Josh Gordon wants to stay in the “best offense to be in”

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Before the start of Sunday’s game against the Vikings, there were reports that the Browns were talking about other trades in the wake of dealing running back Trent Richardson to the Colts.

Wide receiver Josh Gordon, set to make his season debut after a two-game suspension, was one of the players mentioned as a possible departure. He spent Sunday making his best case for sticking around. Gordon said that he heard reports about his inclusion in trade talks before kickoff and then went out and had 10 catches for 146 yards and a touchdown in the 31-27 victory in Minnesota.

After the game, he said he wanted to stay as a weapon in the offense run by coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

“I always want to stay here and be a Cleveland Brown and help this organization as much as possible,” Gordon said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “I love the offense, love Norv and coach. I’m learning a lot. From a wide receiver standpoint, it’s the best offense to be in, and I can’t complain at all. It’s a business. So [a trade] can happen at any given time. Whatever decision is made, that’s above me. You’ve got to got out there and play. If you’re going to go out there and not be focused, you might get your head knocked off. So I had to go out there and stand between the lines.”

Browns CEO Joe Banner said the Browns have “no intention” of making other trades, which falls short of slipping the “Gone Fishing” sign on the store window for the rest of the day. Gordon’s day on Sunday could lead someone to make an offer that makes the Browns ignore their intentions, assuming, of course, it didn’t make the Browns more eager to keep him in the fold.

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  1. Gordon was a machine yesterday. That team looked hungry. Gordon will be good wherever he goes. He looks like he’s playing catch out there. He’s so relaxed for being so young.

  2. This kid is a straight up beast! Really hope he can keep his head on straight. Browns have never had a WR this talented. Only way you trade him is for a #1 pick. He’s that good.

  3. “He spent Sunday making his best case for sticking around.”

    Ironically, it’s also the best case he could have made for another GM to make a serious offer…

  4. Read: “Chud is going to make me a lot of money elsewhere here like he made himself a lot of money elsewhere while in Carolina.” Not to be confused with winning lots of games.

  5. Don’t forget Lombardturd’s motto–getting me 32 first rounders increases my chances of getting you one player!

  6. He absolutely made a case for another GM to make an offer for him. That kid was busy out there. Wish the Raiders would trade D. Moore and a mis pick for him. I know I would.

  7. Love Gordon, if he can only stay clean. That’s a big if for the organization and puts them in a bind. Based on his history in just not sure if he can.

  8. They might have gotten a first rounder for Richardson, but Gordon’s the more important player.

    Potential elite WR > Potential elite RB. I dont care if the RB was selected Top 5 vs. Gordon (rnd2 in the supplemental), Richardson hasnt shown anything that makes him look better than just average.

  9. @berniesboys Exactly. This doesn’t help his chances of staying at all. In fact, since the Browns are punting, Gordon putting on a showcase *decreases* his chances for sticking around.

  10. Gordon is an outstanding receiver. The sky is the limit. The shame of it is he’s one misstep away from being out of football, maybe for good, but for at least a year. His past behavior says he won’t be playing next year.

  11. Those “reports” were pure talking head speculation from someone with zero current connection to any NFL team, let alone the Browns. He simply jumped to the assumption that since they got offered a gift for Richardson, the Browns were suddenly interested in trading away any and all parts of their offense. Not a completely unreasonable leap of logic, but it looks a lot more silly after seeing the Browns do their best to win on Sunday (and succeeding).

  12. I heard this yesterday on a forum I frequent and my response was, “They bet’ not.”

    The guy is so fluid in his moves and cuts that I can honestly say that it has been a long while since I have seen a Browns receiver who can do it as he does. Webster Slaughter, maybe? But this guy is even better. If he can stay clean then I think he can be a huge factor in my Browns being a resurgent team in the NFL and not an easy win…like the Jaguars.

  13. This kid has all the talent on the field. If he keeps it together off the field this kid will be a star. Unfortunately, the 1 year suspension for his next screw up will weigh heavily.

  14. Browns fans, Philly fan here (again):

    Given Banner’s history with the Eagles, you won’t have any more major trades. He’s not conducting a fire sale.

    Getting right to the point, Joe Thomas will never be traded (unless I’m missing something and he’s majorly underperforming bc I don’t catch much Browns games). The reason is the same reason Richardson was traded, asset allocation.

    OT is where you pt your biggest assets. To guys like Banner, OT is like having a Cy Young candidate pitcher. Those guys are who you build around. Also, look at Andy Reid’s first KC daft pick, OT Fisher. And Reid/Banner’s first major free agent acquisition back in the beginning: OT Jon Runyan.

    Josh Gordon will probably stay too. The reason is, the Eagles with their charts and graphs of player philosophy made the mistake of undervaluing the WR position. It wasn’t until later in the regime where they put heavy asset into WR: Maclin in the 1st and D Jackson with a 2nd. What that means above all is they learned the mistake of treating the WR position like any cog can be put in. They just learned it too late.

