Matt Schaub: “I’ve just got to be better”

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The Texans are still 2-1.

But with a defense that can be dominant, and skill players young, old and in their prime, there’s a sense they should be better.

That’s going to raise questions about Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, who threw his second pick-six of the young season, and on the whole has been fairly ordinary through three games.

I’ve just got to be better,” Schaub said, via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle.

It’s not that Schaub’s been bad, he just hasn’t been what you’d describe as good so far. He has an 87.3 passer rating through three games, not horrible, but far from elite. Six touchdown passes and four interceptions are perhaps good enough to win, but not what he demands of himself.

With Schaub in his 10th season and the Texans thinking Super Bowl, he knows he has to better than just OK.

“I’ve just got to be better for this football team,” Schaub said. “For us to get where we want to go and be a successful team and find ourselves where we want to be at the end of this season, I’ve got to play better than I have been.”

Schaub led an amazing comeback against the Chargers, and was sharp in overtime to beat the Titans. But when the competition improved Sunday, he did not.

To what degree he’s able to will determine how successful the Texans can be.

20 responses to “Matt Schaub: “I’ve just got to be better”

  1. It’s the story of the three Schaubs. So far, we’ve seen…

    Against SD: The Awesome Schaub

    Against TEN: The Average Schaub

    Against BAL: The Putrid Schaub

    The problem is we never know which one is going to show up. The Texans can win with the Awesome Schaub and even the Average Schaub. But for the love of God when the Putrid Schaub shows up, the Texans’ defense and special teams have to be perfect. And that’s just never the case. Tune in to the next game (vs. SEA, for crying out loud) to see which Schaub starts.

  2. I’m not making excuses for him. He played pretty bad. But the play-calling didn’t look very good either. So many short routes passes that weren’t going anywhere. Not to mention no All-Pro left tackle in Duane Brown. Suggs and Dumervil were getting into the backfield a LOT yesterday.

    One more thing Schaub: learn to use a hurry-up offense.

  3. Every week he says “I’ve got to be better.” At what point do we finally say enough is enough? I don’t know if it’s Schaub or Kubiak, but whatever it is, it needs to be fixed now.

  4. *ring ring*
    “Hello this is Mike.”
    “Hey this is Gary”
    “What’s up buddy, what can I do for you?”
    “What do you want for Cousins?”
    “For you good buddy I’ll let you have him for a couple 2nd’s and a 3rd.”
    “Sounds good… put him on a plane tonight… I want to see him at practice in the morning.”

    Schaub problem fixed. DO IT NOW.

  5. I’ll settle everyones comments right here.

    1. Schuab isn’t that great but he is average. If Alex Smith can win games Matt Schuab should be able to win games.

    2. It’s not entirely Matt Schuabs fault. Or even half of it. It has to come down on the offensive coaches.

    3. Mainly, the issue has been the play calling. It has been for years and everyone knows it. Clearly they have no sort of game plan inside of the redzone. Their entire week of practice should be nothing but redzone plays.

    I really really hope they fix this. Maybe go for it on those 4th and 3 plays and forget the fieldgoal. If you’re going to trust your defense and give yourself 3 points. Take that extra step of trust and go for the TD. They looked good against the ravens minus the fact that they only got 6 points to start the game. If they convert in the redzone and get tds those first two drives. Game is much different. So just go for it Kubiak.. Please? No one likes Randy Bullock anyways. He sort of looks like a cartoon character. Plus, imagine how easy your run first offense is to use if you’re up 14-0 to start the game.. It’s risky but lets face it.. You’re on the hot seat and if you don’t do well this year. I think we all know you won’t be back.

  6. Schaub is no where near Flacco.shame to waste all those players in Houston.going nowhere with him..sorry Houston just the truth!!!!

  7. I don’t think it’s Schaub. I think it’s Kubiak. He’ll never be able to consistently defeat well-coached teams like the Ravens, Patriots, Colts because he’s so conservative. Sure, he might be them every 5 tries, but he’s no gonna beat them in big games, i.e. playoffs, late in the season, etc.

  8. overratedsteelerhater says:
    Sep 23, 2013 11:49 AM
    Schaub is no where near Flacco.shame to waste all those players in Houston.going nowhere with him..sorry Houston just the truth!!!!


    No offense but Flacco had a great post season but he’s still jump ball Joe….

    Save the pick 6 Flacco was no more capable in that game than Schaub.

    That said, I agree with deathonwings410. That bubble screen on 4th & 2 was a TERRIBLE call. The play calling HAS to get better on offense. There are some near certains with this offense. 3rd and over five we’re throwing short of the sticks and hoping we can make a play. 3rd and a mile we’re running a draw and trotting out the punt team.

    We might be 0-3 if it weren’t for Lechler….

  9. the Texans are starting to remind me of the chargers of a few years ago. where they had a ton of talent, kept coming up short, eventually cost them their coach(kubiak=shotty in this case) and the talent will slowly leave.

    it schaub just another rivers who can’t carry a team on his back?

  10. Gregg Rosenthal said it best – When the score begged for hurry-up action, the Texans looked content to move the ball in 5-yard chunks.

    They constantly throw the ball underneath because “that’s what the defense gives them” instead of trying to beat the other team’s defense by dictating the offense YOUR way.

    4th down late in the game and you’re trying to come back and you throw a screen pass? Constantly calling draw plays on 3rd and long because you’re too scared to try to go downfield? Throwing short and hoping your receivers can gain more yardage when they obviously can’t?

    Schaub is a different QB when they’re playing catchup and have to be aggressive offensively. They should be starting the games like that, not trying to catch up like that.

    And any Ravens fan who really thinks Flacco is that much better is fooling themselves – just last year during the regular season you wanted Flacco run out of town and constantly talked about how he couldn’t get you to where you wanted to go.

  11. I’m tired of Schuab getting terrified any time a defender gets close to him. He throws the ball away even if he does buy time. And the play calling is “HORRIBLE”. Kubiak does not know how to put the game away. Every game they have the opportunity to score lots of points. Instead they play conservative football and keep all games close. It’s getting pitiful…….

  12. He’s about to go up against the most dominating team in the NFL. That can’t help but make him better.

    He won’t win, but at least he’ll get better. GO HAWKS!!

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