he was able to watch as the team’s blocking completely broke down to create an open season on Eli Manning for the Panthers defense. Things got particularly bad on Sunday, but the results of the first two weeks made a strong argument that Hynoski’s presence wouldn’t have changed anything for an offense that can’t block anybody in any phase of the game.