    If you guys feel like it’s looking like Josh Gordon is a keeper, unless a bombshell they can’t refuse drops in (ex if someone like the Patriots becomes bold and offers a 1 and 4), given the Eagles folly regarding the WR position early on, you should look for Banner to lock up Gordon early in his carreer (what’s he, 2nd yr I think?) IF this game wasn’t just a flash in the pan. Keep your eye on him.

    Also instead of more trades, look for ironically some of your better younger players being offered deals to stay.

    Ignore the talk of fire sales and trades, people don’t know what they’re talking about unless they’re familiar with the Eagles and Banner’s history here.

  15. Josh Gordon is done in Cleveland. Mike Lombardi has never liked him, doesn’t matter what he does on the field.

    When Gordon was selected in the supplemental draft, he called him, “a waste of a draft pick” that’s all you have to know about Gordon’s future.

    Of course we will never what the GM actually thinks, since he doesn’t speak to the Cleveland media or on the record to any media.

  16. OK, calm down. Vikings have a tendency to make an above average receiver appear elite.
    Let’s wait to see how he does the next few games before putting him into the HOF.

  17. drewsylvania says:
    Sep 23, 2013 8:16 AM
    @berniesboys Exactly. This doesn’t help his chances of staying at all. In fact, since the Browns are punting, Gordon putting on a showcase *decreases* his chances for sticking around.
    SOUNDs like this is from an 0-3 teams fan. The Browns will keep a core of players on offense to build around. Gordon is one of them. Thanks for the observation though.

  18. Frustrating guy. Can go from looking like a world beater to A.D.D. sufferer in a flash. With one more substance-abuse-policy related infraction, he gets suspended for an entire season.

    I’m in the ‘keep him’ boat, however . . .

  19. @salsendardo

    u took a top 3 draft pick and traded him for a late round 1st.
    and u think Gordon will bring in a larger bounty?
    u mean the guy that everyone in the league passed on for just a 2nd round supplemental pick??

    he already has substance issues + suspensions.
    not to mention, they played Minn..
    your logic is flawed big daddy.

  20. This offense looked totally different than the Offense when Weeden was running. Hoyer wasn’t playing scared, Cameron played lights outs, Gordon was a beast, AND the Browns defense is sick. If they can find a franchise QB and another WR, their team is onto something. They have a very young team, and they supposedly plan to go hard after Ben Tate in the offseason.

  21. They have to keep Gordon.

    If they got that first-rounder for TRich to pair up with their other first rounder to trade so they can move up and get their franchise QB in the draft, they are going to need a stud at WR to help bring the rookie QB up to speed.

    Gordon is that stud.

  22. Don’t blame the Browns fans for wanting to keep him. He’s a playmaker, but if I’m Trent Baalke I’m on the phone more than an AT&T operator this morning. The 49ers at this point can’t afford to wait for Manningham to return. Williams and Moore are at best #5’s pretending to be 2’s and Patton/Baldwin are still buried in the playbook. Cleveland would be foolish to trade this kid

  23. I was really getting sick of hearing from the national media about how Richardson was the best player on the Browns, when in fact he wasn’t even close to being the best player on the offense(Thomas or Gordon). It just proves the talking heads covering the Richardson trade haven’t actually seen the NFL games. They just remember how he looked holding up the jersey on draft day when he was taken #3. I have seen enough to know that Gordon is the real deal and that Richardson has yet to prove that he is not a bust.

  24. If Banner trades Gordon, Berea would burn. He is the overall playmaker that Trent and Braylon needed to be. I feel he’s safe on the roster as long as HE wants to be.

  25. What people are missing here is that Richardson hasn’t done squat this year (still didn’t yesterday-2.5 yrds per carry). A first rounder looks pretty good right now, forget about what it cost them-that was the front office hack Holmgrem. Gordon actually produced in first game back, even though it was the Vikings.

  26. If the Browns trade Gordon I will legitimately reconsider being a Browns fan.

    As much as I didnt like the Richardson trade when it happened, I can see how it makes sense. Especially after yesterday’s game. Just look, the Vikings have by far the best RB, the reigning MVP of the league, and they are 0-3. RBs just aren’t that valuable anymore.

    But to trade Gordon would be absolutely moronic. He is EXACTLY the type of WR that Norv and Chud want in their offense, and has shown that he has unlimited potential. Get him a good QB and WR to put across from him and he could be a top 5 WR.

    The Richardson trade made sense. If they trade Gordon then its pretty clear they are trying to tank the season, because he fits our offense to the T.

  27. IF THE BROWNS TRADE GORDON I WILL NOT WATCH A GAME FOR 2 SEASONS. No joke. I am sick of being a fan of a team that can’t build a winner. Josh Gordon is an important piece moving forward. Trading T-Rich, however, was a good move.

  28. If only the Redskins actually had draft picks to use in a trade. Gordon and RGIII had really good chemistry at Baylor, imagine what they could do in the NFL. It would be great to see those two reunite. Mike Shanahan and RGIII are the kind of people who would make sure he stays out of trouble.

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