John Harbaugh “disappointed” by party bus incident


Ravens coach John Harbaugh probably wasn’t expecting to spend his 51st birthday answering questions about whether he planned to celebrate it on a party bus, but that’s just where he found himself on Monday.

Harbaugh was asked about a TMZ report about wide receiver Jacoby Jones getting hit in the head Sunday night with a bottle wielded by a stripper named Sweet Pea on a party bus rented to celebrate former boat party enthusiast Bryant McKinnie’s birthday. McKinnie also reportedly fought with one of Jones’ friends when the friend tried to retaliate against the assailant, making him the first man we know of to protect Joe Flacco and Sweet Pea in the same day.

Harbaugh said the team was aware of the incident and, as you’d imagine, was less than thrilled about it. He confirmed Jones was at the team facility on Monday and said that he asked the players if they want to be known for being football players or for their behavior on a party bus.

“[Jones is] fine, he went through everything today that he was supposed to go through,” Harbaugh said, via Clifton Brown of “Not very impressed, personally with the report. That’s not something that we want to be known for. I’d like to think it’s not something those guys would want to be known for. It’s nothing to be proud of. I’m disappointed in that sense.”

There’s no disciplinary action expected as a result of the fracas unless formal charges are levied against any of the players. We’ll wait for word on the fallout from Harbaugh’s own birthday fun.